so what’s the problem with signs & wonders?

signs & wonders are in the bible  right?    so that, makes them biblical right?   Jesus did them – the early church experienced them- the  devil counterfeited them  –   yep yep all true..

however,   todays “church”  is off base   with the signs & wonders  culture  & here’s why.

  •  S & W   are a one time, in the moment event –  even if we claim to be in a environment or culture where  S&W  are expected to be our normal experience…   they only serve the purpose of that one moment….  Now,   I believe our God can perform miracles & healings & I would never would want to deny someone their healing..  the problem is that the S&W culture which is created becomes addictive….    there is always a cry for more…  & an expectation that God will “do the wow factor” –   the mindset undergoes the change of being & taking responsibility for ones life –   to a snap my fingers & God will do it for me approach..
  • S&W  are not a right – purchased through Christ’s atonement on the cross…….    if they were so, it   would automatically follow that all people after salvation would have such an experience
  • Galatians 5 talks about the fruit of the spirit being  “longsuffering”    the S & W  culture teaches the exact opposite in receiving “your breakthrough”    & the implications of Kingdom now theology  are that the perfection that is found in heaven is for us here on earth right now…    ie :   no “longsuffering”
  • in the S & W culture, because of high expectation, everything is a sign…   not much discernment is offered & if it is it isn’t honoured but dismissed…     S& W are  often exaggerated….    & embellished beyond the originators testimony.   because in this  environment EXPERIENCES trump everything else
  • there is an undercurrent belief that the more  S&W in the mix – the more God is present.   & therefore it follows that the more S & W – the  more spiritual or favoured  a particular person or group is.
  • the  word of God  says  that S&W follow  the Gospel-   but if no Gospel  is ever shared –   how can we be sure that the S &W are genuinely of God
  • even receiving    a personal miracle (such as being raised from the dead)  is no guarantee of a persons salvation.   why because- we cannot “purchase” people into the kingdom of God this way  –   Jesus is the only one who has literally paid for our own salvation through his sacrifice on the cross.
  • in this movement – moving in a S & W realm  is all about exercising personal risk – & developing ones gifting..   the person receiving the miracle is pretty much secondary – in the equation…   on the streets this is highly irresponsible because there  is no care or concern for follow up for the individual unless they themselves initiate it
  • risk is confused with exercising faith…  & in actual fact  developing  a S & W culture undermines faith rather than promoting it……  I know that sounds strange. but  if we are in an environment where we always need to experience “God” in a tangible & definable  his presence is measured..   where then is the ability to stand through adversity & trials going to be tested out in our lives..? we need faith to know that God has that totally covered…  but if that process is continually linked to our experiences-   that’s not really faith…

remember the children of Israel – they had supernatural provision every day for 40 years in the wilderness..   manna, shoes that didn’t wear out, direction by a pillar of fire…..  & in that 40 year moment the day came when it ended…  they settled in the land & had to work for their provision-   instead of God providing they had to grow up & take responsibility –   they had to process that out instead of living of in the moment of the “event”

now am I saying im anti S & W  nope!  not at all…  what i’m saying is let’s be wise, lets understand this better-  S &W as part of a journey not the ultimate destination.


The Gospel In action??

Many in the River movement are promoting what they believe the Gospel to be:   & in essence & for the sake of clarity I’m going to write about what that seems to be, as this forms the basis for the belief that the giving of random personal prophetic words to all & any,  Treasure hunting & the absolute tenacity in which signs wonders &  miracles are pushed & sought after… some sort of credibility..   This is the culture of the “supernatural” in which they live for & in & crave..  & this is the backdrop of the “Gospel in action”

belief 1)   demonstrating signs & wonders on the street to a “non Christian”  where they become touched or healed in some way –  demonstrates the Gospel in action…

question then;   what is the “Gospel”  being demonstrated…?       receiving a healing or an encounter  is NOT  the same as Receiving the Gospel of Christ crucified & making an appropriate response to it..

belief 2)  people who receive a touch  (of blessing) or encounter & maybe demonstrate some physical manifestation..   & then are receptive to other supernatural powerful wonders have now turned to follow Jesus  – (because they have seen & experienced the benefit)  this means they are a follower of Jesus & thus saved & or considered  “a Christian”

–   ohh  so so wrong…  these people have made a response  to a powerful, maybe emotional encounter,  they have not made a response out of a conviction of sin & that Jesus is their saviour from that sin through  his accomplished work on the cross… —  in fact they may have no Knowledge of these things —  they are not truly saved in the sense that the Bible presents “salvation” to  us…     remember that muslims feel that Jesus is a good example & teacher –   & to a degree – “follow” him out of respect  – the difference we need to always remember,  is the cross & a persons understanding of it & response to it…

belief 3)  loving people in supernatural ways is enough to convince & convict them in to turning to Jesus.. & this is enough to qualify as “repentance in action”    –  as repentance means  to “turn” towards  Jesus

nope sorry guys- because following him in repentance is about the heart conviction & not about  the physical body or experiences that cant be explained .

belief 4)  this must be “of God” because people are being healed  & we can justify this because we are making a reasonable evaluation that this “stuff works”   besides  – we are loving them right —  so how can it be wrong…?

friends;  this is a new age mindset…  hook line & sinker…    whatever works & whatever feels good must be right  – right?      but the bible teaches that false signs & wonders will occur & that we must examine & weigh & test things… the sheer overwhelmingness of speed that these practices occur & with persons unknowledgable about the scriptures – generally on the street…  stopping to weigh & test  is not practical even if people on the receiving end knew that they should or even how they should…

please lets be clear about what the Gospel actually is – as taught in the word  – we have a page here on the blog   ” true & false Jesus”  that you can check it out..  please review how exactly these practices line up with what the bible actually teaches – rather than the implications of what is being worked out at street level…

I have more thoughts which I will add to later…