Strange Signs & Wonders

I’m not anti signs & wonders,   I believe in a powerful, supernatural God  who is able to do amazing things.. & I believe that these things are for today.  We do however, need  to think very carefully about our motivation in our desire to see Signs & Wonders & we need to be careful about weighing all things. Don’t forget that that the scriptures talk about Lying signs & wonders..  I don’t want to have any of the false in my life or endorsed by the Body of Christ under a mistaken identity – a counterfeit..
The coming of the lawless one is based on Satan’s working, with all kinds of false miracles,signs , and wonders,
 Thessalonians 2v9
How can we know if something is true or false?  –  It has to be tested…  & if when tested it is found faulty or lacking it cant be genuine.
 Whichever manifestation we seem to be into in the river, the general view is that  unless  WE see signs & wonders, God somehow is not as present in  our midst as he could be, or he is somehow witholding his favour & blessing from us  in some way…  this thinking  is faulty because:
  •   It leads us into wanting more & more extreme  occurrences to happen as some sort of ressaurance
  •   We get into the thinking of  – us doing or not doing  things to keep God on side..   – when we feel we are in a place of blessing  he rewards us with these signs-       which is really cause & effect//punishment & reward… A FORMULA  (& the opposite way of thinking: – when he is displeased – he withdraws & doesn’t performs signs & wonders –that is exactly how the children of Israel felt when they came into the promised land & the manna from heaven, shoes that didn’t wear out signs & wonders stopped…    God didn’t love them any less – he was asking them to build into a new lifestyle of taking responsibility –  but we know they grumbled & rebelled because he wasn’t doing it anymore –  )

Cause & Effect thinking  is biblically errant because  the gift of salvation through grace is FREE…. (& our favour in God’s sight is not dependent on anything we could do) . This  Cause & Effect thinking  is a  hinduistic Karma  like  viewpoint…  ultimately it means again that we have not fully grasped, accepted or believed in the power of the cross for our salvation…& his unconditional acceptance of us & this is why these things  are very very serious..
now if we are sitting with this mindset – we leave ourselves wide open to deception & probably without even realising it

James 4v8   says:

Draw near to God & he will draw near to you, cleanse your hands, sinners & purify your hearts, double minded people.

If we are secure in the knowledge of  Him who has made us his own- why do we even need a sign & a wonder?

Are we looking for God’s approval, mans approval, our own approval?

8 thoughts on “Strange Signs & Wonders

  1. this is new mystic John Crowder- notice the very similar talk & concepts that we see from Todd Bentley & Bethel…. there is cross pollenation here…although crowder is extreme… we have to know he is part of the same neo-charismatic crowd – these ideas is where the river movement is headed – in the continual quest for MORE!

    in the UK this group is known as the New Ecstatics- annually they hold sloshfest & glory fest events…

    BEWARE! highly toxic…

  2. Hi everyone.
    I have found this video. Could you please have a listen to the voices in background….there’s one voice who, most of the time, cries something like: help, hell???
    It’s quite creepy….maybe I’m wrong though

  3. I don’t know exactly where to post this…anyway, here it goes…from Beni Johnson’s blog:
    Releasing the Sounds!
    We here at Bethel have a beautiful building called the Alabaster Prayer House. It is a 24/7 prayer house-a place of peace and finding God’s presence. People come here to soak in God’s presence. They come to just be with God. There are no corporate prayer meetings in this building. We built it so that we could have a place to host the presence of God. We want people to experience God’s presence in an intimate one-on-one way. Heavenly activity is present there. Just recently I was in my office, which is in the same building as the prayer house. My door was open, and a lady came out of the prayer room. She asked me if there was a room below the prayer room. I told her no and asked why? She told me that she kept hearing people laughing and talking. I told her that was normal and that other people have heard that same thing. Being a visitor to Bethel, she was blown away, and it messed her up-in a good way. She was hearing the sound of heaven. We do hear the sound of heaven all around our prayer house. It always seems to be one of joy and laughter. There seems to be a party going on. In my opinion, I think that heaven really likes to hang out in our prayer house.

    Sounds from Heaven

    Sound is vibrations that travel through the air or another medium. Releasing the sound of heaven is a very powerful weapon. One of the tools we have found that releases that sound is the shofar. Shofars were sounded preceding a war. They were used to rally the troops for action and to call the people together for prayer and repentance. The shofar is like an air raid siren that alerts us to danger and summons us to action. I believe that the shofar, used the right way, can be a powerful weapon in prophetic intercession. The sound that the shofar produces can cause a change in the spirit realm, which in turn changes our physical realm. I didn’t always used to feel this way about the shofar until I began to study about them. I really like blowing the shofar outdoors. I think that they should only be blown before the worship starts and with permission. Shofars are a gathering tool for worship and war. I have learned that a shofar brings a stirring and a settling all at once.

    Several years ago, I was talking with one of our seers. (A seer is one who has the ability or gift of seeing into the spirit realm.) We were talking about the prayer house. There had been some strange ungodly happenings going on around the house. She told me that there was an illegal communication line going into the prayer house. Obviously, this was something that was not legal and needed to be taken care of. I knew I needed to pray and get God’s solution to this intrusion. As I asked God, I felt like I was to take the shofar to the prayer house and blow it there. So I went early one morning with a friend, and when the sun came up, I blew the shofar. That is all I did. I didn’t pray. This was the first time I had ever used the shofar. I really have no idea why. I had never been a fan of blowing the shofar. Someone had given me one and I thought they were cool, but didn’t think I would use it for anything. But little did I know?. Because of the strange happenings going on and our prayer house being open 24/7, we had brought on security staff to watch over the place. So, after I blew the shofar that day, I waited a week and went to our security guy and asked him how the week had gone at the house. He did not know that we had blown the shofar the week before. His response to me was, “You know, the strangest thing happened this week. There was no weirdness. It all has left.” I was so excited and I knew that the sound of the shofar had released the sound of heaven that displaced the evil intent. Since then, we have used the shofar from time to time to release a sound into the atmosphere. Just like in the declarations that we pray, the same power that is released when we declare is the same power that is released in sound. God’s first language is not English, nor does he just use words to fulfill His will. That is the adventure of serving Him. Listen for His voice and be a releaser of the sounds of heaven!


    It is truly amazing how feathers blessings come … they just appear or float out of nowhere. I am still in awe of it all. When Angels reach out to us, it is not a time for us to be concerned. This is the time to say, OK! The Angels are telling us we are a team and we have Angelic Protection like an army watching over us.

    This is a quote from a lady who believes in angel feathers being a message of blessing… have any of us heard this before…? Is the church directly or indirectly promoting these things.?

    I need to tell you that this comment was made by Karen Borga – Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Angel Certified Practitioner,

    she promotes the medium Sylvia Browne, Law of attraction & other new age practices…such as spiritual readings

    I believe she is being taken for a ride – the angels she is dallying with are really – Angels of light- demons in disguise.. the scriptures warn us about this.

    And what I am doing I will continue to do, in order to undermine the claim of those who would like to claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do. For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11 v12-14

    please church wake up… If the new age practitioners are saying this stuff & we cant spot the difference because the words are the same in the teaching we are hearing & the manifestation is exactly the same- then there is NO DIFFERENCE.. its NOT OF GOD!

    I guess what Im saying is that for this particular sign that makes us wonder there is more of a new age reference point than there is a biblical reference point!

    dont you be taken for a ride either!

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