Soaking Prayer/Music – Is It Biblical or Mystical?

Overview, soaking music takes you to altered state of consciousness

“Soaking is just resting in God’s presence – drawing closer to him allowing him to touch you in a deep way, maybe giving healing emotional or physical… some people call  soaking  – Carpet time.”

But where do we see this practiced endorsed & recorded in the life of the NT Believer? –  answer is we DON’T…

is it of God – can we access God’s presence this way – through a method… ?   NOPE…

Jesus said:  in John 14 v 6  (KJV)

 I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

anytime  we have a method – promoting a way to get to God, connect with the father – “host the presence” etc etc that excludes or sidelines Jesus – Our glorified risen saviour &  fails to worship him on that basis   we can be sure it is a) not Biblically grounded b) a deception & c) leads us to the wrong Father..

Remember that  the Father of lies – will present as an imposter  –   he is a counterfeiter – a deceiver- anything “spiritual” we receive under these circumstances will be a doctrine of demons..

Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is to be worked out & walked out – daily through all of life’s circumstances – that is what grows us & establishes us in the things of God…  we demonstrate the fruit of the spirit  (Galatians 5)  it is a process… how in the world could this ever be “achieved”  through laying on a carpet & having “experiences’  in a meeting or 2…?  it is simply shallow to think this way, & has zero substance in reality.

Now there is nothing wrong with laying down on the floor to pray –  (if you wish you may do so – there is no legalism in obtaining correct prayer positions)  the point is that it is always about the heart stance – the right standing before God – the submission & humilty before him. – that we as believers should be pursuing- constantly seeking to be “right” before him  “Soaking” is not about that…  it goes way beyond those bounds. The focus of “soaking” is not about “getting right with God”  it is about experiencing  “something” (of him) –     The problem is that it is a technique- a formula that has been “developed”  in order to achieve this outcome…  This whole premise  (of techniques)-  is completely unfounded in scripture…   “Acheiving” One ness with God  & connection with the divine are new Age Concepts…  & if we hold to this idea in this way we negate the Cross of Christ – the biblical truth that HE has made the way & is the only way.

Worship enhances focusing on the Lord, while some soaking music doesn’t do that. The focus of the music is the key. Worship music is about Jesus and worshiping him. Much of the soaking music is about us (going inside of self the same the new agers try to accomplish). This is New Age or Gnosticism thinking:

  1. Faith and knowledge based primarily on personal or mystical experience rather than the Word.
  2. Emphasis on self-knowledge and emotional well-being or healing, rather than Biblical knowledge of God and His freedom through the cross and cleansing through His blood (already accomplished).
  3. Illogical and feeling-based interpretations of His Word.

Worship music extols His greatness, His character. Soaking music is often filled with prophetic encouragement about the destiny we have ahead of us. Soaking music may talk about how much we desire the Lord, the longing of our heart for Him, and that is wonderful, but it is still about us more than it is about Him (the Lord). This is not true across the board, but it is a general theme I have noticed.

“Soaking” is at its premise self-serving and may yield what occult practices do – a false peace and a false joy. I think it appropriate to compare this “soaking” experience movement with the occult practices of Yoga and other world religions which do not honor the one true God by acknowledging Jesus Christ as the only LORD and Savior.

Do pagan world religions not incorporate this same mindless meditation? Aren’t people instructed to wait and conjure up things? Doesn’t this seem consistent with what we see in the “soaking” experiences we see coming into the church world? The object of worship in false religions is ultimately self. “Soaking” is waiting and basking with self-help (helping self) at heart, not worshiping God in Spirit and in truth (Jn. 4:23-24). Is this not all a vain endeavor to better our depraved selves? “

& if an endeavour to better our depraved selves we then have a faulty understanding of the Power of Jesus Blood of redemption..  it always comes back to that…


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8 thoughts on “Soaking

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  2. Greetings,

    I have searched this Web site for the best place to post and this section seems to be the best fit.

    Patricia King is listed as a “Friend of Bethel” on its Web site. Here is something that you might find interesting. The first link is an expose of what she believes about Ekstasis worship. The second link is from her Web site – the source material for the expose.

    Patricia King / Ekstasis Worship exposed

    [video src="" /]

  3. Soaking is also laying on comfy cushions in a relaxed state – lights dimmed – soft music playing so that participants May “know” God & connect with his presence… in that atmosphere – dreams – revelations – healings are expected to occur…

    see whats happening — its all about RECEIVING its all about ME .. what can God do for ME in my situation…

    & we know that once the focus is off Jesus our redeemer & he is not being worshipped for who he is & what he has done..

    we are indeed into the “spiritual realm” of the doctrine of demons …

    just because it feels nice & warm & fuzzy DOES NOT MEAN IT IS of GOD..

  4. The term “soaking prayer” has been around a bit longer than the practice we see today:

    here we have Francis MacNutt using it in the mid 1970’s — MacNutt was an comtemporary of the Sandfords &a Roman Catholic priest… the following is an excerpt from his book “The Practice of Healing Prayer”…

    Most effective, says MacNutt, is when we pray for each other in the presence of each other — opening with a prayer of protection, asking for the Holy Spirit to guide us, being specific, expressing gratitude, bringing in the Blessed Mother, having high expectations, leaving out doubt. And of course, primarily, invoking Jesus.

    Often, says MacNutt, healing necessitates “soaking prayer”: We have to “bathe” the infirm with hours or even days of praying — not just hasty supplication (although there are times when quick prayers work). In the history of the Church’s “desert fathers” is the account of the monk Macarius, who cured a paralyzed woman by anointing her and praying over continuously for forty days. Long periods of supplication were also recounted when Saint André of Montreal healed through anointed oil.

    Blessed salt and Holy Water are similarly useful, claims the evangelist — even drinking the water.

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