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BSSM   Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry..
There are schools of the Supernatural springing up in the UK..  watch out for them as  they will be using all of Bethel’s BSSM training materials. The schools will be an intensive compressed version of what we see coming from Bethel… if a student has a conviction that something is not quite right spiritually, with what he/she is required to do. They will be duty bound to participate…  The application form I saw for a BSSM school made that  criteria as a disclaimer…
It started at Bethel with 30 students  under Kris Vallotton….  they basically do everything that Bethel is into…it is promoted as a “hands on”  – get activated in your gifting – practice – learn – experiment type of environment…  more than it is classroom & learning with written assignments  (although there are some)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The “prophetic  lifestyle”   dominates the whole perspective of the course – as it does in  life generally in  a Bethel culture – everything & anything comes from the need to operate in the realm of being prophetic & there are no boundaries for operating in the supernatural…  Openly, course leaders will promote & expect  risk taking, “stepping out”  into God’s glory  or “all that God has for you”… From what I have observed, it seems not to matter if there is no reference point in scripture…..  if there seems to be a supernatural move of God or demonstration of his power- particularly in the miraculous,   it is embraced fully  & sometimes  hunted/chased  down…   No manifestation “of the spirit”  is enough- no encounter of God’s glory too much-  the watch word is always MORE..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              .                       Students spend a lot of time, being very practical  out on the street ministering Healing & Prophecy to random people & also Treasure hunting..

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .                                             This is where they  pray & write down a list of clues that they think God is giving   dog,- pink umbrella – outside pub  then when out & about they look for that criteria  as a clue to approach the person.  they may feel they already have a word for that person or they may feel God reveal something  about that person in the moment.    The problem is though in all the times I have heard of people doing this. NEVER ONCE  has the Gospel of Jesus Christ been properly shared with these people..

 This means that the person responds to God on the basis of a sign & a wonder – they may be prayed for healing  or a touch from God..  these things are often reported  positively by the person prayed for.

The danger is that people believe that the GOSPEL has been shared – when in reality it has not…  during feedback sessions  often the students will say:  He had a touch from God or he had the Gospel in action in his life...  I’m yet to hear of someone responding on the basis of him/her being made aware of their Sin by the conviction of the Holy Spirit & then coming into a place of repentance…
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .                                          Intensely done- this produces an  innoculation against the reality of the True Gospel of Christ.……….

It troubles me greatly, as this is so irresponsible –  & to jump into a person’s life – give them an experience that they can’t process & then walk away with no follow through..  I have been with a leader when she tried to give a prophetic word to a waiter in a restaurant..  He explained he was an Atheist  – she gave the word anyhow & he scuttled off…  we never saw him again someone else came out  . Her response was to say:  That’s rattled him ……        my question is how does this help make Jesus known? & how does it help the person actually,    there was no care, no concern for his welfare & no subsequent follow through… the whole thing had been an exercise in developing our own personal prophetic zone….  all about us, not about Jesus & not about the person..

In London SSM   there is video testimony of feedback where the students admit they ask if they can pray with a person & twice the person says NO…  but that didnt matter – they ploughed on & did it anyway.  with the attitude of  I’m not letting him get away .    This is not a representation of the Holy Spirit  who ALWAYS respects our  free will – to not do so is to promote oppression – the very, very opposite of what Jesus came to free us from.  We 100%  have to choose him for ourselves.

Im concerned too that oftentimes when I have sought to have proper discussion with those that operate in this stuff – that everything is qualified by talk of “the fruit” & when pressed,  consistently- many people who do not know each other  talk of the amazing healings  that they are witnessing -this is what is regarded as “the fruit”    But, we know that Paul  talks in Galatians 5  about “fruit of the spirit” —   when we look at this afresh in this scripture we see it has zero to do with signs & wonders – manifestations of a spiritual nature…  & everything to do with the characteristics of one who walks by the spirit, in a solid, sound & Godly way – having been dilligent about building those things into their life.. a person becomes spiritually mature instead –   on the ground – the reality we are  seeing is spiritual  immaturity,  cloaked in talk of amazing anointings.  etc..  There are many many young people  18-25 particularly (but not exclusively)   churning through BSSM & other courses  worldwide now –  we do have to ask about the basics of discipleship here –  & think through the very real possibility that during the next 10 years – some – many of these individuals will be considered Church/ministry leaders  – with nothing more than these BSSM experiences under their belts.

what good is it for example, if a person is operating in the miraculous, producing amazing signs & wonders & delivers prophetic utterances  with all bravado  but yet fails to pay his bills or leaves his temporary accommodation in such a mess – that it costs the landlord  to clear it up….? or that leaders talk of “honour”  & “giving grace” in the meeting but then treat  others in a totally dishonourable way  during the week?    This is the reality of some of the things people are reporting & that I have witnessed first hand.

The question is if it is not of the Spirit of God – where is it from?

In a culture of honour, which is so highly regarded- this double standard  is unacceptable.  We simply cannot practice a COH & then behave in these ways  it is pretense (which is deception)  &  hypocrisy.

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  1. Was reading Isaiah 44 today and this really struck me so I put it on my blog:

    6 “Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel,
    And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts:
    ‘I am the First and I am the Last;
    Besides Me there is no God.
    7 And who can proclaim as I do? Then let him declare it and set it in order for Me,
    Since I appointed the ancient people.
    And the things that are coming and shall come,
    Let them show these to them.
    8 Do not fear, nor be afraid; Have I not told you from that time, and declared it?
    You are My witnesses.
    Is there a God besides Me?
    Indeed there is no other Rock;
    I know not one.’”

    Couple of things to highlight that I believe answer the current movements such as NAR, Bethel, WFM – Who can proclaim and be like God? (v.7). If anyone thinks themselves equal to God or in fact God/Jesus let them do all He does – I don’t see anybody on a par with Him. And another thing, we are to be God’s witnesses, not to actually be Him in the earth or take over on His behalf saying we’re Him. And what are we to witness to? – His plan of redemption in Jesus Christ, that’s what we are to witness to. How do we do it? By proclaiming the Word of God that’s how. So I now ask the blaringly obvious question – why is the majority of the church not doing this? Ah, is it really the church of Jesus Christ? Nah! …..or NAR (good acronym that one)

  2. Newest School of the Supernatural here in Arizona is CFTN Supernatural School of Ministry….CFTN even changed there about page and Belief section on there webpage to take a Jab at anyone who believes in the Rapture,and soon coming King….

    …(SEND – The Seven Mountain Strategy
    We believe that the church isn’t called to be a Christian social club, museum for religious people or a place where believers are to be “babysat” until they are taken in the rapture.)….

    mostly because people like myself have voiced there opinion of how they are missing the mark teaching Kingdom Now and that the 7 mountain theology being totally in error……their materials are from Bethel…..that is their covering, the Maricopa Arizona chapter of their club… now a Teaching school for NAR for the up and coming appointed prophets and Apostles.

  3. From one of leaders @ ILSSM:
    ‘Last week during worship we let Jesus move in with us and gave him a key. We got a freedom upgrade! We sang into the atmosphere and declared the winter over, the rains be done, the sun shine on us. We pulled down blessing from heaven to our land. Then we ministered to the soul of London, prayer laughed with the tigger anointing for Revival in our nation and then went to the throne room and released the things God gave us. Including purifying the River Thames and agreeing with heaven that many will be baptised in it.’

    Those people think they are Gods and can change the weather as they want…….YOU CAN’T!!!! NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS!!

  4. these are photos from the recent London school of supernatural Ministry LSSM Graduation ceremony… we see the course graduates being knighted & crowned as Royalty in the Kingdom of God & being declared & deployed as (fully qualified!!!) “Revivalists”

  5. A very good testimony:

    ‘Not Bethel, BUT Beth-“HELL” How God Rescued Me From Bill Johnson’s Bethel Cult

    Writer: Shofar B. | February 2012

    Last year around Christmas time, I was part of a prayer group where I live. It was a small group that met 1-2 times a week. All of us were DESPERATELY seeking God. It was a good fellowship. One evening after the session ended, I was tinkering around on the drums when one of the brothers, Dan came up to me with a look of soft urgency in his eyes. Seeming not to notice that I was in deep focus trying to perfect a drum rudiment, he proceeded to interrupt me with a question. In a notch above whispering my name he asked me, “Have you ever heard of Bill Johnson?” Still working out drum patterns and attempting to simultaneously reply, I answered “I’ve heard the name before. I know he’s in California but I don’t know much about him.” At this response, I saw Dan’s face light up as if he had just received a shot of adrenaline. I knew he was ready to share, so sensing this, my drumming gradually teetered off into a complete silence. It was then that Dan began to advise and enlighten me about Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church in Redding, California. Also he gave me the scoop about the church’s School of Supernatural Ministry. [Side note: I hate typing for long periods of time so this is going to be a truncated account and I’ll add more details over time.]

    Okay, so Dan who has no binding ties to Bethel, suddenly sounded like one of their top recruiters/pitchmen. He beagn to tell me about how the presence of God permeated and saturated the campus at Bethel. He RAVED about the school. He RAVED about the music in the worship services. He RAVED about the teachings of Bill Johnson and Kris Vallaton. He raved about everything from the prayer tower to the coffee shop. After about an hour and a half of what could’ve EASILY qualified to have been a top notch infomercial, Dan made me an offer that two weeks later I found out…”I couldn’t refuse.” Dan told me that he was so confident that my walk with Christ would intensify by leaps and bounds by going to Bethel, that if I agreed to go, NOT ONLY would he pay my transportation there…he would also PAY THE $9000.00 TUITION required to attend the School of Supernatural Ministry. At the time it really sounded cool, but I was comfy here at home and saw no need to make any rash moves. However, later, some things were being shaken up at home and I began to lose peace. I remembered Dan telling me of the intense peace that was present aroung the Bethel atmosphere. Being that he contacted frequently to pitch me on Bethel after that prayer meeting night, it was during one of the times we made contact…I succumbed. I said “Okay Dan…I’ll go check it out.”

    The next day we were at the Greyhound station. However, I got cold feet and asked for more time to think about it. After all this was new territory for me. New town, no where to live. New people was no big deal. I’m as gregarious as they come. I LOVE PEOPLE!!! Anyway, after thinking about it, I took the dive. The next day I was off to Redding. Set up with a nice motel, I found my way to Bethel the next day, and this would be the beginning of the road to my NIGHTMARE. Please note though, it didn’t start out that way. When I attended Bethel for the first time it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! And that “love” would continue for the next two months. I immediately called Dan to tell him how right he was about everything. I even went on to tell him that he UNDERSTATED his description. I SWORE that I had died and gone to heaven. People seemed to really love Jesus. The view from the top of the mountain was ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!! There was something going on ALL OF THE TIME…LITERALLY 24/7. Being one that’s GREEDY FOR GOD, it was the perfect milieu for me and my insatiable appetite for HIM. There were ubiquitous house groups within the community and I loved attending them. It reminded me of the New Testament church in Acts. I went to EVERY possible function that I could, and there were “ZILLIONS.”

    During a house meeting I was offered a place to stay…for FREE. And that was just in the nick of time as I began running out of money. A few days later, I began living with students from Bethel’s school. Still floating on a cloud, I just seemed to see God’s hand moving at every turn I made. Even from my first visit, I would get myriad “words of knowledge” spoken to me by many people EVERYDAY. I still have them written down. I think maybe ONE came true, but I know NOW that it was just a lucky guess..the rest of em’?? UN-lucky guesses…lol. So to make a long story short, I absorbed every thing Bethel offered I dove in seven days a week. I had my first “fire tunnel” experience at a house…my first impression…OVERRATED!! While everyone else that went through it laughed and convulsed hysterically, I was unaffected EVEN in spite of the countless attempts of others to “IMPART” (one of their buzz words) into me what they were feeling. Also, I found it strange that I could’nt even communicate with people even about simple matters like the weather or a basketball game without them jerking, shaking or convulsing…these convulsions were so profuse within the cult that for me it QUICKLY became overkill. Another idiosyncrasy was the constant belting out of the phrase…”WHOA” OR “WOE.” This is heard constantly. Still seeing through rose colored glasses though, I overlooked the weird behavior and justified it by concluding that “God loves it when his kids are having fun with Him.” Gradually though, I started deducing that this wasn’t mere fun…it was borderline mockery, the shaking, the jerking, the laughing, the cackling, the convulsing….it just went on TOOOO MUCH!!! If it were done in moderation, it may have gone undetected by me, but this was INSANE!!!

    Later, I started noticing a LOT of name dropping from the pulpit (mostly from Bill Johnson) of false prophets and wolves like Bob Jones, Patricia King, Todd Bentley, Heidi Baker, and a plethora of others. This was constant, and when these names were mentioned, cheers went up with the fervor and magnitude of a Super Bowl touchdown reaction.

    During my entire time there, I NEVER ONCE heard Jesus get even a fraction of that type of praise, worship, or delightful frenzy. I might add that NEVER ONCE did I hear salvation, repentance, holiness, righteousness, judgement, or wrath preached, neither from the pulpit nor when I’d travel the streets with them. The whole business plan (because it’s NOT a ministry) is to focus on LYING SIGNS and wonders….impotent magic tricks. I’ve always wondered why Bill would rave about all of these so-called and UNDOCUMENTED “miracles” happening through Bethel around the world, YET, when it comes to home, we never get to see any of em’ manifested. For instance, Bill and his wife both wear prescription glasses…where’s the healing?? Bill had a hernia surgically removed…WHAT??? No miracle?? Bill’s son Eric is deaf and has a speech impediment…C’mon Bill…that’s your son..HEAL HIM!!!…Bill and his wife have gray hair (a sign of zinc deficiency)…but no “supernatural” intervention has taken place, yet all of this GREAT stuff is happening EVERYWHERE ELSE EXCEPT HOME ON BETHEL’S TURF!!! Gimme a break!!!

    The real thing that got me though was the death of little J.C. the infant of two dear Korean friends of mine. He died from cancer at two years old. Prayers went out for him every second of the day.

    People jerked, shook, laughed, convulsed, spoke in (FAKE/DEMONIC) tongues over him…the works…and when he died, we were left with feeble excuses like “God needed him more” kind of CRAP!!!

    Around this time I had already stopped going to the church. When I first got there, for the first two months, because God gifted me with charisma, celebrity looks (and I don’t say that arrogantly) and the ability to draw people, I instantly became EXTREMLEY popular. By the time I left Redding, I was considered a pariah in some circles and cliques within. Even though I lived with Bethel students, I began to expose Bethel, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallaton, Danny Silk, and ALL of the celebrity WOLVES in there within their evil and deceptive cabal. People that used to “love” me (so they said), snubbed me on the streets. They unfriended me on facebook. They’d give me looks of sheer disdain whenever we’d cross paths…we’re talkin’ some of the same people that I’ve prayed with, broke bread with, and had gotten vulnerably intimate with. When I stopped going to the church and began staying home and listening to REAL MINISTERS OF GOD like Michael Boldea and Mike Hoggard, Paul Washer and David Eells, I got flack from my roommates saying that those guy were mad and didn’t know God. They asked me not to play their sermons but I’d ignore their comments and continued to feed on what was REAL GOSPEL.
    I would often challenge my roomies and other Bethel “robots” on Bill and Kris’ theology and their twisted new age “sermons” WITH SCRIPTURE and it ceased to surprise me anymore that they’d rebuttle my challenges with quotes from one of Bill or Kris’ books. IMAGINE THAT!!! They ALWAYS tried to refute GOD’S WORD with quotes from books written by their false teachers. Can you say MIND CONTROL??? So after 2 months, I stopped going. I continued to live with the students because it was a “phat crib” OR, a nice house for those who are linguistically challenged in “SLANG”…LOL 🙂 I was paying rent by this time in a new home and differnt students. The landlord approached me one day while shooting ball in the yard and told me that if I didn’t start attending Bethel and doing what they call “SOZO” classes (which is simply /new age mysticism/chanting/ contemplative prayer or “soaking” kinda stuff) that I would have to find somewhere else to live.

    It was my 4th month in Redding and that was my “Q” to leave. My wife was on the phone when this happened. I had my bluetooth in my ear and the landlord wasn’t aware that I was on a phone call at the time. My wife COULD NOT BELIEVE HER EARS!!! We both knew it was time to “GIT OUTTA DARE.” I became good friends with Mike Hoggard while going through that trying period, and he REALLY helped sustain me in prayer and encouraging words. I intially was going to relocate to where he is and get some discipleship and restoration. But God led me home.

    Let me give you one more story here before I close. There was a class held every Sunday called “Fire Starters” birthed out of the Toronto Blessing movement. This class was supposed to …get this…”TEACH” PEOPLE HOW TO PROPHESY…LOL!!! Yes…I laughed too!!

    So anyway, every class people were randomly called to the front of the room. They were lined up, and asked to pick someone in the room and give them a word of knowledge…BUT THERE WERE RULES. WHAT EVER YOU SAID HAD TO BE SWEET, KIND, AND MAKE THE PERSON “FEEL” GOOD. Those are the rules verbatim!!! After weeks of seeing this nonsense and people stating the obvious and touting it as hearing from God, out of frustration, one Saturday night, I decided to MAKE UP, FABRICATE a “word of knowledge” just in case I would be picked out to prophesy in tomorrow’s class. And whaddaya know…I get picked. When my turn came, I shared my FABRICATED “word.” It was this, “There’s someone here who’s been strategizing suicide, and the devil is tormenting you. If you’ll raise your hand, we can pray for you and you can be released.” Much to my surprise, a hand went up. WOW….I’m like okay God, you used my prank to REALLY get someone’s attention. “Praise You.” But I was about to get an even BIGGER surprise, because I immediately thought the room would shut down and people would bombard this poor girl who planned to take her life, so they could pray and labor over her soul, but NO!!! That’s NOT what happened. Instead, I got reprimanded by Kevin Dedmond, one of the “leaders.” (You can see his crap on youtube with Sid Roth.) And I was told that I’m to only say things that make people feel good. And they resumed right back into letting people perform their exercises of divination, ’cause that’s what it REALLY is. More upsetting is that when class dismissed, out of a room of about 150 people, I only saw 2 people (excluding myself), a couple go minister to that girl. Everyone else??? Well, they were too anxious to go through the FRUITLESS “fire tunnel” so that they could appease their flesh…and so they did…THEY LAUGHED, THEY JERKED, THEY SHOOK, THEY CONVULSED, THEY WRITHED IN THE FLOOR, and to this very day…they call it GOD. When they finally DO meet God they’ll not be laughing anymore!!! I’d like to thank Pat Rogers from “ANGRY SHEEP” for encouraging me to share this with you all. Believe me, there’s soooooooooo much more to share and I’ll add on as things come to mind. You have to realize that I only hunt and peck 20 wpm, so typing, for now anyway, isn’t my forte. Getting ready to take classes though. Please forgive any type-o’s. Love You All in the Lord and I pray that in some way you were blessed, edified, or educated through this writing.

    God Bless You,

    Shofar 🙂 ‘

    • Thank you for being honest in sharing your experience. I know there are many who are being led by Holy Spirit to discern the false teachings in the body of Christ. I will be praying that your experiences you have bravely shared will, with the help of Holy Spirit, enlighten the eyes of their understanding, giving them courage to leave those false teachers. Giving them discernment to recognize the Truth of the teachings of Jesus and recognize they have been deceived.

  6. From the same student:

    ‘WEEKS 1-3.

    Posted on October 19, 2012 by…

    So after about 10 hours of sleeping on it… I’ve decided that the majority of you know most of what has gone on over the past few weeks, mainly due to that fact that you haven’t been able to shut me up, therefore I don’t reaaaally need to type it all out on here!

    BUT just in case… Here’s a VERY quick list:

    Phenomenal teachings.
    Getting to spend Monday-Thursday with some truly amazing, inspiring and beautiful people!
    Treasure hunts.
    Feathers appearing.
    Gold dust.
    Legs getting longer.
    Healings on the streets.
    Prophesying over people on the streets.
    Hanging out with the High Commissioner of Swaziland.
    Prophesying over the High Commissioner of Swaziland and her team….. AMAZING.
    Having people get truly whacked in the spirit in the middle of the street!
    Getting to meet the most humble and inspiring people.
    spending time ministering and chatting to homeless people around the area… They are truly inspiring people with such hungry hearts for God!
    beautiful times of worship!
    Trips to heaven to spend time face to face with Jesus! I LOVE hanging out with Jesus in my garden…. It’s beautifully precious time.
    Releasing the power of God into people’s hands so that they may encounter God in a whole new way.
    I can’t deny that ALL of these adventure with God have been amazing but the highlight of my time at iLSSM has to be getting to know more of my gracious and loving Dad! When soaking in His presence and just meditating on Him, not asking for anything, not striving to please Him, not putting a time limit on Him, just being with Him…. Resting in Him…I have had such a revelation of His overwhelming Love and Compassion for me!

    I suppose that I knew in my head that God loved me but I finally know in my heart that God genuinely loves ME! Not because of what I do for Him…. Not because of what I achieve… Not because of who I help out… He loves me because I’m His Daughter!
    I have the honour of calling the King of Kings, The Lord of ALL Creation… Abba Father!

    He literally loves each of us to death!

    Thank you Jesus for the amazing adventures that I’ve had with you over these past few weeks, and thank you that it is just the beginning!

    Much Love…’

  7. From above: ‘whacking people with the power of God so hard that Paramedics get called’

    What on earth has God to do with this craziness??

    • not much- the Holy spirit is courteous & gentle.. he never pushes in – he woos us to love Jesus.. If people need a paramedic after prayer I think that it is a demonstration of some other spirit at work… totally irresponsible…!

      maybe Boom! is the British version of Bam! – Todd Bentley Style…

  8. From one of the students on course (why do they keep going on with this “BOOM!!!”…whatever they post there’s a “boom!!!”)


    Posted on October 18, 2012 by…..

    I’ve had a weird kind of logic about writing this blog… I didn’t want to start writing it until I knew exactly what to say! Which is more than a little bit silly, because I’m more than certain that if the holy spirit is whacking people with the power of God so hard that Paramedics get called, then he’s obviously going to give me the words to write a blog!

    Sooooooo, as you can probably tell, the first 3 weeks of the London School of Supernatural Ministry have been…. shall we say….. Amazing? Insane? Epic? Mind-blowing? Or shall we combine all four options to create a supernova of Godly awesomeness which can only be describe by the one word catch phrase “BOOM!!!”?
    Yup!….. “BOOM!!!” it is!

    It has to be “BOOM!!” because God has completely blown my mind and flipped my world upside down… He has exploded into this new season in my life and completely blasted away the cobwebs that lurked inside the shadows of my life! He has breathed new life into me! His love and compassion have overwhelmed me on many occasions over the past few weeks and I have no doubt that He will continue to do so for the rest of the year (and my life)!

    I honestly don’t know where to start…. Which testimony do I share first? Which adventure do I tell you about first? Which EPIC FAIL do I tell you about first? Hmmmmmmm….?

    I have a feeling that I need to sleep on it! I’m probably getting that feeling because I’m about to fall asleep at the keyboard after a beautiful afternoon spent prophesying over the High Commissioner of Swaziland and her team!!! Which I pray is the first of many humbling and blessed adventures with Jesus!

    What an amazing Father we have!

    Goodnight beautiful people.

  9. Latest message (very weird language) from the school:

    ‘Such a great day. Praying for London on The London Eye!!
    Declaring a “Shift” and “BreakOut” across the city and the nation.

    Several healings throughout the day too occurred and giving gifts & hugs to Homeless guys. One of our students felt led to talk to a lady on the street. She actually wanted more of Jesus and so was invited to come to the school and receive more, team prayed and prophesied over her. The two Homeless guys came in off the streets, got a hot drink and food, were given socks, hats and gloves and one guys teeth got better and the other’s knee felt cool after prayer. Several other people prayed for during the day, lady with a broken ankle since Nov 12, tingling and more!!

    Demonstrating Love and Supernatural Power to individuals, while shifting the atmosphere and releasing more in the atmosphere than we realise.’

  10. This is from ILSSM (International School of supernatural ministry):
    “On a recent visit to the barbers as I sat in my chair not understanding the Arabic that was going on around me I felt the Lord say that the barber either had a bad back, his Mother had corns on her feet, or that his wife was infertile. As I was paying I spoke to the barber acknowledging that this was a bit unusual, but asking him if he had a bad back. He said he did and was happy for me to pray for him and while I prayed he said he felt heat on his back. I then asked him about his Mother. He said she did have corns and she lived in Egypt. I prayed for her with him and then asked him if him and his wife had been able to have children.He went and got his wife from next door and told me that they hadn’t been able to have children and this had been a source of great sadness for them. They were happy for me to pray for them, so I did. The were both delighted and wanted to spend some time together with coffee and chatting. I heard clearly from the Lord, apart from it wasn’t or, but all of those things!”

    I left a comment. Not necesarilly for them to post it but I’m still curios if they will. I don’t think they will though, as I did post other stuff on some of their links and they deleted them as people started asking question about the weird things happening there.
    There’s more stuff on their blog if anyone interested.

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