Prophetic on Overdrive

To be prophetic in this movement is highly prized…  in fact we could go as far as to say  there is a mutation of the prophetic in essence above everything else…    People  who have bought into the Wow factor  of signs & wonders.-  come on God Amaze me  mindset…  are always looking out for the next thing…  they will tell you God is always doing a new thing & we need to catch  the “Now”      so heres where the deception kicks in….  that actually is true…

God is always moving & doing new things,  His mercies  for sure are new  everyday… he does not stand still  & there will come a day  when this earth will pass away at his mighty hand….  that will  sure  be a new thing…  BUT  everything God does & says  will fit perfectly with his written word   it will not contradict it  whatsoever….  It will be in keeping with everything  written & everything Jesus spoke of when he walked on the earth..

In this River movement just about EVERYTHING is perceived as prophetic –  everything a sign. & weird connections made.    & so high significance is made about the all the connections.  Furthermore, in the context of being in a meeting – the ones leading will often state:  God is saying xxx     well he probably is,  but not because of the connections, but by & because of his Word.  This kind of thing perpetuates the thinking that one “sign” – “thought” – “connection” leads to another –  its up & running then – with no checks & balances on its way to la la land…   it happens so much – that now this practice has become the norm…

People see posters & adverts or people wearing a certain coloured coat in the street & make prophetic connections, or a certain thing occurs that confirms what they were already considering – & they allow God to speak through that.

In the church we see prophetic art & prophetic acts  (such as splashing people with water)  all with their unique form of interpretation….   weighed against nothing else except our feelings & hyped up expectations for God to move. When the definition of Prophecy means the forthtelling of God..  what God has done & what he will do & the nature of his heart. –everything always pointing to his Glory.

I think we have trained people to look for prophetic connections in everything & if thats the case of course, connections can be made between all sorts of things all the time…   There is always coincidence,  but by the time we have worked through all these links  we have allowed ourselves to be lead  not by God, but by the words of Man, our feelings & superstition…. Yes SUPERSTITION…   see a black cat   –   have a bad day   what’s the difference.?


7 thoughts on “Prophetic on Overdrive

  1. Could not take it any more at a church we loved for 11 years, the past 3 years have seen our church change so much. Some of our dear friends are still there worried and concerned but Staying as Watchmen. Leaders now visiting people, as 4 more have left. This so called Culture of Honour is only towards the Elders and BSSM STUDENTS, being trained as leaders. These people have changed into ELITE spiritual beings, we the foot soldiers are Im afraid looked down on for asking questions about the scriptures, where is this teaching in scripture, they only talk about Holy Spirit, encounters etc ,( lots of paintings on the walls, yet scriptures have been taken down) ,no mention of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for this website, it has helped us so much.

  2. seriously this is what people believe now: that paintings, the creative realm & art forms have the power to heal & deliver & save…

    SUCH HERESY — where is Jesus???

    please read your bible: Jesus told us that HE was the only way to get to the father… we CANNOT BE SAVED BY A PAINTING….. sure art can touch us on a deep level inspirationally but it has NO power to heal. Thinking that is does is pure magic…

    Jesus is not being glorified here – please run from these people… they would rather you have a “spiritual encounter” than speak the straight truth of the Gospel which proclaims Christ crucified… notice that in the 4 or so minutes of this video Jesus is not even mentioned…

    prophetic art – does not line up with biblical teaching it is a method to produce a “wow” moment on that basis it needs to be rejected as false…

  3. Prophetic Art:

    I have absolutely no idea how to ground this; but let me start by quoting properly the scripture this lady quotes: because the way she speaks it is not in context of the meaning of the text From Ephesians 1 v17-18

    I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father would give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. 18 I pray that the perception of your mind may be enlightened so you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the glorious riches of His inheritance among the saints

    I think the context is making Jesus known -do our glorious riches of inheritance really include painting pretty pictures, that could be ambigious & subjective as to how they are percieved… How does this help… to make disciples of all nations? seriously I dont get it!

    • Is that your only take away from this video with great testimonies?

      May the Lord grant you a teachable heart to see how precious it is for young people to listen to the voice of the Spirit and go lead people to Jesus

      • TRB. This is the entire problem.. yep great testimony… But testifying to what exactly… ? See the thing is that the overriding testimony a believer should be proclaiming is that of a risen saviour & his glory.. this is in fact what the Holy Spirit himself testifies to

        Wonderful stories of healings & miracles of all sorts are just that at the end of the day. Without grounding in proper relationship there is no way these events are even proovable. Let alone effective in bringing the unsaved to Christ. Faith, remember comes by hearing & hearing the word of God.. stories of encounters do nothing … Because they speak to the superficial flesh nature of the wow for the now… Certainly they may make one think.. but thinking & pondering is not what is required for salvation. Conviction of sin & repentance in the understanding of the grace offered. IS… This then is a heart response. Bethel/River/Mar teaching fails mightily in teaching the difference. Thus it’s a different gospel coming out of that place..

        If I am unteachable, I repent, I’ll go back to the word of God & get some more clarity..

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