Kundalini – the False Holy Spirit

Kundalini is  a term you may or may not be familiar with- It is a demonic spirit which is known as a counterfeit Holy Spirit   from the Hindus & incorporated into new age philopsophy & practice…  under the influence of this demonic spirit people will testify to having “deep spiritual sensations”   such as “knowing” other peoples thoughts-  full body & outer body  feelings of bliss & ecstasy.   Uncontrollable physical sensations such as crying laughing & jerking –  vivid dreams, visions & trances.
 I will testify that I have seen many people manifesting in similar ways  after being through a fire tunnel  & just generally under the supposition that these manifestations & experiences are genuinely from God – given by the Holy Spirit…
Here is what I have observed:
  • Persons deliberately praying for others to recieve  “more’ or  ‘Fire”  or “new wine” or “drink”  or “fresh revalation”  by placing their hand on the persons forehead until “something” a manifestation occurs.  This could be shouting or wailing….  shaking   or falling flat out  ( slain in the spirit)   most people I saw  would be laughing their heads off during this  type of ministry..
  • Strange hand movements  like wafting  —  as though the Holy spirit  could be moved by us  tangibly on to people.
  • Drunkenness  & bliss bombing    someone   throwing  or making the action of a throw   on to people  who then fall down  & roll about as though drunk..    they are totally immersed in the activity  & cannot be reasoned with or interrupted until it comes to a “natural !!!” end..  One of our senior leaders did this  one time  &  was so “drunk”  they said they didnt know how could they  could drive home!!!   how is this responsible behaviour  from a senior leader…?.  Anyhow, the bible repeatedly tells us to stay sober & vigilant…  why would the spirit of God come in such power & produce the exact opposite effect  contrary to scripture??
  • Shouting at God to declare things over the church  or the town or an individual…  Declaring things about the Kingdom
  • Commanding God’s glory to come down….     this is very serious  error…   as biblically we go to God’s presence at his invitation & his sacrifice of his son…  & anyway  his presence has been with us his name is Jesus  who is all in all… & he sent the Holy Spirit as the comforter & the power of God –  this “power” though is  to do with making Jesus known & bringing conviction & repentance in turning hard hearts back to God.
  • Weird shaking/ involuntary  head & body movements….  seriously people would do this  during other times that they were not being ministered too  & so therefore it was in no way a response or reaction to anything –  I conclude that they were unaware of it & unable to stop it from happening..
  • leaders  (& others) making Animal noises….(& finding it funny)
  • Soaking:  people laying around in quiet semi- trance like states  visualising God & giving their testimony about it later…   make no mistake this is Guided visualisation & in its very basic form it was being subtely introduced from the late 80’s   “imagine you are somewhere & Jesus is  walking with you  –  look in his face”  what does he say….  it wasnt called soaking back then as the term had not been formalised…  but its the same thing…  & from the New Age…  in the River  people soak – record the thing & then share –  this is considered valid prophetic  & direction for life choices or actions  agreed to.
now  the fruit  of the Holy spirit  is:    Galatians 5 v 22  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 
this is how we  can evidence the work of the spirit of God in a persons life, it has nothing whatsoever to  do with any manifestations…   of course they would tell you the laughing is deep joy….   that is subjective anyhow… they will also tell you they felt compelled to behave like a neighing donkey  or a mooing cow….  these things produce laughter in others as a response…   that is not deep joy from knowing who you are in Christ.. that’s laughing with someone who looks foolish.   All the mooing  that people cant stop doing even in a preach time  is not demonstrating forbearance & self control…  I belive it is a kundalini awakening & not of the Spirit of the living God…

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    • hey lorna sorry its taken a while… all I can advise here is how I dealt with this personally… the very last thing you need is “more ministry” with another laying on of hands – where we are currently in this crazy movement is that we have no idea who or what influences other people who would minister to us … my advice would be to steer clear of any of this – the last thing you need is more of the same – from well meaning people who don’t get it… unless you can truly find someone who is resolute in their understanding of this kundalini spirit – how it is impacting the “church” & who is able to pray with you in person… standing together in this

      the very best thing tho you can do, get grounded in the word… the Holy spirit is big enough to deliver us out of bondage without anyone else “ministering” why not spend an hour or 2 with him – in the word yourself… we will be praying for you too of course.. if you need deliverance & ask him he will deliver you out of bondage – you need not worry- just lay it all out with a repentant heart…

      check out my post on laying on of hands too.. as I think that it may be helpful…

  1. Just recently i was prompted to look up kundalini in the internet. This site reminds me of the so-called filling of the Holy Spirit in our church where members kept laughing, there were crying, falling down the floor & others a shaking movement of the hands & feet. Could this be manifestation of kundalini spirit?

    • Short answer to your question YES.

      We can know we have the Holy Spirit indwelling within us by the fruit demonstrated in our lives by our character. The attributes of the fruit of the spirit can be found in Galatians 5. Check it out! Then ask yourself the question as I did are these ones proclaiming to have a touch from God in these wild ways we are observing are they moving & growing in the spirit in correlation with Galatians 5. Do they exemplify & abound in patience, self control & kindness? For starters. Please do get back with your thoughts on this. Z

    • If I already have, by reason of somebody laying hands on me in the church, the kundalini spirit how then can I take it out of my system. What should I do to take out the wrong spirit in me and be filled with the right spirit of the LORD?

      • I think you are there in your asking to be set free & in your awareness of error a great place to start… I’m sure you’ve spent time in prayer & repentance too. Have a look at psalm 51 especially v 10. It talks about having a clean heart & that’s what we all want right. ? Embed yourself in the word… Ask the Holy spirit for the truth as you go. Remember it’s the truth that sets us free. You are free anyhow. Just keep walking in that place.. be blessed Z

  2. I agree. I have seen pastors like Billy Graham tell people on stage, “Be healed in the name of Jesus,” and then push the person onto the ground and they would fall down. I also see people in my youth waving their hands in the air slowly like at hillsong concerts, and this is at a Romanian church. I can see how you might be correct.

  3. Dear Brandi,
    How did you come to the conclusion that Zazzy knows nothing?
    Just because she talks against certain things you obviously agree with?
    Where’s the logic in that?
    If you would just stop listening to what people tell you what is true or not and just open the Bible (and I recommend a King James one) and let God teach you about those things.
    One day, when you will stand before God and He will ask you why didn’t you listen to Me, you will say ‘but I have. I have listened to this teacher and the other’.
    You see, you keep listening to what people tell you but, I beg of you, please open the Bible and let God talk to you.
    I pray, dear Brandi, that God will open your eyes to see the lies you’ve been fed and that He’ll help you follow Him and not man.
    God bless you!

  4. You know nothing so I would be silent you know god hears every word every thought and walks with you every day how long will you keep punishing your lord by how you act and speak and judge others the lord is here now with all how long will it take for you to to meet I suspect a long time

    • Brandi, Im not going to keep silent… Im going to tell the truth, best I can. for that to happen all of our thoughts, comments & actions need to line up with scripture…. not really interested in anything else…

  5. Please dont misinterpret about kundalini if you ain’t know nuts about it…
    You are just finding ways to ‘lower’ down an practice which is same as who someone knows nuts about christianity will say that its a false bloom approach !

    Kundalini is a way of true living and if you know nothing nor not into practise please shut up…!
    You guys are only known to be of downgrading others religion and talking good of yours only..
    This at first a big mistakes / devil’s practice which you shall discard off.. Please do that before commenting about any others religions nor practise..

    Thank You Devil’s :)


    • Angel, its true we clearly don’t know as much about kundalini as you do.. if you choose in your life to believe & practice such things – you have free will to do so… the only one who will judge you for that is God himself…

      the point we are making thro this blog is that practicing/incorporating Kundalini into one’s lifestyle is incompatible with true Christianity because it has absolutely zero biblical basis…

      I feel from the way you write – there is a limited understanding about what the bible truly teaches… as a starting point can I encourage you to look at our true Jesus- false Jesus page… it will help you understand why Jesus came to earth & why he had to die (in our place) to reconcile all people for all time to God who is pure holiness..

      be blessed x

  6. THIS POST is from FaceBook – BC&C (- edited by Zazzy )

    Dessy Challen‎Bethel Church and Christianity
    15 August at 09:58 · Oxley, Australia ·

    Jesus said in the end times there would be a great falling away and many false prophets would appear and they would deceived even the elect, by the signs and wonders they do! But here’s the thing Jesus warned us, we all know the scriptures regarding the warning but the majority have been deceived!!!! Wow. I have witnessed this with my own eyes. I was involved in the prophetic movement for 6 years. I was once deceived until God rescued me one day. And here’s how it happened:

    The devil tried to take me deep into heresy by a person that wanted to give me a book by Bill Johnson from Bethel church called “when heaven invades earth”. I was so excited to get this book as I had about 50 sermons from bill Johnson on my laptop, I had his devotionals and listened for hours on end to Jesus Culture. So when my friend handed me the book I could not wait to devour it. But what happened next changed my whole life and saved my soul from hell.

    I have heard God speak to me for years. I hear the audible voice of God. I move in the prophetic and have had countless people whom I was ministering too with words of knowledge say, ‘wow you really must hear from God’ . So As I picked up this book i was literally jumping out of my skin and I was going to read this book in one night if I could. As I often could finish a book in one night! I picked the book up and i heard the audible voice of God, the clearest i have ever heard God in my whole life say, ‘ take that book and throw it in the bin’!!!!! Woah this nearly knocked me off my feet. I said sorry God and he spoke to me again and it was not just a small still voice but very demanding or authoritative say once again take that book and throw it in the bin right now. I had no clue why?? my head was racing and I was so nervous, but I picked up the book with tears in my eyes and i threw the book in the bin. I went back inside the house and i turned all the lights off and I got on my knees and cried out to God, ‘ God what the heck is going on’!!!!!! What God spoke to me that night I will keep to myself, but after about 2 hours in prayer i was repenting because not only did i allow myself to be deceived but I was also operating under a false Spirit in my ministry!!!

    After God spoke to me I spent the next 48 hours without any sleep as I studied Bill Johnsons sermons and looked at his books and quotes from him. People say oh you just get this stuff from the internet, they just make stuff up about God’s anointed. That is why I only looked at his sermons and books and direct quotes!! What I found horrified me. What he taught so horrified me that I was physically sick!! He openly teaches Jesus was not God he was just an ordinary man on earth, he teaches perfectionism- that we are perfect and we cannot sin, he teaches Calvinism and believe me what this man teaches the list just goes on and on and ….. …….. ………
    I’m not just talking about different ideas about the rapture or something little like that but major christian doctrine that the church is established on. Every corner you look was heresy. Why did I not see it, why was i deceived?? i believe it was because it was a demon that deceives even the elect if that’s possible and guess what??? it sure is possible because I am the elect and so are millions around the world that are yoking themselves together with this apostate!!
    And my brothers and sisters it gets worse!!!!! Not only is he teaching doctrines of devils but he is using a Spirit that the church has embraced as the HOLY SPIRIT but is a false spirit called the KUNDALINI. If you have not seen the video from John the Baptist ministry about exposing the kundalini in the name of Jesus Christ you need to urgently sit down and watch this and then seek God in prayer!

    As a young christian I knew no better and had people pray for me that imparted the kundalini spirit in me. Signs of the kundalini spirit are jerking, screaming out, having no control over your body, being drunk in the SO CALLED SPIRIT??

    I held big crusades where I would wave my hand over the crowd and people would fall like dominos. I would pray for people and I would try to push people over because that’s what preachers do, if you don’t go down they gently give you a push sometimes its quit forcefully.
    I saw whole churches rolling around and they were so drunk they could not speak and at the time i said to God i don’t understand how this could be you as over and over we are called to be sober and here the church is drunk!! Totally the exact opposite of what the word says yet the church has embraced it and even more a kick in the face of God they call it drunk in the spirit????

    I have repented of this. I have fasted and got delivered from this Spirit but nearly every church i attend I see signs of the kundalini spirit! I see them yoking themselves together with Bethel and you know what I believe some of these pastors know that Bethel is teaching false doctrine but because of the signs and wonders it must be God it is god just not our God. Mathew 24 and 2 Thessalonians 2 talks about what is happening. The signs and wonders at Bethel are demonic. If they are preaching false doctrine then let me tell you something from God. God would never manifest his presence where there is false doctrine being preached never never never! So first you must establish, what they are preaching- is it right or wrong. And believe me you don’t have to search for long to find the answer to that!

    So if what he is preaching is false what Spirit is at work?? I escaped bethel and the kundalini by the grace of God and I only know of about 3 other people who have come out of it.
    I don’t care about the persecution that comes with writing this as I have been beaten. Spat at and abused. So there’s nothing you could say nor do to discourage me!! I’m writing this for someone to escape it. If you seek God he will Help you find the truth as this is the Job of the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth! I now can’t really find a church where they are not yoked with bethel in any way or operate in the kundalini. I get very discouraged sometimes as the mere size of this infiltration by the powers of darkness is so huge. But I pray day and night that my loved ones and friends would see the truth. And I believe one day soon that the church will revisit the old days of major reformation and repent. This will be the end times revival that Smith Wigglesworth spoke about. It definitely won’t be lead by Bethel who wont repent but will stick with what they teach all the way to hell!!!!

    Right now God us looking to you to draw a line, are you with him or with Bethel. Draw it- step over it and hold on because every christian that has breath in them will attack you!!! but brace yourself and hold on to Christ!!! He calls you his faithful ones and will make you burning ones!!

    • Zazzy I have genuine concerns regarding this topic, and some simple questions. I admit up front they are of a selfish nature.

      I have been a Christian for over 40 years and for most of that time committed to a local church and enjoying a personal relationship with God. I know scripture reasonably well and I approach learning doctrine by trying to take a balanced view of what the Bible has to say using more than one scripture reference where it is possible and sensible. Of course prayer plays its part too.

      When it comes to subjects like this I do not see things as black and white as others seem to.

      I have a concern about the Kundalini spirit that some believe is being invited (initially in ignorance I presume?) into the church. I too experience spiritual things. I have had knowledge of things before they have happened. I have thought conversations with, I assume, the Holy Spirit and these are often times of personal revelation. I hear in my mind a voice that compels me to pray for someone, or say something to someone. So, here is my question: How can I know it is the Holy Spirit, and what are the personal consequences to me of being deceived?

      I thank you for your response.

      • Hi David – great question… I think the overview of what your are asking is “how can we Know”?
        first of all, Id like to say that I too have had knowledge of things before they have happened & also had as you say “thought conversations” with the Holy spirit – sometimes personal revelation too & I believe the Holy Spirit can operate in these ways….

        the bottom line is always the same… The Holy Spirit will always always seek to promote the finished work of the cross of Christ & to bring him glory.. the focus & attention is NEVER about how am amazing a “prophet” I am or how “spiritual”, Holy etc any persons seem to be..

        I think there is a big difference between the spiritual elements of our personal walk with Christ & relationship with the Holy Spirit… in that if any of us feel we have received direct revelation/direction that is up to us to discern individually for ourselves… in a sense our own risk & responsibility.. remember that it is the Holy spirit that brings conviction of sin – enables our humility in order that we may repent & helps us through the sacrifice of Jesus to approach our Holy God – clean

        the kundalini spirit however, as we are beginning to see how it is operating in our corporate meetings… is all about “self”.. of demonstration personal “spiritual” power – it announces the “man” or “woman” rather than Christ. Kundalini in full swing – as im sure you have witnessed is all about the “manifestion” of something – the jerking the shaking – the whooping – wailing – mooing – shouting – vibrating – head shaking.. infact the more intense the manifestation – the bigger the belief that it is God at work… this indicates that – as we have said often on this blog – this whole thing is based on “Experiences” more than it is on faith..

        I think too we have to look at church history, hard pressed too find evidence of this “kundalini” new age style “awakenings” occurring much before 1994. yes the early church had signs & wonders, healings & miracles & these always followed on from the preaching of the gospel of Christ crucified… today, the modern charismatic church is trending to NOT preaching the Gospel. so if no Gospel – what kinds of signs & wonders are we seeing?

        remember that the fruit of the spirit is listed in Galations 5… this movement claims to have God “on tap” as it were – walking in the powerful presence – being “activated”.. if that were really the case we would see a high high standard of fruit of the spirit qualities flowing throughout.. however again & again we see “infidelity” arrogance – power – money making – domination & control – fear mongering etc etc from some of the very top leaders… & in my own circumstances – a senior leader who will NOT submit to anyone &/or be accountable for anything.

        simply, The Holy Spirit will never ever go against anything contained in scripture… we must know – well what the scriptures say as to not be deceived.. that is how to discern & if there be any black & white – that would be it…

  7. First I’d like to say I respect your point of view, and i dont want this to turn into an a arguement.I think your opinion is backed by popular belief and valid thought. So I will only say this. In my opinion, scripture forces us to use the power of our imagination to understand what it means. (Burning bush?) People look too far for God. He isn’t a white male looking down on you from X number of miles up in the atmosphere. He’s been with us the whole time. The idea an intelligent mind was the only thing that could have existed before the material universe came into exsistance is a practical and most likely accurate explanation for why the universe, our consiousness and our study of God even exsist. Self consciousness, is nothing more than a state of identifying “I am.” The first thing to become self conscious was probably the universe itself Thinking “I am light, i am bright light, I am good light. I am expanding light etc.” In my opinion , this means that Createive thought, or immagination, most likely stems directly from, and is one with the source which created the universe. Imagination is a misunderstood word. In english it loses all of its meaning. in your writing you say “they” interoperated scripture to mean something drug related. And no, while the bible does not tell us anything specific about cannabis (most popular argument) it doesn’t prohibit us from using it and encourages happiness and growth toward God. I for one have had spiritual awakenings through the proper and respectful dose of cannabis. Simply on the grounds its alive (containing the spirit molecule) and our brains have an intact cannabinoid receptor system from birth. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Likewise, Jesus drank wine. He wasnt an alcoholic. By that same coin, the psilocybin muscroom has been coined “the fruit of the Gods” for as long as humans have had mouths to eat them with. There is no doubt whatsoever they teach you where to find God. This does NOT mean you can’t find God without them, but it does seem to come as more of a shock to people to find out how obvious it is THEY have been God the whole time. To say I think the whole story of Jesus is “made up” or “imagined ” could not be further from the truth. But remember, we as humans had a less evolved mind back then, and its odd the coming of Christ was timed exactly when in recorded history, humans were able to unify their bichameral mind ( Please research) and access their immagination. Of course Jesus lived! Of course the Bible is true. But there is a second, more telling level to be read into by anyone who has Eyes to See.. And that, I assure you few people now days have. Imagination is the act of perceiving thought that seems to come from somewhere else. Most likely, the right brain in most humans. The left brain accounts for logic, ego and literal understanding as well as carrying out basic actions like math etc. But the right brain is only used for things like composing music, art, creative writing and finding direction and desire. Why is it even artisits can’t tell you where its all comming from? The Kudilini energy comes into this picture here because it is that which is symbolic of centeredness. And it unlocks your ability to use your creative mind, and therefore your body, as it was meant to be used. Yes, it is a Hindu teaching. Argument nullified. All relgions are trying to explain why we are flying around on a water covered rock at thousands of miles an hour, orbiting a sun. The odd part is. WE KNOW ABOUT IT. We are self aware to an extent zero other species are. That in and of its self is pretty crazy. All religions hold truth. Science holds truth. The bible holds truth just like the Koran holds truth. The monks are onto something. And we can learn. Book poking is great until you find out you are logically probably one with God, and therefore have to go back to the drawing board. Then you may have an incling to go back and read the double meaning I was talking about shows up the second time. I’ll leave you with this

    “Be still and know that I am God”

    Who is the one talking? A person? Or God? Or is it the same regardless ? :) thanks for hearing me out

    • Christian, I will say only this… the word of God is my ONLY final authority in knowing Truth, who God is & how to be in relationship with him…

      Im wondering if you would take the time the read true Jesus – False Jesus page on this blog… I think it may help expand your thoughts some… thanks for your contribution…


  8. The acts “ministered” were acts of hypnotism. People falling down and mooing?,its all in suggestion. Trance (hypnosis) states are indeed natural. That is to say, not drug or chemicly induced. The kudalini energy is that which flows through and opens your chakras. It too is nothing more than visualization, or self hypnosis, but with unseen biological impact. And in my experience these meditaitive / religious practices can only be u deratood by peooe who already have an open mind. “Book poking” is something done by close minded peoe who can’t understand that every word bible is a metaphor. The story of Jesus, or gods gift of immagination to mankimd, was told in such teachings as “)
    Letting the blind see”. To which the question “which eye?” Seems only suitable yt ask. He encountered the blind everywhere he went. It may be that it was in fact the third eye he healed, not the first and second. This, to me anyway, is a good example of two things.( 1.) Kudalini energy is one and the same as is used to open the third eye and other chakras, which is important to truely understamding who God really is. Therefore does it not follow suit that( 2. ) if Jesus healed the blind, he may have used the same force you ridicule as being of

    • Christian, the angle you are approaching these thoughts is not in line with the scriptures…. Kundalini, the 3rd eye, & opening of the Chakras is all rooted in Hindu teachings & nothing to do with Jesus of nazereth of the Bible..

      suggesting that Jesus was really opening the 3rd eye, in healing of blind eyes, is for me & many others a huge stretch – interpreting scriptures to say what you would like it to say, maybe in order to justify your own position… I simply do not agree as, this power, opening of the chakras, & the kundalini spirit is rooted in Hinduism.. the theme of the bible is all about Jesus…. & these other things simply do not exist in the bible

      you see, He did not need to access any “Power”: He was & is GOD… all he was doing was being obedient to his father – doing what he saw the father doing… he also said that the only way to the father (God) was through himself… Jesus himself then is the ONLY way to understand who God really is, there is NO other way. see when we tap into a life force or power, that is not anything to do with Jesus, when we exclude him, we don’t get to God at all… this is what the bible is teaching… please take the scriptures at face value, there is no hidden secret meanings, that we can interpret at will… there is a group of people who claim that because the bible talks about God being “Most HIGH” it must mean – he is somehow “high” as though being on drugs… how dumb is that…??

  9. I believe I have seen this spirit in action in a small “home church/deliverance ministry”.
    People were manifesting, including a child of 12, and there were all sorts of animal noises going on at one stage. It was awful.

    I can’t stand all the deception about this spirit, and I just hope that people can heed the warnings before it’s too late. :/

    Btw, shared this post on my facebook page and in a blog post. Hope you don’t mind. :)

    • sadly it is too late for some people, they will just not accept even the possibility that they could be being deceived…. yes please please do share – & link back to here… of course I don’t mind.. bless you x

  10. You really need to learn your Bible. Peter “laid hands on them” to receive the POWER of the Holy Spirit, the 3rd part of the One Baptism of the Holy Spirit. There are 3 parts to the Baptism, and you deny the Power of God, just as God said in His Word. False teacher, you certainly are.

    • Hi Peter, just so we are clear, Im not denying the power of God.. not at all…. what we are saying tho is a question, the question is whether what we are seeing imparted here in our meetings & personal ministry sessions is really the power of God or something else… just because its laying on of hands does NOT mean that the Holy Spirit is being imparted… think about REIKI practitioners they claim some of the exact same healing outcomes through the exact same methods we see in the modern church… that has to be worth a question. dont you think?

      I have previously blogged in depth specifically about LAYING ON OF HANDS – check it out here https://rooftopsandrafters.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/laying-on-of-hands/

  11. Comment from this article…http://ceruleansanctum.com/2003/09/charismatic-churches-and-cult-of-new.html

    Samantha wrote, “Well, these “trends” are not only in America. During the years of looking for a good church (ha) I’ve come across more than a few oddities. In one such church all the red flags started going off. No Bible mention, strange French pastors that would circulate the room and slap our foreheads to smite us with “the power of God.” Among other things, they boasted the tooth-fillings being turned to gold and catering to this new-age wave of psychological sermons that do little more than bring up the painful pasts of many, where as Jesus should have given these so-called Christians a clean slate and a new heart. I suppose that what was the the most painful thing to experience was the mis-use of the laying on of hands. The spirit in those rooms was not even a distant 3rd cousin to the Holy Spirit and it was spiritually disturbing to see these young soul’s eyes glaze over as they were “taken”. As a side note, the handful of counselors/leaders of the youth group also made it a weekly practice to lay hands on the doors of the youth’s professors (regardless of the fact that many taught unchristian things and openly scorned God in public) and pray that they guide their children. It was a very sad experience to know that our God, our Father in heaven is being pawned off to such false religions/organizations at the high price of souls.”

  12. Anytime – we see such a teaching leaning towards a “mother” emphasis… we can be sure that the root of it is indeed New Age/paganistic… along with the terms “mother earth” – “mother nature” – Gaia – Goddess Kundalini etc (review above comments of this thread) there is a commonality here.

    I took a bit of time today to check out where this emphasis of Holy Spirit as mother from a theological point of view may have originated from — needless to say – it is a position stemming from 1740 from a Moravian tradition.. promoted by Count Zinzendorf… acclaimed to be one of the first to “thoelogically” bridge the gap between catholicism & protestantism — we could look back & say the beginnings of an ecumenical outlook. … later there occured a theological split between Zinzendorf & the Wesleys..


    Additionally, in the real time instance of dealing with real people who may or may not be “manifesting” as expected or required… this attitude coming from Bethel reveals 2 things:

    1) that “manifestation” is evidence – if you will for the proof that God is at work in ones life – that the person has faith or has been touched by God’s presence in a special way… the implication being that without such “evidences” a person has not received from God satisfactorily… this is anti biblical & guilt/condemnation inducing as well as being totally untrue … I just know there will be people who have not manifested in any manner- including being “drunk in the spirit’ – who will have been made to feel inadequate in these ways. there was an “unsaid” you are not quite “spiritual” enough feeling going on in my circumstances 2010/2011 – coupled with an insiduous – “sensing of resistance to the Holy Spirit” being outwardly spoken over various individuals at times.. the whole M.O is to get others to “manifest” – in fact

    so to you I would say what Paul said in Ephesians 2

    And you were dead in the trespasses and sins 2 in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience— 3 among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest of mankind. 4 But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, 5 even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved— 6 and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, 7 so that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. 8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast. 10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. (ESV)

    The truth of our spiritual standing in Christ Jesus has NOTHING to do with “manifesting” anything!

    2) which one of us – whatever our circumstances has not got “mother issues” ? ranging from having a least one bust up one time in our lives with our mother to those mothers who have abandoned & rejected us as a child – or maybe died -.. having “mother issues” applies in some manner at some level to every single person on the planet….

    see this thinking when directed like a fiery dart – enslaves us & keeps us bound to having “ministry” which may or may not be necessary & listening to teachers & others who consistently suggest that we have a root problem in our lives based on – “evidences” or lack of…all of That….. keeps us on a rollercoaster. This has absolutely nothing tho do with proper biblical “spiritual discernment”

    Once we engage with this mentality as individuals we become further sucked into accepting any “thing” that these persons may tell us about our lives. Instead of running to the word of God for the truth about our position in Christ & making a proper biblical response to HIS truth…we get hooked in – to hearing about ourselves & how to make ourselves “spiritually better” – biblically, this is impossible – it is all down to Jesus & his saving grace. Accept & believe..

    It’s concerning- because what we have just outlined about the process of enslavement & bondage is in reality – indoctrination & oppression – these things are NOT kingdom of God ways…

  13. some of us have never been “drunk in the spirit” and I wondered why.

    I was told (at Bethel) that people who don’t manifest have “mother issues” – as in their Sozo ministry they attrib the Holy Spirit to your earthly mother (see Sozo training tapes)

  14. “Several people in the throes of Kundalini awakenings have reported kitchen fires, which they attributed to their own “spacing out” while cooking. One woman undergoing an awakening found her bed on fire when a lit candle fell from the nightstand. Another “barbecued” her house when she left a bag of what she thought were cold fireplace ashes behind her house. The wind fanned sparks and set the back of the house ablaze.
    When St. Teresa of Avila’s Kundalini awakened, she became ill and fell into a death-like coma for four days, during which time a fire broke out in the convent. The week my Kundalini arose, Carl and I were startled in the middle of night by explosive sounds. The house next door (fortunately unoccupied at the time) was a flaming inferno. It burned almost to the ground before firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze.

    In the fourth month of my Kundalini awakening, I had a particularly vivid dream in which the whole city was burning. My father appeared in the dream and, eyeing me suspiciously, asked if I was responsible for the fire. I told him I hadn’t done anything to cause it. In the dream, the conflagration was a natural disaster called a “fire storm”. The next day, recalling the dream, I thought it had been merely symbolic. I had never heard of a “fire storm” except in war devastation. Two months later, a cataclysmic fire storm (as the media called it) raged through Oakland, where I live, destroying 3000 homes.

    Interesting as Todd Bentley shared a similar testimony from platform at lakeland about a very similar event… a full on angelic visitation followed by a devastating fire in a hotel room hours later

    & then there is spontaneous combustion…?

    • Can u link this pastor’s video on spiritual gifts that he is promising to release. I have go through your comments. I am also praying to know the truth on these issues.Thank u

      • Hi Isac, im not sure I can find it however, Mike Hoggard has a wealth of resources on You tube under watchmanbroadcast.com. they are very thorough & well worth a watch on a range of topics – if you have any questions, about Bethel/river movement please feel free to ask away…

  15. Benjamin YES YES YES I believe you have hit the nail on the head here… thank you..

    again & again the scriptures tell us to stay sober, be vigilant…. — “dont be drunk with wine but be filled with the spirit” does not indicate or endorse the symptomatic evidence of “being drunk” & making it Ok just because we are doing it in a christian meeting.. whilst singing songs to God etc etc.

  16. Just a little comment about the manifestation of drunkeness. Has anyone else noticed that when the Bible refers to drunkeness in Isaiah it is associated with God’s wrath, and man’s sin, idolatary and spiritually blindness?
    See Isaiah 19: 14; 24: 20; 29: 9; 51: 17; 51:21. Jeremiah Ezekiel and the Apostle John in Revelation also point to this.
    Specifically it talks about those subject to God’s wrath staggering around.
    Many of those who endourse this “drunkeness”, as a move of God, point to the crowd in Jerusalem believing the Apostles to be drunk after Pentecost. A simple examination of the text indicates that it was because they (the Apostles) spoke in other tongues and were praising God and His works boldly that this mocking assumption was made. In fact it says that Peter stood up to speak, not fell on the ground unable to speak or control himself bcause of laughter and being so “whacked”.
    This drunkeness in gatherings may well be a sign, unfortunately the Scriptures indicate that it might be a sign of an idolatrous and sin-filled church?!
    How blind and deaf we have become to the warnings of God.

  17. Some characteristic Symptoms of Awakened Kundalini

    An excerpt from Devatma Shakti (Kundalini): Divine Power by Swami Vishnu Tirtha.

    Some characteristic symptoms of the awakened kundalini are here given below from Mahayoga Vijãna, a treatise on the subject in Hindi by Shri Yogãnandji Mahãrãja, the author’s revered guru. They are illustrative and by no means exhaustive:-

    The whole body shakes, and the body gets uncontrollable, know then that Kundalini has awakened. You then should give up your assertion and sit witnessing what happens.

    When Your body begins trembling, hair stands on roots, you laugh or begin to weep without your wishing, your tongue begins to utter deformed sounds, you are filled with fear or see frightening visions, think that the Kundalini Shakti has become active.

    When your posture becomes fixed, and the whole body becomes so active that you are unable to sit still, your hands and legs stretch out forcibly, you ought to know that the Divine power of the goddess Kundalini has come into action.

    When you feel the mind experiencing waves after waves of blissful peace, think the Universal Mother Kundalini has come into action.

    In your spinal column you experience vibrations, feeling of bodily existence for the time being is lost, in other words you feel as if there is no body, everything looks vacant, your eyelids become closed and open not in spite of your efforts, electric-like currents seem flowing up and down the nerves and you have convulsions, know that Kundalini has come into action.

    When with the closing of eyelids your body falls to the ground, or begins to rotate like a grinding stone the or lies down like one dead, hands may not be lifted even if so desired, you feel contraction of nerves, you feel as if your life is passing away, Kundalini has come into action.

    When your mind gets influenced spiritually as if some spirit has taken possession of your body and under that influence different postures of yoga are involuntarily performed, without the least pain or fatigue and you feel increasingly buoyant, and simultaneously strange sort of breathing exercises start, think that the Divine power of Kundalini has come into action.

    When no sooner you have sat with eyes closed than in an instant the body begins to show activity of throwing out limbs forcibly, deformed sounds are loudly uttered, your speech begins to utter sounds like those of animals, birds and frogs or of a lion or like those of jackals, dogs, tigers, understand that the Great goddess Kundalini has come into action.

    When you feel vibrations at different points inside your body and feel its flow wherever you fix your attention and nerves begin to show easy jerks like jerks of electricity as if passing through them, know that the goddess Kundalini has come into action.

    When all day and night you feel within your body some activity and whenever you concentrate your mind, your body at once begins to shake or begins tossing and your mind remains filled with joy and bliss at all times, even when at call of nature, even during sleep you feel currents of bliss and even in dreams you experience Her presence, know that the joy-inspiring Kundalini has come into action.

    As soon as you sit for prayers your body begins to shake and in ecstasy of joy you begin to sing hymns in tones of music charming to hear and whose composition and poetry come out involuntarily, your hands giving a rhythmical clapping, and you pronounce languages you know not, but the sound ecstasizes your mind, know that the goddess of speech, has awakened into action.

    When you feel intoxicated without taking any drug, while walking your steps fall majestically or like one drunk and you are unable to do any other work and you like to remain mute and dislike speaking to or hearing others and you feel like one drunk of Divinity, know that your Shakti Kundalini, the power of Self, has come into action.

    While walking, when your mind is filled with an impulse to walk faster and your feet begin to move a running, you feel your body light like air and do not feel fatigued even having walked long enough, you feel buoyant and joyful, you are not unhappy even in dreams, you can keep the balance of your mind undisturbed in all ups and downs, and you acquire an inexhaustible energy for work, know that the Kundalini has come into action.

    When you are in meditation you see visions divine and fall in a dreamy state of mind, have divine smells, see divine figures, feel divine tastes, hear divine sounds and experience divine touch and receive instructions from Gods then understand that the divine power of Kundalini has come into action.

    When you are in meditation, future unfolds its secrets to you or the hidden meaning of scriptures, shine in your understanding, all doubts vanish, you acquire an insight into the meaning of the works on spiritual science even at their first glance, you acquire strange powers of speaking for knowledge and you acquire self-confidence, understand then that Kundalini the bestower of siddhis (occult powers) has come into action.

    When seated for meditation your mind plunges into the ocean of bliss, & you experience pleasure know that subtle power of Kundalini is in action.

    When at morning and evening hours punctually and automatically your body becomes charged with such of the divine influences, and body, mind and spirit become overpowered by Her, know that the Goddess Kundalini is rightly functioning.

  18. definitely watch with your sound OFF!

    Ok he is bashing them with a leafy branch: but watch to the end see how people are beginning to respond… this is a Guru giving Kundalini Shaktipat.

    quite tame & orderly compared to some of the meetings I’ve been in!

  19. informative guide of what kundalini is believed to be in the new age/hindu worldview. when this excerpt talks of “scriptures” it is not referring to the bible & we could easily replace the concept of meditation in the context of soaking prayer… it amounts to the same thing

    all the points in Bold I have either seen in action &/or participated in myself… I repent in Jesus name.

  20. there is such a need for us to pray & have mercy, people need our patience & our forgiveness & of course they need to know the Lord, they also need firm correction in love.. Its quite a shock to have been involved in this mindset for a while to take a step back & realise the error… lets allow room for conviction & repentance

  21. here is a quick video from a lady who was ministered to by a guru named Abdy… She explains all about her experience, in terms of it being magical. she believes she was touched by God, healed from an Ulcer & experienced deep blissful joy… As far as we can tell, she was not a Christian prior to this event or became one because of it as she does not in any way reference her need for repentance for sin … she has been introduced to the feeling of God, rather than the person of GodJesus!

    pray that she may truly find him…

    • The problem with her is that she believes what happened to her is from God. I realise that people like Bill&Beni Johnson really do believe in what they are preaching and so make loads of people walk on the wrong path……and that’s the path to HELL.

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