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lets take a look at some published articles: see what’s really being said in & to the Global church…



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  1. Hi everyone,

    On Heidi Baker going to the House of Commons in London, UK, I have found the followings:

    Rolland Baker commented on Heidi Baker’s post, on Facebook:
    “Actually, she was blessed to share at a luncheon gathering of Lords and others. Thank you for praying for her. To her the highlight was going into the chambers and quietly praying for the government.
    Mission Direct in the UK was represented, which is doing a great work among the poor around the world.”

    From Mission Direct on Twitter:
    “Heidi Baker and co. wowed us at House of Lords MD event. As you can see from RT, I am not alone in thinking this.”

    So, I guess, not much happened……

  2. This is Bill Johnson’s testimony, posted on Youtube yesterday, 6th of Nov.
    I managed to listen to only 16 minutes of his ‘oh so cool’ testimony. It literally made me sick.
    Such sheperd wont get away with it…leading the flock away….far away…
    Here it is:

    • I think we have here with these 2 testimonies an absolute bona fide, undisputable out of their own mouths – direct correlation with the Toronto Blessing. c 1994 additionally, its intriguing & distressing that when salvation is talked of – Jesus & repentance is not… so what kind of salvation is that? now a careful minister of the Gospel Of Jesus – uses this media soundbite – to preach again – Christ crucified… an excellent platform & opportunity to clarify again what “salvation” really truly is – clearly this is not the priority here…

      • By your own sound bite have preached Jesus? He is testifying of what he knows . What are you testifying of ? Destroying others? What have done to get yourself crucified that Bill has not done? Remember this a 5th generation minister…I am persuaded after reading many of your posts that you have a deminic agenda or you too cognitive to have any relationship with God that is trans-rational.

      • Dotimima,

        you have a point, however the Gospel is clearly expressed on the pages of this blog look under – true Jesus false Jesus.. you will notice too if you scroll down the right hand side that in just 10 months 2 individuals have committed their lives to Christ through the work of this blog.. both have contacted me privately & talked through at length what this means biblically, chosen to repent from sin & walk with Christ…

        just in case you missed it I take the opportunity to present the Gospel again:

        Jesus was born fully God & fully man to redeem the world from sin. ( as all have sinned & fallen short of God’s original plan) Jesus was provided as a perfect sacrifice in our place. In his death – he bought us a way to (re) connect with the father (as our sin would separate us otherwise & cause us eternal death)

        He died on a cross (crucifixion) of his own free will & was resurrected to life after 3 days. He now lives in heaven at the right hand of the father – He will return again to judge the living & the dead. The gift of this grace of salvation is free for all who repent of their sin, accept him; by their own free will & conviction believe in him & accept (confess) him as their living Lord.

        Phillippians 2 v 5-11 (ESV)

        Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus,who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

        I am totally about the Gospel of Christ Crucified.. like a Golden thread running through this blog… this is what I am testifying of..

        In no way am I out to Destroy others & what has being a 5th Generation of anything got to do with it…? we each of us stand before God on our own…

        1 John 4 v1 says: Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

        so I am struggling to understand how that could be a “demonic agenda” The scriptures are our beginning & end point in our understandings, our yardstick. Im just being obedient..

  3. I will, Zazzy!
    Oh boy, you have to see this, straight from the oven.
    I couldn’t watch past 8:48….too much for me….such a sham….such a nonsense…..
    Posted yesterday, 6th Nov on Youtube:

  4. From Heidi Baker’s facebook page, today 6th of Nov:
    “May the presence and power, the love of God be strong as I speak at the House of Commons in London. Pray for a move of Holy Spirit among them.”

    Let’s start praying people!!
    Satan is going up…..before going down……let’s pray that he will go down quicker!!!

    • SBG could you keep your eye on this, & if poss provide us with a transcript of what Heidi actually speaks over the UK Parliament. it would be soooo helpful… as then we can discuss it.. thanks..

    • It baffles me that you guys who never healed the sick or raised the dead are so critical of what the Lord is doing these guys. Has the devil began to open blind eyes and cat out demons and raised the dead? Come on…I live in Africa and jhve seen the devil oppress people !

      • Doturn,

        Nope I never healed anyone or raised them from the dead… I dont have that kind of power… I am NOT God… I know what you are implying, that as you feel we see no demonstration of “power” (or in your opinion are sceptical of it) in our walk as a Christian – somehow that makes the christian lesser.. & this is the under handed message that this movement constantly spews out..

        what we are saying through this blog is weigh weigh weigh & test everything against the scriptures.. I feel you have been presumptive here – how do you know I have never prayed for people & they be healed or for that matter – prayed over a dead person that they may be raised.. … but it is NOT & NEVER HAS been about that… I will not be drawn into point scoring with you.. I believe that God can & does heal today if he chooses.. but I also know we have a deceiver prowling about willing to suck in any one who would be enticed away from Jesus… do you think that the devil would heal people in order to get them engaged on a power trip, stroking egos & making money & away from Jesus if he could…? Oh yeah you bet he would… please please listen to the counsel of many through this blog.. we are into seeking the truth of these matters here


  5. Lynnylou you asked about the book of Enoch so here from wiki:

    The Book of Enoch (also 1 Enoch[1]) is an ancient Jewish religious work, traditionally ascribed to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. It is not part of the biblical canon as used by Jews, apart from Beta Israel. It is regarded as canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, but no other Christian group

    The first part of the Book of Enoch describes the fall of the Watchers, the angels who fathered the Nephilim. The remainder of the book describes Enoch’s visits to heaven in the form of travels, visions and dreams, and his revelations.
    The book consists of five quite distinct major sections (see each section for details):
    The Book of the Watchers (1 Enoch 1 – 36)
    The Book of Parables of Enoch (1 Enoch 37 – 71) (also called the Similitudes of Enoch)
    The Astronomical Book (1 Enoch 72 – 82) (also called the Book of the Heavenly Luminaries or Book of Luminaries)
    The Book of Dream Visions (1 Enoch 83 – 90) (also called the Book of Dreams)
    The Epistle of Enoch (1 Enoch 91 – 108)

    so we see a “work” rejected as part of the cannon of scripture as heretical teachings – now being re accepted by these modern days apostles…. such arrogance!

  6. Found an interesting article/testimony:

    Thank You, Lord. Reader Is Led “to the Truth I Tried to Reject”

    Several days ago, commenter Crystal found this blog and the article, “Jesus Culture and Judah Smith to Join Piper, Moore, Chan and Others at Giglio’s Passion 2013.” Being a fan of the band Jesus Culture, Crystal had the boldness to share with us her heart and thoughts on the subject, doing so with humility and grace. Though comments are public, I’ve nevertheless asked for Crystal’s permission to share the following with you so that her words would not be lost in a comment string. Her initial visit to this blog resulted in the following comment:

    Wow, as a college student who listens to Jesus Culture and plans on attending Passion (next year) this post has given me a lot to think about. I recently watched a small documentary [] focusing on the music and message of Jesus Culture, as well as the heresy continually coming out of Bethel. I have to say, I am very conflicted over this; the church that birthed Jesus Culture is teeming with heretical teachings, yet the music itself glorifies God and is devoid of any nonsense. I would not say I am a staunch fan, but I have been blessed by many of their songs. It is the same with Hillsong. As far as I know, their music has always been Christ exalting and-while not necessarily theologically rich-theologically sound. Yet no one needs to tell me that Brian Houston- along with his wife- are grossly heretical in their teachings. I am definitely wrestling with whether or not I should stop listening to them, and Hillsong, completely or just listen but with discernment. I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this.
    It was deeply encouraging to see a young person who did not immediately get defensive over the subject, but rather was responsive to the Holy Spirit’s conviction in her heart. The responses of myself and others to Crystal’s inquiries can be summed up thusly: prayerfully search the Scriptures, and then test the lyrics of these songs, as well as the theology of the singers, against the perfect and holy Word of God. Yesterday, Crystal posted the following:
    In the midst of all the criticism, I felt the need to comment and let you know that I thought a lot about what you and the other commenters said and did a lot of searching and digging on my own, and I got rid of my Jesus Culture music. This is actually something that I was warned of a couple months ago, but I brushed it off because I liked their music and did not want to stop listening, I believe the Lord used this post to stir everything back up in my heart and mind, and lead me to the truth I tried to reject.
    I had the same mentality that many of the other commenters had which was that if they are sincerely singing these beautiful declarations of love to Jesus than how can they be wrong? So what if their doctrine is a little off, they clearly love Jesus right? Who am I to say that they are wrong?

    But the thing is, you can be sincere but be sincerely wrong. A person’s intentions do matter but at the same time are almost irrelevant as they have no bearing on if a person is right or wrong. The more I took a close look at JC music and message the more I could see the problems, not just with their theology, but with the way they worship. I looked at their song lyrics, I analyzed the things they said, particularly Kim Walker and Banning Liebsher (I know I butchered his last name). And literally all I heard was love, encounter, experience, feel, nothing that even resembled the gospel. That is basically Kim’s whole testimony! Sure, they occasionally say things like “my debt is paid” and “conquer the grave” that hint at the gospel but don’t really proclaim it. To them, the gospel is that “once you encounter God’s love you are never the same!” As I said in another comment, these things are not inherently wrong, but should always be coupled with His truth, with His word! It grieves me that I, and the many who still are, thought that I wanted more of God- and I sincerely did- but a lot of the times I was chasing a feeling and an experience. Many times I would be in despair, even questioning my own salvation, because I did not ‘feel’ His love for me or hear Him speaking. Even though I had His word at my fingertips!
    I am not going to say anymore because I don’t want to be too lengthy, but to those who aggressively defend JC, I would invite you to do what I did, and really examine their doctrine/theology, their lyrics, what they preach, as well as the doctrine/theology that comes out of their church. Pray and seek the Lord through His word and let Him lead you to the truth, ask him to examine and and reveal to you what is in your heart. I asked and He did, and I tearfully repented, but He is rich in mercy and grace and quick to forgive!
    One more thing, doctrine matters!! I can’t say that enough and this is something that I am realizing more and more. It matters!!!!!!! What you believe about God and who He is, matters eternally.
    Erin, Linda, and Robin, thank you for your prayers and words of wisdom! I appreciate this blog Erin, keep doing what you’re doing, keep saying what unfortunately many others will not bother to say. I hope you’ll be encouraged by this. Sorry for the length!
    Do you see what happened here? God opened eyes. God answered prayer! When I read this, I actually became teary-eyed and was left with nothing else to do except praise our amazing Lord. Only He can receive the glory for leading this girl to prayerfully seek the truth, and only God deserves the glory for bringing her to a place of understanding of that truth. It may seem cliché to exclaim, “Praise God!” yet, ultimately, are there any other words?

    This is why I do what I do. This makes any grief that may be received over the topic of Passion 2013 absolutely worthwhile. God graciously used this blog and the wisdom and comments of other readers, to open eyes. Seeing God work in this way, and being exceedingly humbled that He’d even consider using this blog as part of that work, brings far more joy than is able to be expressed. Numbers may be good for the world, but for this blogger, just one is enough.

    Crystal, it is my prayer that God will use your humble courage to bring further glory to His name.

    Lord, we thank you for Crystal and we thank you for demonstrating your amazing grace here. To You be all glory, forever.

  7. Programmed for Faith in the Supernatural – Without faith nothing is possible. With faith all things are possible (Mk 9:23, 10:27). God has programmed the DNA of certain members of the younger generation to have radical faith for the supernatural. This new emerging generation is experiential. They will not be won over by words but by demonstrations of the glory of God.

    well Im left with the obvious questions that if faith comes by hearing & hearing by the way of God’s word… what is this “programmed for faith in the supernatural” ? who is behind it & who is doing the programming?.. because it is askew from the context of the scriptures so far it ceases to be scriptural at all?

    the context of “certain members” indicates an a belief in an elitist elect – the superbreed- the specially chosen…. now – is this antibiblical – (as ALL are indeed chosen – Jesus died for ALL) or an extreme calvanistic point of view?

    God, who sent his son Jesus to die for ALL so that all may receive his free gift of salvation on the same basis of repentance from sin… would he, that very same God choose, some to be extra specially chosen??? NO there is no Elect within the Elect, or some with More or Lesser Favour… & If we think THAT, even for a millisecond, is a viable teaching- we cant bet that it is MANS criteria as to who is IN with the chosen SEED & who Is NOT… this is one very dangerous position in the church, because in the end, when full blown it will look like spiritual Eugenics… Now I know that is an extremely emotive, strong & scary thing to think through but in the context of where this movement is headed in terms of its Dominionism & head & not tail -Ruling & reigning ethos, // blues & greys – civil war in the church (Joyner) thinking.. it becomes a plausible logical end point… furthermore, I have already seen & at a very local & personal level some people being refused to be prayed for by leadership because of their perceived “resistance” ( for which they are prob better off anyhow) which brings hurt rejection & confusions & certain people being told NO or prevented from praying for people because of their perceived resistance to the “supernatural” So at a very basic level, decisions like this pertaining to this framework of thinking are already being made by some leaders.

    Oh Yes: the emerging generation are experiential all right: anything goes… we are now at the stage where anyone can say anything or do anything they dream up, say it is of God & be totally believed & copied… part of the concept is that huge risk taking is permitted & encouraged…. which is noble, but there is seemingly no balance of discernment or weight against scripture… well I guess why would there be if the Bottom line is to think outside of the safety & counsel of scripture…. We no longer have to buffer any thing, or test anything if the litmus test paper of the word of God has been discarded in this way…

    I know this is proclaimed as FREEDOM in such circles, but what happens is that it becomes a MAN who decides where to draw the line in respect of what is happening in the supernatural environment.. which in turn leads the whole body under a spirit of Control & spiritual abuse.. I know all too well as I was under that reigeme & that is definately BONDAGE & OPPRESSION which are the very things Christ came to smash to pieces..

    In my experience, people were having a high time in God, demonstrating much “supernatural” but not being convicted enough to be responsible to pay their bills…etc every misdemeanor of this nature is countered with he is just a man or no one is perfect
    HELLO – culture of HONOUR-!!

    HELLO – fruit of the spirit…!!
    anyone can have experiences – but where is the substance evident in their lifestyles…? & now because this is brought to attention for correction it is somehow the “correcter” who stands in “judgement” over people who are actually being lovingly restored or rescued from sinful error…But in not being not receptive to that correction.. it indicates that intense Pride & arrogance are the dominant traits that rush to the surface…

    Can we see that this movement is so duplicitous in how it operates… which means it is all about what you are seen to be demonstrating in the prayer room/sanctuary… the supernatural has become the all important measuring stick as to where a person is “at”

    Now if people are drawn in by the “spectacular supernatural happenings” “demonstration of Glory” its obvious that their heart response will only be to those things- they will not have made a response to Gospel as they will not have heard it- sadly, Thus in the outworking, they will feel that the supernatural wow X factor is IT & all there is..there will be no real FAITH because they will not have heard the WORD. the very second God decides not to show up in the way they expect – when it’s their turn to pray ( & he could He is God) their “faith” will be rocked….. & they will be left feeling duped & inadequate…. (or faking it to make it!- which is deception in itself)

    this demonstration of “Gods glory” very presumptive there- without weight, how in the world will anyone know the difference between God’s Glory & a magic trick… ?

    Don’t be taken for a ride people – please please think this through some…

  8. Ok. I’ll bite. I love a good research project! There is still so much that I don’t know, many things about God and His word that I don’t understand. But I do know that when we get writings like this we can take them to the word of God to see if they are true. The one thing that makes these men so dangerous is the appeal their words have to us to our own greatness. None of these men would admit to it, but that is exactly what they are promoting – human pride.

    They say that with God all things are possible. They are correct. These are God’s words just as they quoted from the book of Mark. However, in context, Mark 9:23 Jesus is speaking in regards to freedom from demonic possession. In Mark 10:27 Jesus is referring to the rich coming to salvation. In a sense these are supernatural events, but they are not what is being represented and claimed in the article. Their supernatural power is for weight loss and hair growth. Excuse my sarcasm but is this why Christ died – so we can be long haired barbie dolls? I won’t even go into the rest of their list of desired supernatural feats. I will correct this man that people are won over by words, by the word of God. It is how the gospel is preached, not by signs and wonders, not by dreams and visions. It was good enough for the original 12 who learned by Jesus’ example, it is good enough for us all.

    Back to the idea in the beginning, the DNA. God formed man from the dust of the ground, he breathed into him and the man became alive. God formed woman from the rib of the man. Later, God told them to be fruitful and multiply. Nothing is said in the Genesis narrative about DNA. When Jesus addresses the 7 churches in Revelation, nothing is said about any of them possessing some kind of special seed, or DNA. There have been special men throughout history in the bible – Moses, Abraham, Daniel, John the Baptist, and many more. But nowhere are we told they possessed special DNA or seeds. Were they borne to do the things they did? Possibly, but we also know from proper doctrine that it is by choice that we follow the Lord. Being implanted with a special seed for a special purpose removes the idea of free-will. I know Calvinists won’t like that but I don’t care. We all have free will to choose to live for God or not, the angels did, as did Lucifer. We choose pride, we choose the fall.

    I remember the Jesus Movement days of the late 60’s, early 70’s and how during that time we were told that it was all about the youth. We were all so important. We are still hearing it. The youth of my day are now middle aged. Nothing special happened during those years for us. Nothing special happened 15 years ago at TheCall, anymore than it will at the next giant youth rally. I’d like to know exactly who it was that started that idea. It really gripes me. Jesus called grown men, not children, to do His work. But here we are, with Todd Bentley at the helm. Heaven help us indeed if anyone is seriously allowing their children to learn from his tactics. He is a mad man.

    For now I am going to skip to the inner healing aspect of this article. This is another push to make people believe they have need for special healing. Healing of memories, of wounds, emotional healing. I will agree that some things can take us away from God, but they can also show us a greater need for Him. Read how David cried out for Him in the Psalms. Again, it is by choice on how we choose to see our circumstances. Will we stand or will we fall? There is no such thing as a magical prayer that is going to make our hurts immediately disappear. It is through our walk with the Lord that we are healed. It is in understanding that people do mean things, that bad things happen in our lives, but Christ is the overcomer for us. He has told us that in this world we would have great tribulation, but He has overcome it, He has overcome the world. John 16:33.

    Blessings all.

    • Thank you Mkayla:

      Ok you said:I remember the Jesus Movement days of the late 60′s, early 70′s and how during that time we were told that it was all about the youth. We were all so important. We are still hearing it. The youth of my day are now middle aged. Nothing special happened during those years for us. Nothing special happened 15 years ago at TheCall, anymore than it will at the next giant youth rally. I’d like to know exactly who it was that started that idea. It really gripes me. Jesus called grown men, not children, to do His work. But here we are, with Todd Bentley at the helm. Heaven help us indeed if anyone is seriously allowing their children to learn from his tactics. He is a mad man.

      Now then here in the UK we have had the same message- the promised “revival” to our nation since at least 1986… again the youth throughout this nearly 30 year period have all been told the very same. led to believe that they are the keepers of something very special, somehow more significant than those of previous generations.

      first off we need to know that the word (& even the concept of) “revival” is not a biblical one… the only definition I have ever been able to come up with as to whether or not a state of revival is being achieved is statistical – in that 10% of population group (local or national) is following Christ…. The bible though talks of a great falling away, deception of even the elect & that the Holy Spirit will pour out dreams & visions to young & old… in other words we would see a level of outpouring of the prophetic etc etc..

      To my mind, this outpouring feels like a personal – a one to one increase. As the Holy Spirit – responds to individual hearts… that welcome him… We must remember that the scriptures talk about the nature if the Holy Spirit being a person & at that, – one who indwells – into the believer…: In this context, – the corporate – en masse – presence seeking mentality that we see today in the big meeting place of the “Revival meeting ” & the revivalist culture – the expectation that God would move & do something great/amazing/spectacular – seems not to fit.

      I think our experience of God, the Holy Spirit has/is being promoted as something other than being an indwelling. My observation is that corporately, we are informed & instructed about what to expect in the presence – more than there is the encouragement to see the Holy Spirit as person – an indweller & allow him to deal with us personally… More often, the big names are informing & instructing us how to think & feel about the Holy Spirit… The good news is tho, that we dont & never have needed a 3rd party to be able to get to God- The only way is through Jesus – not some man.

      The youth of today, in the River do believe that they are a “someone” not forgetting that now they are told they are royalty & knighted with swords in some circles – all, it seems want to be known as a revivalist or ministry leader– it is very appealing…. but I fear it is appealing to the flesh

      Mkayla. you are right, many of my 1986 youth contemporaries are no longer walking with the Lord, they have fallen away, some disillusioned, when the prophecies & the promises of God have not come about … no one it seemed helped with their teenage/early adult struggles in how to be a Christian in the real world… helping them build a solid secure Godly life that they could build on for themselves… Instead they were fed a diet of youth camp rock band excitement – jumping from one wow moment to the next – prophecy that confirmed their dreams – & conforming to expectations of behaviour in the sanctuary… No one much committed to them as people – so in their 17- 25 year old brain they concluded that God didnt much care either…

      I see things today are much much worse

      Jesus said if you want to be great in the Kingdom of God – you have to be a servant of all…

    • Very well said M’Kayla. Let’s not be scared of Calvinists or anyone else for that matter, aye! I appreciate your balanced approach – it’s refreshing indeed!

  9. “a hunger for God and a thirst for the supernatural” that just sounds like “Yes, please buy our books.” or just – reason for them to be more popular. (not buying it)

  10. I couldn’t really get past the first paragraph, it was too weird.

    I read something Bob Jones said last fall – and I knew *immediately* it was off. IMMEDIATELY I knew he was deceived. (It didn’t come to pass. Just so you know. I was right. Bob Jones was wrong & I knew it immediately.)

    Does the enemy use him?

    When does God use him? (Bob Jones)

    Can you give me some examples? Otherwise, I just discredit everything. (once burned, I think, no trusties)


    The first paragraph – I think it’s just a bunch of stuff to get people mislead on.

    • I appreciate where you’re coming from jupiter24. As best I can, I stay well away from this type of stuff and I’m trusting God as He’s in control and can do amazing things through us that aren’t (thankfully) in the same league as these sad little guys. It’s always about God’s Glory, not ours. Take heart and be assured that our Lord will and does use us as we learn from Him through His Word 🙂


    The following article is written by Dr. Scott Flanagan, retired faculty member and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Political Science at Florida State University. He has authored numerous academic books. He and his wife Rita are both Ph.D.’s and reside in Tallahassee, FL.

    The Flanagan’s have attended many of our meetings and events over recent years and it has been our privilege to become acquainted with them and their incredible gift of understanding God’s heart and communicating it to His people. I was thoroughly blessed by an article he recently wrote concerning the importance of our present-day preparatory mode. I trust you will likewise find part two of this series instructive and encouraging…Paul Keith Davis

    The Role of Inner Healing in the Church Today
    By Dr. Scott Flanagan

    God – Both Paul Keith Davis and Bob Jones have been taken into visions where the Lord has shown them that God has designed the DNA of people differently for different dispensations of the church age. In particular he has reserved a special breed for the end-time generation. In Bob Jones’ vision he saw angles gathered around a conveyor belt on which something like seeds were passing by. As they passed the angels would call out “There’s one, there’s one.” and pick up certain seeds and place them in a huge pile that was reserved for the end-time.

    These were the seeds or souls of the end-time generation, a generation with a special DNA designed for a unique destiny. What has been sown into these souls is a hunger for God and a thirst for the supernatural. We are beginning to see this emerging in the raw faith of the youth as seen at the recent The Call gatherings, in Lou Engle’s 24/7 prayer internship program in Washington D.C., and at the growing number of IHOPs and other harp and bowl prayer and worship gatherings.

    A New Bred of Leaders – We are seeing the emergence of a new bred of young leaders in the body of Christ. I believe Todd Bentley was the first of these but he is being followed by many more that operate in radical signs and wonders ministries. To take one example, David and Stephanie Herzog have seen in their ministry healings, creative miracles (including such unusual phenomena as instant weight loss and hair growth), levitating, being transported to heaven, other countries and cities, seeing visions of angles, and experiencing the multiplication of food and money.

    Programmed for Faith in the Supernatural – Without faith nothing is possible. With faith all things are possible (Mk 9:23, 10:27). God has programmed the DNA of certain members of the younger generation to have radical faith for the supernatural. This new emerging generation is experiential. They will not be won over by words but by demonstrations of the glory of God.

    In 1992 Dutch Sheets had an open vision of stadiums filled with young people crying out to God in worship and intercession and when they left the stadiums they became balls of fire that went across the country starting revival fires. Then he heard the audible voice of God saying, “I am going to send another great awakening for the United States and the world.” In 2005 he had a dream in which an old man said, “John Wimber is coming today to cut the grass.” Instantly he understood this to mean that power evangelism is coming to bring in the harvest.

    Neville Johnson says that before we were born, we were given a destiny by God. When we hear something that touches on that destiny, it excites us. When we hear stories, testimonies and other things that touch our destiny, we can receive an impartation from that. That impartation will bring us closer to realizing God’s plan for our lives. I love prayer ministry, but my passion is this stuff – stories of God encounters, engaging the revelatory realms of heaven. These stories excite me. Up until now I have been standing on the outside looking in, but I keep pressing in and am expecting to enter into that bridal company of overcomers.

    The Three Baptisms and Three Kinds of Christians in the Last Days – In the years to come it will not just be nice or exciting to live in the supernatural. It will be necessary for our survival. According to Neville Johnson’s prophetic word, outer court Christians (those who have experienced only the first baptism – water baptism for repentance and salvation) will not survive the tribulation. Only those who have made it to in the inner court by receiving the second baptism (the baptism of the Holy Spirit) will survive. But those who have received the third baptism – the baptism of fire unto holiness – will do great exploits as Sons of the Kingdom.

    Stage Three Spirituality – Bob Jones calls it the Third Baptism, John G. Lake called it the union experience with God, and John Paul Jackson calls it Stage Three Spirituality. In the tabernacle of Moses, the Holy of Holies was also called the tabernacle of witness. That was because what happened there proved the existence of God (as when Aaron’s rod budded, and the Lord came down and met with Moses). Those that attain Stage Three Spirituality become the abode of God, a tabernacle of witness. They exude God. They radiate the presence of God and change the environment around them. They live in expectant faith and they do signs and wonders which prove that God exists and dwells in them.

    When all the thrones of our souls are fully yielded to the Lord, we will come into a union experience with Him (Davis, 2003). When we become a habitation of God, signs will follow – healings, prophecy, deliverance and miracles. That is when we will see the full fulfillment of Jesus’ promise in Acts 1:8, “You will receive power . . . and be my witnesses.” God longs to demonstrate His power through us to prove His existence to a lost and dying world. Only when the world sees the Word preached with signs following, only when the world sees the power of the God we serve, will they believe.

    From an Escapist Rapture Mentality to a Warfare Kingdom Mentality – For a number of years a good part of the church has had a rapture mentality. The belief has been that as we approach the last days, things are going to get worse and worse and there is nothing we can do about it. Our only hope for escaping the horrors of the tribulation is to be raptured out of here. Increasingly a new understanding is emerging that the kingdom of God must first come to the earth. Jesus is going to come to us before he comes for us. As it says in the Bible, heaven must retain him until the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21-22), until there is a people in whom the Lord is fully enthroned, a bridal company without spot or wrinkle (Eph. 5: 25-27).

    When all the tares in our soul are removed, we become like him, we become the tabernacle of God, a manifestation of the sons of God. The parable of the tares and the wheat indicates that there will be sons of the Kingdom (the good seed) on earth, before the Lord returns. He will come to a bridal company that does the very same things that he did and the greater works that he promised. We have the Lord’s “very great and precious promises” that “we may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption of this world” (2 Peter 1:4) and taste “the powers of the world to come” (Heb. 6:5) on this side of eternity.

    Discipling the First Wave Harvest – To return to our central point here, the second reason why training in inner healing is so needed in the church today is that the church needs to be equipped and ready to disciple the masses of youth that are about to come in during the first wave of the end-time harvest. They will be on fire for God but full of trauma and wounds and tares of the soul that have been sown into them by the gathering forces of darkness that are dominating the secular culture of our world.

    As Bob Jones says, it is the over 50s that are the Joshua generation that have been assigned the task of carrying this younger generation out of the dessert and over the Jordan and into the Promised Land. The youth will need spiritual mothers and fathers that are equipped to both disciple them in the faith and tend to their emotional wounds.

    3. TO WALK WITH GOD – A third reason why inner healing is for today is to make us ready to walk into the destiny God has prepared for us. Emotional woundings are built on lies and deception and tend to represent hardened parts of our heart that are inaccessible to God. Our emotional wounds tend to separate us from God. They represent the unsanctified parts of our hearts. The tares in our souls limit how close we can get to God and how much he can trust us with the powerful end-time anointings and mantles that are coming available. It is for this very reason that emotional healing is much higher on God’s end-time agenda than physical healing, although He is going to use both mightily.

    This is a time in Christian history when God is wooing His church as never before. There are times when the Lord extends His scepter and things that were not possible become possible. When God moves and revival comes, there is a grace there that is not present before or after. During the height of the Latter Rain Revival from roughly 1946-1956, there was an anointing for physical healing available and many pressed in and received that anointing and
    1 To clarify what this kingdom perspective means for the rapture, Neville Johnson says that the church will be here for a period of persecution and tribulation, but there will be a rapture in which the church is taken out before the wrath of God descends on the earth.

    astounding miracles took place. After 1956, they didn’t forget how to do it. Rather the anointing for it began to lift.

    We are entering a period when the veil between the natural and supernatural realms is becoming very thin. The door is being opened to come up here and pass back and forth between the spiritual and physical planes of existence. Portals are being opened. We are hearing a lot about portals these days. Gary Oates is in the process of writing a book on portals. Portals are open doors to heaven. Portals give us open access to an open heaven. Portals bring heaven to earth and are doors to the spirit realm.

    Some portals will be healing pools and anyone who comes into them will be healed. Other portals will be places of profound revelation. Some will be in churches, some will be in geographical areas, some will be connected with movements and leaders and will move with them and some will be hidden and only known by those who God calls to those places to be commissioned.

    The Enoch Mantle – There is an end-time anointing to walk with God. Some are calling it the Enoch mantle (Todd Bentley, Neville Johnson, Bob Jones, Jeff Jansen and others). God wants his church to walk with him like Enoch walked with him. We are going to have to learn to do that. Jesus told us, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man (Matt. 24:37). There were a lot of bad things occurring in Noah’s days, but remember Enoch was a contemporary of Noah.

    Enoch was alive for part of Adam’s life and must have heard many stories about how it was to walk with God in the Garden of Eden. Ultimately, Enoch learned many things in his own walk with the Lord and was continually going back and forth to heaven and being shown numerous future events which he recorded in The Book of Enoch before he was permanently translated into heaven. He was the 7th from Adam, the number of completeness. As we approach the 7th day in the calendar of God’s purposes, the spirit and mantles of Enoch are going to be seen in the church. The same anointing, the same experiences, the same walk with God that Enoch had are available to us.

    God is beginning to release the spirit of Enoch for those who have ears to hear, hearts to perceive and a desire for it. His mantle is becoming available. It is going to be released and split into hundreds of thousands of portions and become more powerful. Special grace is being released to enter into this relationship for those who are hungry and determined and have a walk with God. Some things are not available until the time comes. When the time comes, there is grace to receive it, and that grace is with us today. If we settle for less, that is what we will get. However, if we say I want to go there, all we need is an open heaven to equip us. Large numbers of people will experience going back and forth, in and out of heaven.

    Other Mantles – The Lord is about to release other mantles as well – the mantles of William Branham, Katherine Kuhlman, A. A. Allen and John G. Lake among others. During the five year period that John G. Lake’s Healing Rooms were operating in Spokane Washing, 100,000 healing were documented. In a 2005 dream, Dutch Sheets saw Lake’s wife passing out mementos (remembrances that serve as replicas of the mantle that Lake carried).

    This time not one person but many will walk in the anointing of John G. Lake. Recently Bob Jones was in a trance and saw himself in a temple waiting on the Lord when gemstones started falling. Interestingly little children would run and grab them but the adults just stood there. To receive these mantles you have to go after them. We must decide if we are going to participate in this last days outpouring or just observe from the sidelines.

    Graham/Roberts Prophecy – One final comment about receiving mantles relates to a prophecy Neville gave at the May 2007 White Dove conference regarding Billy Graham and Oral Roberts. I remember a number of years ago when Lester Summerall died, a great man of faith who had been Ron Parsley’s mentor. At that time Ron said that the Lord had told him that when two great men of faith died a major revival would come. Ron thought that one of the two was Lester Summerall. But I always though it was Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.

    Neville confirmed my belief by saying that the Lord had shown him that Billy Graham and Oral Roberts are about to die and when they do their mantles will be merged. Try to get a picture of what that means. The mantle of evangelism and the mantle of healing are going to be merged and split into thousands of pieces and released on the earth to those who press in. This speaks of power evangelism. We are going to see a major healing revival.

    TO SUM UP, greater than ever before we need inner healing in the church today:

    1) To avoid the mistakes of the past – Those who are going to be elevated into supernatural giftings will become targets of the enemy. Satan can only attack us in places that are not dedicated to the Lord. The tares of our soul need to be extracted and those wounded places healed so that when the power and anointings come we won’t fall into sin.
    2) To be equipped to provide inner healing, deliverance and discipleship for the first wave of the End Time harvest
    3) To walk with God and enter into His destiny for us. The unhealed places in our heart are barriers to greater intimacy with God. To take up the Enoch mantle, we need to overcome everything in us that is not of God.

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