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I came out of a Bethelized church in 2011…  This blog is for you if your church has got involved in Bethel & you have questions about it.. We had some questions- went to our leadership & were not treated well or given adequate biblically sound responses…  This starts the red flags waving & a need to find out more info from other people who have been there, done that & sadly got the T shirt.

If you have been in a Bethelized church for some time, its quite possible that the things on this blog will get you feeling quite offended —  you may feel like here we are sharing a lot of negative stuff  & just finding bad things to say about these methods & ministry…  can I just lovingly ask you to stay with it –  put your personal feelings aside  for a bit & root out – research the facts about the things shared here…  We are not trying to dismiss the work of the Holy Spirit,  far from it….  or make a case for cessationism  or “get at”  any individual person or leader involved…    What we are trying to do in this community, is present  a fuller picture of what’s really going on in this movement, get to the bottom the things that are being taught from the very top & will (in time) filter down to the wider church-impacting all of us;  the roots of some of it & how this all of it  lines up with scripture…   We feel it is very, very important everyone  should know about these things.

The Bethelized River style church  is most often caught up in the moment of WOW of the NOW –   very little explanation is being given about lots of things particularly to do with the supernatural/ spiritual realm  &  many have found that questioning things, (& certainly in my personal experience), is not-  just not encouraged – but positively DISCOURAGED

When we started to think about all that was coming from our Leadership – direct  from Bethel   we had no where to go with our questions-  there was no one  in the UK that we could  talk things through with – which is why this blog was developed.

we know there are many many questions-  as lots of people have been entering them through the search facility..  slowly, we are beginning to answer some specifics-   So please do search through the got questions page:

We can never have all the answers, & we are long way off being experts but together we are learning .  Please please post & ask questions as well as this is extremely helpful to others who have the same question in mind. There is an increasing amount of information on the blog – so I would recommend that you go slow, in  reading through, as for some – the sheer amount we have been sharing may be overwhelming – please do  read the word of God in conjunction with everything & take time to mull & ponder..

The blog is called rooftops & rafters because the roof of a house is essential in keeping out the elements, the rain & snow that would   expose the occupants – in the same way  the truth of God’s word keeps us safe from the elements of error & deception..It is our rooftop & our covering of truth.  The rafters, well they are the wooden apex part that the tiles are laid onto – a support structure, a framework…   so this is my heart behind this blog that we would explore truth together, & ensure we have a healthy framework  to lay that protective covering on…   There is no prophetic symbolism… just the odd way my brain works

I started this blog for you if you find yourself in similar circumstances Here in the UK.  Please  do contribute or get in touch personally,  it would be so lovely to hear from you –  Thank you to everyone who has got in touch  – appreciate your support & prayers & friendship



Ephesians 5 v 6-9

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.Therefore do not become partners with them; for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true), 10 and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. 11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.     ESV


10 thoughts on “About Rooftops & Rafters

    • not particularly. As this is not about ritual or formula… Throughout this thread people & myself have shared things we can do to help us get through in quick summary these are:

      Immerse yourself in the word of God

      Repent & turn away from all participation in groups /teachings etc where it’s obviously endorsed.

      Forigive yourself & others because this has largely happened due to ignorance..

      Be very careful who lays hands on you for ministry..

      Let yourself hear your own voice speak God’s truth from his word.. this is important because you are recalibrating your spirit to hear & accept. Truth as the final authority…

      Many on this thread have shared helpful comments. Please do take the time to scroll through..

      Much love. Z. Xx

  1. Hello, I began researching Bethel, IHOP, etc. last month following a conversation from a relative who was enthusiastically talking about a man named Jonathan Welton and his End-Time teachings. What I have discovered and continue to discover about the likes of Bethel, the NAR movement, Kundalini spirits has me greatly concerned, not just for our churches here in America, but for our loved ones who get sold on the false doctrine. What is even more discouraging is how it is rapidly spreading across the world overtaking churches such as that mentioned my Michael in Germany. I’m from Ohio and while there are plenty of mega churches preaching watered down messages, Bethel-style doctrine has yet to infiltrate most churches. Nevertheless I am equipping myself so the next time I speak to my relatives (or anyone else claiming this false doctrine), I will be ready to confront their lies with the Truth only found in God’s Word. As simplykathyh stated, this is a cancer and the only way to heal our churches is to put on the Armor of God and lovingly speak the Truth!

  2. Thank you for this article. There are many who warning people about this strange fire in the Bethel Church movement. So do I. It is shocking to see what is happening. I’m also filled with the Holy Spirit and use the gift of discernment to see and warn people in the circle of friends around me, and that is very hard cause they start to ignore me. But I don’t care. The truth has to be revealed.

  3. Hi Michael,

    So sorry to hear that!
    I’ll be praying for you and your Church and that God will open everyones eyes to this deception from Bethel.
    I’ll look into more info in German.
    Hopefully we’ll find something!
    God bless you!

  4. Thank you for your Job
    First, my english is not so good and deep.
    Redding and sozo has arrived our church and some of us see in it a great danger for our community.
    Jesus says:”I’m the way, the truth and the life, and nobody comes to the father, but only with mehr. “I hope it’s correct translate.
    There are a lot of ideas of it.
    Our leadership, except one of them, are
    so convinced by bethel church and their sozo. We love god and we love our church.
    My question is, if you have backroundinformations about bethel church and sozo in german.
    Thank you for reading this
    He’s got the whole world in his Hand…..
    Thank you, God

    • I wish I spoke German, but living as close to Redding CA as I do. Here in Oregon this sort of thing has grown like a cancer. I am so very sorry to the Lord that this even happened. And that it happened in America, I was hoping that the other countries in the world were not effected by this. But sadly they are, and have been. Over seven years I have been personally fighting this in churches around me, and it has gotten to the point I have started a home church so that we can avoid this sort of teachings. As we have been shunned from local churches because of our stand with this sort of thing.

      • Hi simplykathyh… be blessed as you stand strong… remember the early church started in homes – no stadiums full of people with – a constant drive for mega bucks just to keep the whole thing going.. & platforms of personal power for & from one or two big names..

  5. hey yes please shout the truth from the roof…. you may use my terminology… im not sure if I was the first to use it… but sounds good to me & succinctly describes all that I came out of too…

    please feel free to use anything on the blog you may feel fits in with your comments on the narrowing path… I’m hopeful you will find lots of things helpful – even though we tailor things here to talk about the UK .. it really does apply worldwide…

    may the Lord bless you too my friend — you are welcome to privately email me too – its important to stand together..

    xx Zazzy


  6. Hi Zazzy, may I appropriate your term ‘Bethelized’ church? 🙂 It is a most apt description for my last church, although I got out just was the ‘words of knowledge’ were beginning…just by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. Is the R & R reference what you are shouting the truth from?

    Feel free to raid my archives and links. Let me know if you find others. Happy to link yours once I have read a few articles. It is great to be in touch with brothers and sisters in Christ around the world…this is not an American problem! The Bethel stuff is the tip of the iceberg, as you already know. May the Lord bless you as you help to lead others away from false teachings to the beauty of His truth! Sherryn

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