thinking about this for a while & correlating some of the private information  – you guys are sharing with me through email –  we are able  now to build a greater picture of where the strongest “hubs” of bethelization are occurring. of course – this is impacting every charismatic church group  nationwide –  so  no church is free of risk   unless a)  the leadership are standing firm in the word of God  &  b)  the leadership are wise enough to see this movement for what it is – before allowing themselves to be sucked in. here are the hotspots:  (England)

  • KENT
  • Cumbria

in these areas particularly,   there are strong partnerships across local churches all promoting everything coming from Bethel, Revival Alliance & the 7 mountains mandate…  its more than likely that if you are attending a charismatic church  in one of these areas – that the leadership are “networking”  across the hub to create  “unity” – share ideas –  host events &. run training courses such as local BSSM ..   please do find out where you leadership is at –     &  if you find a hotspot that’s UK but not on the list  please do let us know..

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  1. As a member of a church in Yorkshire, I would agree with your analysis.
    The influence of Bethel is becoming very obvious. From seemingly nowhere, it is now very definitely on the scene. In my experience it came first with their worship music, then Jesus Culture and then Sozo. Who knows what’s next.

    • What’s next is a more formal merging with Roman Catholic church in the name of ” unity “. & a full on embracing of the new age/ occult ideas peddled by John Crowder. Including levitation, bi location & the ability to make oneself invisible etc. These ideas will go mainstream. 2-3 years… As the cry is always. “More”. Sadly coming to a “church” near you..

      • Hi Zazzy,

        I think more is to come, but personally do not see the connection between Bethel and the NAR movement and the Roman Catholic church. It’s not that I believe the purpose of NAR is to not grow or expand or take over other churches, it’s just that I don’t think they have their eyes set on the RC church. They are making inroads to the charismatic and evangelical churches in the UK (and around the world). They are still relatively small (by worldwide standards). Merging with the RC church is probably not on their agenda.

        I do think their teaching is becoming mainstream in many churches. And that they will continue to introduce more and more weird and extravagant things. I believe that this is how these type of false teachers continue to survive. Once their churches have had enough of one extravagant falsehood, the next one is introduced. The idea of Sozo (as an example) would have been unthinkable in many churches only a short time ago. Now it is almost the only form of ministry available to people. (This is for me the most grieving part of the whole Sozo thing – our hurting brothers and sisters need and want help, what they get in return is a bunch of lies, distortions and half-truths).

        If I had to guess, what comes next is Bethel becoming ‘acceptable’. They will be at churches and conferences in the UK over the next months, their teaching and worldview becoming more and more widespread. Personally, I’m praying God folds it all up and blows it away.


      • Hi Rich,, sadly in a church in a hotspot – where they are already sucked in… Bethel is already “acceptable” all they want is “more” of it all…

        please take a look at this video – it will blow your mind… Kenneth Copeland – BTW is pure word of faith- Bethelization/NAR has a very definite pillar in that camp.. they believe that ultimate health & wealth is theirs by divine royal right..

        you should know too that Bishop Tony Palmer died in an accident earlier this year…

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