3 thoughts on “Recovering from deception in Bethel Church

  1. Tony im so sad to hear that..

    it is of no surprise that you are being sidelined for merely raising your head above the parapet… but praise God – you are seeing this as falseness & beginning to get free…

    the very first thing you must do – im sure you are already, is to get thoroughly grounded in the Word of God… it is ultimate truth & our final authority. any points you make to your leadership must come from this place…

    I wrote an article on the blog called Leaving the Bethelized church & another about how to know you have been bethelized… these will hopefully be helpful to you.. i’ll bump them up so they appear under “recent comments” or alternatively, just pop in “bethelized” into the search bar

    standing with you in this difficult place…. Zazzy

  2. My Church has got deeper in to this deception I don’t know how to handle it.any discontent and you get sidelined?

    • Tony, run and don’t look back. If it means you are on your own for a season, then that is preferable. Think of John alone on Patmos, he was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day!

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