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Hi guys – feel I had to post my thoughts tonight   as its come to my attention that  Georgian Banov  will be in the UK  at the end of the month  (Oct 2014)

of course  the event(s) are being publicised now  so that many attend…    please please do your research  before going to any of his meetings… so far we know that:

  • Georgian & his wife Winnie-   minister together with John & Lilly crowder  in their mystical schools &  crowders church in Santa Cruz…..  Crowder –  remember believes in spiritual bi location –  levitation –  sucking from (lactating) from the breast of Jesus    & smoking up the Holy spirit….   google    banov & crowder   they are on you tube –   Georgian clearly states  the position of alignment between himself, Crowder & Bethel…
  • Georgian is a member of revival alliance –   along with BJ  & the Arnotts  of   “Toronto blessing”  fame
  • Georgian regularly imparts –  the supernatural to Bssm  students  at Bethel
  •    Georgian  preaches  “quite well”  he has the ability to take scripture –  teach it & make whatever he says incredibly plausible….  there are many truths of the  scriptures  he communicates very effectively,   however   deception works by  mixture-   sounding good & right but  having an undercurrent of false ness…

please do your own research –   share here what you find.

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  1. I think also that the fruit of the Sprit includes other things like – love, joy, peace, meekness, humility, longsuffering, patience and self control etc BUT the main thing that seperates us from the world is to ‘ love the Lord your God with all your heart mind strength and to love one another the same – i dont see that from any of the above. Also, who among you ‘learned people’ have actually been to Bethel or met with Gorgian Banoff etc to make such ‘judgements’ on men that love Jesus and speak about him continuously. I challenge you as JESUS did and remind you of your ‘basic’ assignment ‘GO preach the GOOD news, heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons’ and when you do all of that THEN go and slag off the guys that do it also.

    • I am so against slagging anyone off, please get your thinking straight on this.. the position of this blog is that if christian Leaders national & local who have impact on the church at large, who are shaping theology & attitudes that ordinary people are engaging with & beleiving as truth – don you think its appropriate that the things they are saying & doing are looked at in depth… I mean that what the apostle paul taught – that we examine things closely, if we dont do this we are making people in leadership unaccountable & putting them on pedestals & setting them up to be God like cult leaders – whilst leading the masses to the pit of hell… Yes im against personal judgement & will not stand for it on this site.. but this is not the same as unpacking a influential leader’s take on spiritual matters.. especially if Im sitting under that… I dont want deception… do you?

  2. Hello
    I agree with all the warnings I see some of it in our church and am concerned.
    Also we seem to be waited down with social justice orientated focus on the problem with this world as though God is not in control and that we need to sort out all these issues . Yes social justice is a real issue but the focus is getting side line and our prayers for the world seem to be more about making it a better place etc. Does that sound familiar?

    • Hi Ian, yes im afraid it is familiar… this movement actively teaches that we must have the kingdom NOW! which means whatever happens in heaven – also should be happening on the earth… so the slant of teaching is geared in to bringing this about through getting “activated” in signs & wonders- everybody healed – everybody prophesying – everybody manifesting “tangible” evidences of spirit power & everyone ministering all this to each other..

      strategically, the 7 mountains mandate is actively pursued & outworked to bring the above elements into all spheres of society & of course social justice is a part of that… now, I m not saying we should be anti social justice – quite the opposite – following Jesus is all about smashing oppression as he did – but on balance the gospel has to be our priority… any organised group of people can do social good works but we are the church. promotion of a crucified & risen saviour comes first…

      seems to me as well that none of these big names ever teach responsibly – how to deal with situations in life that produce longsuffering… how out of balance considering, this is a character trait that is or should be cultivated as fruit of the spirit…..

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