thinking about this for a while & correlating some of the private information  – you guys are sharing with me through email –  we are able  now to build a greater picture of where the strongest “hubs” of bethelization are occurring. of course – this is impacting every charismatic church group  nationwide –  so  no church is free of risk   unless a)  the leadership are standing firm in the word of God  &  b)  the leadership are wise enough to see this movement for what it is – before allowing themselves to be sucked in. here are the hotspots:  (England)

  • KENT
  • Cumbria

in these areas particularly,   there are strong partnerships across local churches all promoting everything coming from Bethel, Revival Alliance & the 7 mountains mandate…  its more than likely that if you are attending a charismatic church  in one of these areas – that the leadership are “networking”  across the hub to create  “unity” – share ideas –  host events &. run training courses such as local BSSM ..   please do find out where you leadership is at –     &  if you find a hotspot that’s UK but not on the list  please do let us know..


Georgian Banov

Hi guys – feel I had to post my thoughts tonight   as its come to my attention that  Georgian Banov  will be in the UK  at the end of the month  (Oct 2014)

of course  the event(s) are being publicised now  so that many attend…    please please do your research  before going to any of his meetings… so far we know that:

  • Georgian & his wife Winnie-   minister together with John & Lilly crowder  in their mystical schools &  crowders church in Santa Cruz…..  Crowder –  remember believes in spiritual bi location –  levitation –  sucking from (lactating) from the breast of Jesus    & smoking up the Holy spirit….   google    banov & crowder   they are on you tube –   Georgian clearly states  the position of alignment between himself, Crowder & Bethel…
  • Georgian is a member of revival alliance –   along with BJ  & the Arnotts  of   “Toronto blessing”  fame
  • Georgian regularly imparts –  the supernatural to Bssm  students  at Bethel
  •    Georgian  preaches  “quite well”  he has the ability to take scripture –  teach it & make whatever he says incredibly plausible….  there are many truths of the  scriptures  he communicates very effectively,   however   deception works by  mixture-   sounding good & right but  having an undercurrent of false ness…

please do your own research –   share here what you find.