5 thoughts on “What is Sozo and What Happens in a Sozo Prayer Session?

  1. Hmm, interesting information because – this article states that the other “co-creator” (correct me if I’m wrong) left Bethel “church” shortly after the Sozo “ministry” was created. Hmm, that’s interesting b/c I thought it was co-created, Therea Leibscure, and Dawna DeSilva. Irregardless, yes, I was one of those who got sucked in to the “ministry” I even watched the entire video series 3 xs. In addition to that — I did take the Sozo classes, at Bethel “church” (I was a part of Bethel “church” for two years….) which they used to offer one night a week, starting in the Fall (so their BSSM students could take them) for 12-13 weeks, or something like that.

    All that to say – if I had to “give” a SOZO to a hurting brother or sister in Christ…they purposely make it confusing, lol, lol, lol. I am one who got an “A” in Calculus (in high school) and “A” in organic chemistry (in college).

    Sure, they introduce concepts like “Father Ladder” (not found in scripture) and something called like “5 doors” or something…meaning 5 doors that Satan can creep in (this is so non scriptural, I’m sorry…) and have a stronghold (not scriptural…let’s be afraid on a demon in every activity) in a Christian’s life (again, more lies because there’s no such thing as “Christian deliverance”). Some of the 5 doors were like – sexual activity outside of marriage (they state that one could need a deliverance if this occurred), involvement in the occult, etc.

    • Teresa didn’t note who the co-creator was, but yes, whoever that person was they did leave shortly after the creation of Sozo.The Four Doors was launched by DeSilva but it was Sozo the Foundations in Kansas City that added the “fifth door” (murder).

      I’m sincerely glad to hear you made it out of Bethel!

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