The New Age Propensities of Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson

thank you John L for this very informative article… boy we need to pray like never before!

The Narrowing Path

Below my introduction is an article further revealing the false teachings of Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California in a new book that he has contributed to, “The Physics of Heaven”. This influential cult, part of the larger “New Apostolic Reformation” movement, spreads poisonous false doctrine like a disease throughout the world.

Bill Johnson is a regular speaker at conferences and ‘churches’ in Australia, including Hillsong Sydney and C3 (Christian City Churches). There are many other Anglican, Baptist and independent churches who have also embraced the false teachings of the ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ movement in which Johnson is an ‘apostle’. I, like many other brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, have seen firsthand the devastation that these  destructive heresies and deceiving spirits have on pastors and congregations.

The unbiblical and theosophical/new age foundations of Bill Johnson’s teachings have been previously addressed in the following…

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