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Lord, thank You for the visitors who come each day.  Many hostile to what has been shared here.  I pray that You would move them to prayerfully and carefully examine the evidence here, against the truth of Your Word.  I pray we all will do that in all things. Please touch their conscience regarding whether they are seeking You, or signs and wonders.  I pray that they will also consider whether they have been told of You in truth.   That they will read before defending this man, the things he says of you that are lies.  In Your Son’s name, that precious name above all names, may all the glory be Yours.

A move of God? Or a lie?

But what I do, I will also continue to do, that I may cut off the opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just…

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7 thoughts on “Bill Johnson, Jesus Culture and Bethel Church

  1. Helen, just so you know, (on my blog I do not write against Jesus as Lord (kyrios – God, the Messiah), only the unbiblical doctrine of adding things to the simple gospel, such as, you must “do” this or that in addition to believing.

    Jesus is my Lord, my Master, my Redeemer, He is God the Messiah come in the flesh. My Lord and my God. I write against the doctrine which takes the free gift of salvation and adds works to it of total surrender, submission, etc. to His gospel of grace. I hope that clarifies more. In Christ, Holly Garcia

  2. Good article. But I would not trust: 1.the “Redeeming Moments” blog it came from… Reading the sidebar on the Redeeming Moments link, he/she writes AGAINST the wonderful biblical truth of Lordship Salvation, (which is what the bible teaches) and claims Lordship Salvation is the enemy of grace and is salvation by works! This is a common misunderstanding among those who don’t understand how grace works in TRUE salvation, which means the redeemed sinner will WANT to submit to Christ’s Lordship; if they don’t care they were obviously not saved! 2.The author also writes against Predestination, one of the most glorious and beautiful concepts in the bible…….

    • Thanks Helen, I think it goes to show & I’m sure Holly would agree in fact, that the Only trustworthy source of truth is God’s Sovereign word…

      Our position here on R & R is to share relevant info re Bethel church & the River movement & how this deviates from scripture The redeeming moments blog, has presented a great article on this subject which is why we reblogged it… for the rest of the content of the blog Im sure you would be welcome to add your comments to discussions directly on Holly’s blog. We all want a greater understanding of truth – I would also like to clarify that we do NOT necessarily agree with all opinions on the blogs we link to & that I have also had a private email conversation with another regular poster to this blog citing some of the same concerns about “Redeeming Moments” so we are aware of the issues.. I would like to move forward in Grace & love from this point… feeling that this isn’t quite the place to open & continue this specific discussion on these very important points… thanks for making us aware though- appreciate that!

  3. Thank you for sharing, I sure did not know where to stop, there was so much error, I just felt it had to be well documented… I pray for those who don’t see the big picture yet, I have compassion for them, as obviously you do, that they might be pulled from the fire. God bless you…

    • Hi Holly, yes it does have to be well documented…it helps others join up the dots & make informed choices so thank you for your blog – I think we have to remember this thing is a movement always pushing on… next week there will be some other thing believed to be “new” … Its not that any of us want to pick it apart or tear individuals down its just that we have to measure & test things against the truth of God’s word… there has to be a place & space to do that – blogging is one way..

  4. Thank you for bringing it all together for us. Like you if we believe the truth of Gods word in these days we are condemned by those who refuse to see. I was encouraged today by Psalm 124. If it had not been the Lord who was on our side…………. Let us be those true watchman that stand without fear on the wall knowing that He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world and continue to declare the truth.

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