The Word of God has been “Marked Down!”

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I love mark-downs because they’re cheap! My mom loved bargains too. She would wait until Christmas Eve day, catch the bus, ride downtown and buy all of our gifts in one day at the fabulous marked-down prices.

The Word of God is far from cheap — it is the most valuable book ever written. The Psalmist wrote “For you have magnified your word above all your name!” Ps 138:2

Today there are “movements,” particularly within the Charismatic/Pentecostal realm, which are “marking down” the Word of God.  They are placing “man’s writings, experiences, prophecies, visions, angelic visitations and manifestations above God’s word.  Many believe they are “God-Chasers” when in reality they are often “itching ear” chasers.  There is grave danger in this pursuit.  As to the pastors/teachers/leaders that are directing believers into these movements . . . there’s is a more severe judgement. 

Paul underscored the value of God’s word in the New…

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