Happy 1st Birthday to the blog

Hello Everyone


as you may know, today is the first anniversary of Rooftops & Rafters..   what an amazing year..!

I want to take this opportunity  to thank you all for your wonderful support, encouragement & prayers.. & friendship.   We have seen many explore the truth of the word of God, many  develop a deeper understanding about why the NAR movement is off track &  we have given each other support through leaving difficult situations..  its been marvellous to see how the Lord can use this technology to reach so, so many

Fantastically  2 people have given their lives to Christ through the work of the blog in the past year.   We continue to rejoice that both Victoria & Luke  are daily walking out their life with Jesus..  keep running strong guys!    & we pray there will be more, many more in 2014..

There have been over 32,000 hits on the blog this year – Im astounded at that figure –    most people, of course never post & are never known to any of us &  so to these beautiful lurkers,  I pray peace will be with you as you grapple with these issues anonymously – we love & support you …

many have got in touch, some have posted their stories & experiences – some have not (yet) & that’s OK –  still the email inbox, flutters with cries of people  seeking help in knowing what to do either for themselves or for a loved one caught up in all of this false teaching & error. When I started the blog I had no idea at the level of depth & the extent of how much Bethel has impacted & now entrenched (they may say “flooded”)   the local church in the UK..   sadly, I only see this getting worse.

So we continue to stand together, for the truth.    & to promote our Risen glorious saviour Jesus…   him be all the glory & honour-  Amen!


with much, much Love,










5 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday to the blog

  1. Hi Zazzy,
    Hmm, so much to say. Your blog was hugely INSTRUMENTAL in helping me – if you recall – I had *just left* Bethel Redding (a.k.a. the mothership, in Redding, Ca) which I had been a part of – for two years (I actually relocated to join the “church” I do no longer consider it a church, actually..I don’t know if it’s okay to do this but I consider it a “false prophets compound” – esp. because I still lived in Redding, and everyone in the town, of course, knows of the organization) Anyway, so much to say…thank you so much for communicating with me.

    A friend asked me, “When did you first notice a problem?” re: Bethel church. which really made me think. Because it was from the first Sunday I attended there – but I still wanted to “make it work” because I had relocated for the church (seducing spirit 1 Tim …so I just kept attending. for two years… (I’ll pause here for dramatic emphasis so you have time to do a facepalm…)

    Two years of my life – wasted on that nonsense – yee gats!! I’ve learned many, many things on how cults operate (sad to say) and I have many, many stories (because I attended for two years), they play dirty. (am I allowed to write that?) I mean, the things that they say…it’s not really the way that it is (I know that’s vague) They actually will ridicule people publicly when they’re a part of the group…(like, in front of the others) to keep others in line – I’m sure it’s some kind of cult tactic. It happened to me when I questioned the fact that a Bethel church “leader” (I don’t know if she is technically a leader, she is employed by the church) lied to me, then later the truth came out (but unfortunately, that lie really affected me and the damage was done…) Trying to explain to these people that it’s wrong to lie was like trying to explain heaven to bears…they seemed not to get it. Sadly, I’ve learned that they teach many concepts in their “ministry school” that they do not actually practice – in my case – I’ve heard in their school (from students) they teach re: “cleaning up your mess” if a leader makes a mistake, etc. Well, here, in my situation, they did not make amends. God used it for the best because I got the heck out of there.

    I was listening to a talk just last night on cults. It was three hours long so I didn’t even listen to most of it, but one particular quote I wrote down (and he was referring to political cults, etc.) He said, re: cults

    and this is harsh, fyi, “These bloodsuckers are out there, ready to take your idealism or your need for truth and turn it into something that will completely destroy you.”

    (I know that is harsh, and I don’t believe that is a Christian man who is studying these cults. but think on these things re: the young people involved in the Jesus Culture Movement. )

    I sound so bitter this morning, I’m really not! I’m just glad I got out, and what I discovered is so much better. Now my faith is real – I was deceived and I got “sucked in” to Bethel Church/Jesus Culture. But I am just so grateful that I don’t have to deal with them anymore. I try to help others – I’ve referred many to your website, Zazzy. While living in Redding almost everyone has a (negative) story about Bethel church – everyone you talk to . they say (from the pulpit) “we have a very positive relationship with the churches in the area” not true. (except for the ones they are connected to – which is growing more, due to their tremendous monetary success – they buy some favor (unfortunately) with area churches. money talks!) I don’t think – if they didn’t donate money to the city of Redding – they would still be allowed to operate for the number of problems their students cause (just my opinion)

    I really have been a part of the third wave movement since 2001 (Vineyard) and my whole world would have been shattered if I learned suddenly they were all false prophets…I have lost many “friends” sad to say, but what I gained is much better. much better. there are a lot of young people that go there – making it kind of the place to be (unfortunately) and I was sucked into that movement. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – THE MUSIC ADDS A LEGITIMACY TO THE MOVEMENT. Bill Johnson would be (? ) as popular without the backing of his million dollar band “Jesus Culture” Ohhh, my heart goes out to the young people…who “buy into” this movement..

    (I know it makes no sense to attend there for two years..but I really “bought it”. they have excellent marketing. and unfortunately I am a very intelligent woman, but naive and trusting….(“book smart” vs. “street smart”) and I tried to work with the leaders, etc. here is some sarcasm, I would refer to it as the Culture of Honor Utopia [sarc]. (Jesus told us by their fruit we would know them). I honestly had many good intentions, I think. (for attending there) but now I realize that’s all Gnosticism – they had “special knowledge” that if I learned it – I could help people) but they also appealed to my pride, obviously, with their false prophetic words of amazing things I will do, someday.

    On a side note: I would like to say, there are a few things I wrote on your blog that I no longer agree with – and would like to go back and modify them. The two things of note are: I no longer approve of the Healing Rooms. Initially, I thought, they are not that bad (I was still deceived a bit) after all, didn’t Jesus pray for the sick? However, after further research, I would consider them shamanism – the same as going to the healing medicine man out in the bush-bush – with all of their occult experience. Yes, you may have an “encounter” (They are BIG on having “encounters” at Bethel “church”) Now I see it matters*with what* – I was always assuming (when I was deceived) that it was the Holy Spirit – a pastor I spoke to in Redding said, “the problem with westerners is that every time we seem something supernatural we assume it’s from God. Not so.”

    Being from India – he would say – they were trained not to think that way. When they walk down the street and they see the sorcerer (like Simon the magician, Act 16!) doing something supernatural at the side of the street – they know it’s not from God but we’re duped. (I was) I saw many supernatural things at Bethel church – at the time – I attributed to God but I no longer do – I was duped. I mean, if you want to see supernatural things…just because it’s supernatural doesn’t mean it’s from God.

    ALSO, I think I came out in defense of Vineyard Movement – which I was a part of 2001 – 2005 (ish). Vineyard is essentially the same thing as NAR – with their emphasis on the prophetic, signs and wonders, etc. etc. Again, I believe the music adds a legitimacy to the movement – if you recall, Vineyard music was HUGE among young Christians about 10 years ago. Somehow making the movement less questionable and “okay”. (in my mind it did, at least)

    Lots of Love, Zazzy!! (and feel free to edit and/or ask question re: my testimony – I wrote this quite quickly and off the cuff this a.m.)

    OH, last thing: when you leave the “movement” you will have many “et tu, brute?” moments. example, just a few days ago (and I left a year ago) a former “pastor” (from the vineyard movement…) …blah, blah, blah…you can guess…(I won’t go into the details as it was recent) It goes without saying, you’ll find out who your friends are….but these people who are lost in apostasy will really ridicule you FOR WARNING OTHERS (hey, the Bible says to expose the deeds of darkness…) esp. if one was a part of these third wave movements for years…) This was a guy I knew for 10+ years. And they can be very manipulative so be prepared (to just “block” people from Facebook or whatever is necessary). you’ll know them by their fruit…I just pray that God will open his eyes and he will come out of the apostasy he’s a part of.

    I thank God for his mercy of leading me out.


    • Hi jupeter, yes Im very glad that the blog has helped on your journey out… your experiences are valuable in helping others see… so Im thankful you posted & for your support this past year… As to amendments of points of view… revisit those threads & post what you now know lines up with scripture..

      we need 100% truth & the word is the only place to get it..

      lots of love Z

  2. So glad you’re on the net for hurt people and so glad you and I have met up. You’re a blessing. Happy Birthday Rooftops & Rafters, you help us stay out of the basement!!!!

  3. Pray the 2nd year is fruitful. As at this time the enemy is coming in like a flood and there are not many Bereans about it would seem. The one real joy we can take is that Our God reigns. Even when the god channel so called is bringing it falseness into Plymouth.

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