Give us Love – Not Doctrine!

yes striking isn’t it ? coupled with the accusation of being “too religious” – a complete package of apostasy is birthed..

Truth in Grace

This is the mantra that is being proclaimed loud and long across this nation. Love and unity at the expense of doctrine has watered down the message so as to try and make it palatable to the goats, and it no longer feeds sheep. Yes, we must share the truth in love, but we dare not state that the only truth is love minus doctrine. Sound biblical doctrine will always produce godly results in that the church will be edified, believers will learn what it truly means to love one another and the world, and most importantly, Jesus Christ will be exalted and glorified – not man!

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2 thoughts on “Give us Love – Not Doctrine!

  1. I have just discovered your excellent blog. Well done! I am not ex-Bethelized church, but sadly can see their influence in a local youth church where I live in West Cumbria, very sad.

    I’d already seen this article ^ (& reposted on facebook!) It said what I’d been trying to express for years!

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