Merry Christmas

Hello everyone,


just want to wish us all a very happy Christmas…


thank you all for your wonderful support for the blog in 2013 –   I pray that each one of us would know Jesus more as we celebrate him & know that he truly is the reason for the season…


I’m taking a break from the blog until the new year –  so will look forward to catching up with your stories & posts in 2014…


lots & lots of love to you



Give us Love – Not Doctrine!

yes striking isn’t it ? coupled with the accusation of being “too religious” – a complete package of apostasy is birthed..

Truth in Grace

This is the mantra that is being proclaimed loud and long across this nation. Love and unity at the expense of doctrine has watered down the message so as to try and make it palatable to the goats, and it no longer feeds sheep. Yes, we must share the truth in love, but we dare not state that the only truth is love minus doctrine. Sound biblical doctrine will always produce godly results in that the church will be edified, believers will learn what it truly means to love one another and the world, and most importantly, Jesus Christ will be exalted and glorified – not man!

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world council of churches: coming together
Submitted on 2013/12/05 at 2:55 pm

Religious leaders highlight significance of water at WCC assembly — World Council of Churches
04 November 2013 A symbolic act of pouring water into one common vessel, carried out by religious leaders representing Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist faiths, marked the significance of water in various religious traditions. This action took place at the World Council of Churches (WCC) 10th Assembly, currently underway in Busan, Republic of Korea.

World Council of Churches;


NCCS (National Council of Churches of Singapore)
Methodist Church in Singapore

Anglican Diocese of Singapore
Assemblies of God of Singapore
Church of Singapore
Evangelical Free Church
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Lutheran Church in Singapore
Mar Thoma Syrian Church
Methodist Church in Singapore
Presbyterian Church in Singapore
Salvation Army
St Thomas Orthodox Syrian Church
and many other independent churches (such as New Creation Church, City Harvest Church, etc.) and Christian organisations

Protestant Church in Sabah
Armenian Apostolic Church (Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin)
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark
Church of Norway
Church of Sweden

In response to the article I wrote the following and send it to, among others, The National Council of Churches in Singapore (NCCS) pertaining to its affiliation with the World Council of Churches (WCC). The issue may be just as relevant to your sphere of influence concerning the gravity of the matter: how repulsive and blasphemous is it to have our Living Water amalgamate with others in one vessel? That’s ecumenism gone pagan! Each and every member of the beloved flock of God in the so-called care of the NCCS is in that cauldron of ecumenical crass. All of these have looked to NCCS for accountability and credibility and yet its foolhardiness! Until NCCS revoke their affiliated stance clearly, they are ever guilty by omission and commission from anyone across the globe who reads the article. If it breaks my heart to see this vile injustice, what more of God?

‘It is appalling to witness all the writings and warnings about heresy real-time! With a famine of the Word via an absence of expository preaching and teaching these days (etc.), bible illiteracy has numbed the Lord’s sheep to core truths if only to cajole them into every wind of false doctrine peddled by the New Apostolic Reformation, the Word of Faith Movement, etc. Kindly be discerning of these unbiblical teachings and cryptic practices that many have unwittingly embraced as truth whilst Judeo-Christian buzzwords like sin, repentance, fear of the LORD, Judgment Seat of Christ, Great White Throne, are all but rare if not absent from the pulpit ministry let alone the vernacular of today’s postmodern believer. Leaders of the church of yesteryear and today need give a greater account for this before the Judgment Seat of Christ if not the Great White Throne should they have all been but hireling shepherds. Therefore, know your affiliates and your unwitting predicament amidst their ilk. For present here among the ecumenical body of nations is the National Council of Churches of Singapore. We, like sheep that have gone astray, shall one day bear account as to why we gravitated toward a one world religion and a one world government that is altogether Antichrist! I can put up signs to warn you but no further than the fiery Pit. There will be blood and some will burn! Church experience has gone from holy to harrowing to harassment! Ichabod–the glory has departed!’ ~ L.S. James