the Church is NOT a business

I remember – around 1991  a church across  town became a Ltd  company…   at the time I had never heard of this before & I was shocked…

so so common now – to have churches operate in this way..  I have heard all manner of teachings as justification for this  including the whole thing about being good stewards of money & nothing wrong with turning a profit, being enterprising & the like..


But, the issue is that once a church goes down this road, the business side becomes an all pervasive factor – money becomes a huge factor if not the main concern.  the making of money  supports the buildings, the fabric, the staff, the fancy equipment  on & on  & like all good  businesses the “product”  of the church brand  through the teachings in book & DVD form of its senior leaders & production of its music through professional recordings  –  sold around the world… becomes its focus – message & identity…  Once on this bandwagon – money in increasing amounts is needed to keep the whole thing going..     this is pure business head mentality..  & everything spins on it, “success” is measured by it  & a leader’s ego can be boosted by it..   the “management” of this business is in every way  just as professional & sometimes as ruthless as anything found anywhere else… like the business prowess of the church – gives credibility, & enough clout to be taken seriously by other powerful organisations…  in short –  its a “power”  hub in every conceivable way…


so if we have the potent mix of church as a business, no Gospel being actively preached – people with practical need being considered “secondary”  &  people being manipulated  into tithing/giving alongside teachings about people being “kings & Queens” – Royalty in the Kingdom with a strange sense of entitlement…                   how does this square up with the example of the early church  or indeed the current experience of the church in other parts of the world who have zero resources.. ?    what have we become?


see the true church should be able to completely exist with no reliance on finances –  the early church demonstrated a  sharing of all things in common & giving complete support to the widows & orphans ( the ones in dire need in society)   whilst preaching the Gospel thoroughly..    this was their remit….   what’s ours?



One thought on “the Church is NOT a business

  1. The warped attitude to what the church actually is has come about because what we’re seeing today isn’t true Christianity at all. It’s the result of 30-40 years of gradual infiltration by mystics who have another agenda, worldview and, most importantly, another extra-biblical view of who Jesus Christ is. If beliefs change, which they have, then we can expect everything to change, which includes the purpose for the church. Should we be surprised that the majority of sincere true believers have left the churches?

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