Escape the Lie, An Interview

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Looky what just “escaped” from the internet:

Escape From Bethel


The website containing my interview is no longer in operation. Just “poof” and it is no longer there, along with the contact e-mail. Not sure if it will be available. Just will wait and see. Sorry all.

Here is the audio of an interview I did this morning exposing the trap and darkness of “Bethel”.

Pass it on.

A former “Seer Prophet” tells her story and helps to expose the false teachings of Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, John Paul Jackson and others. The Healing Rooms and Word of Faith ministries

It has been brought to my attention that his other site supports AA and 12 Stepping, Celebrate Recovery. I understand these practices to not be of God and I am not condoning or supporting them in any way. I believe Christ is enough. You will find links of…

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  1. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour at age 4. I was brought up in Christian/Baptist schools through 8th grade and attended Lutheran church. Basically, I was in church & in the Word 6 days a week from birth to about 12 years old. I had family issues that I, as a young child, was unable to navigate and rebelled. I became promiscuous, I took drugs (daily), got into drinking, pornography and intraveineous drug use and spent time in juvenile detention and a group home. I ran away and lived a totally carnal life until friends around me started dieing… I asked God a question or two, He was right there. He never left me or forsook me! At 18 I started reaching out for Him. He lead me to His Word first, then to His Body (church), then into fellowship with godly women and counselors. As I was reaching out and receiving godly counsel He guided me to Al-Anon, a 12 step for family and friends of alcoholics. I had stopped using all drugs & alcohol but still had all the stuff in me that lead me to use them in the first place. The error I saw while attending meetings (5 days a week for several months in the begining) was people worshipping the program. I already had Jesus as my King, so I knew there is no other ‘higher power’. Jesus Christ is it! He already was. Yet, the program was a counseling forum for me that dove-tailed with my faith. And a rich field, ripe for harvest as well. So many people already practicing humility, submission, confession, personal responsibility… they just had yet to meet Jesus Christ and make HIM their ‘higher power’! Several I knew started attending church and were saved.

    The 12-step program is NOT NOT NOT a replacement for the WORD and a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. It is a ‘how-to’ for some of us who have cried out to God for instruction. It was for me anyway. I am fully convinced that the 12 steps of AA were Holy Spirit inspired and are simply a help, like counseling. The bible says our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, lets say I had an over-eating problem, I would first be talking with God about it, looking in His Word, and, if He so led me, I would then seek earthly help also; trusting that He would help me and protect me as I stay in communion with Him and in His Word. This is how to view 12 step programs. And not everybody needs them! I praise God when I hear about someone being set free from addiction or ‘stinking thinking’ as it is sometimes called in al-anon in one fell swoop!!!! God is not confined to man’s methodologies!!! Thank God!

    I still access some of the helpful things I received over my 9+ years in the program.

    Such as:

    I can’t, God can, so let Him (steps 1,2 & 3)
    Let go and let God
    You’re only as sick as your secrets
    Take personal inventories, and, when wrong, promptly admit it
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference

    The meeting rooms were full of people desperate to stop the hurt in their lives. We learned to take our desire to control our circumstances and start practicing self-control instead. I saw a lot of people come to Jesus as a result. We even said the Lord’s Prayer at the end of a lot of meetings. I did not read anything in the program’s literature in 9 years that contradicted the Bible. It’s people that screw it up… If we weren’t screwed up in the first place we wouldn’t be there…

    I think to call all 12-step programs an “other gospel” is an error. We humans were made to worship… something…. we need to make sure it is God. Not programs, churches, worship teams, pastors, methodologies, signs and wonders, money, power, entertainment… The 1st Commandment. If we ask God, with a willing heart, He will reveal to us what idols we may have put before Him and if we confess, He is faithful and just to forgive us and clean that out of us! Praise His Name! He grants us His gracious gift of repentance and makes a way for us. He pulls us out of pits and cleans us off & lets us try again… one day at a time… every day we live. 🙂

  2. I found this youtube clip on Escaping bethel. I went to look for it on the link escape the lie but I could not find it, Thanks for the info. because I was confused. I to use to be apart of this movement and felt like the enemy was trying to breed me for this apostasy. But God had other plans and after I had a mental breakdown (due to these demonic practices) The Lord Jesus got me out of it and got me to really study the scriptures and really examine all the dreams and vision I gotten while in this movement. I had to repent of my involvement in this ministry. Sadly I have family still involved in it and my mother is translating all the sozo curriculum into Spanish for the Spanish churches. My city offers the school of supernatural an extension from bethel in Redding here locally at a vineyard church. My mom attends these and she will tell me what she is learning and my husband and I just bring up the word every time. But my mom is so deceived it breaks our hearts. I have friends that don’t talk to me anymore because I expose this stuff. Whether it’s Bethel, NAR. Joel’s Army, Emergence, it’s all wrapped under the umbrella of New Age. All supernatural experiences seem to place more importance over the Bible. Many Christians stop reading the word and just go by these experiences or sensations they are feeling rather then testing it in God’s word. This movement is over taking the churches in my city to the point where I had to go outside my own city to attend a healthy church. There is so much focus on the supernatural, sozo, prophetic, treasure hunt etc here in my city and now John Crowder will be opening a school of mytics about 45 mins from where I live which I find interesting because the city where he is building this school is also known for satanic worship in the mountains and witchcraft. I pray that people’s eyes be open in the church and that the deception will be exposed. I am so thankful for those who are bold enough to tell their stories because people to read them and people want to know the truth. God bless, Martha

  3. I suppose it is my fault that I didn’t bother checking who and what Monty was about in the beginning. After approaching Monty regarding his dangerous involvment with AA and 12 Stepping, he removed his website, Escape the Lie and my interview along with it. He told me that I could not use the interview because it was copyrighted. I was a bit upset over this considering the interview was the result of my work and research and because I share all I have with whoever wants it.

    John, at My Word Like Fire has been most helpful. I highly recommend his work! As it turns out someone took the audio and put some video to it. The interview is still out the on the internet because someone had the presence of mind and capability to make this happen. One blogger made the video, the other, linked above said it just popped up on youtube as a “recommended watch”. We don’t think this is at all coincidence. I am thrilled to see the devils plan stomped on and the fact that as long as God wills, the interview will exist.

    Hugs and blessings to you all my friends.
    In Christ,

    • M’Kayla, there is no condemnation for those of us in Christ Jesus.. & it is definitely not your fault or your responsibility to “police” what a radio host gets up to.. you acted in good faith & got the info out there into an audience that may not have had any other way of accessing it… Our God is sovereign & he will have his way … you did good girl..

      & for those of us who have lost the link if the site has been shut down: catch up with it here..

  4. Well, lots of anger towards me. He is blind to AA being anti-biblical, and I am cast as the bad guy. Be that as it may, we are going to see a lot of this sort of thing, as the enemy attempts to infiltrate discernment ministries.

    He is a good guy. But that is not the point.

  5. H Zazzy, John, and all.
    John and I spoke on the phone and prayed together last week. I intend on putting up a disclaimer and contacting Monty personally regarding AA. This is a painful situation and yet I see it as an opportunity to speak truth into this man’s life even tho I know John has done so in the past. If he is a true believer, the Lord will speak to him.

    Thanks everyone and may you each know the wisdom and peace of the Lord.

    • thank you Mkayla – for clarifying your position….

      encouraged by this demonstration of Godliness in how you guys have handled this.

      bless you dear friends


  6. Hi Zazzy,
    Thank you. I did of course go to M’Kayla first with this information. Anyone could have ended up being interviewedt–it is the grace of God that I happened to know about this gentleman’s other site.

  7. Zazzy,
    I appreciate M’Kayla very much, and I don’t think she would have agreed to be interviewed on Escape The Lie if she had known what is on the gentleman’s other site, which is basically a forum for AA and the twelve steps etc. AA is an all-gods religion, and has in fact been ruled as religious by the U.S Supreme Court.

    If I can put it bluntly, he has no right even to promote Escape The Lie, as he is giving a forum to many anti-biblical concepts on his recovery site. On the archives for Step by Step Towards Emotional Sobriety his co-host, Dr. Berger, introduces Martin Buber, I to Thou Relationship.

    But Buber advocated the silence of meditation. According to one website:

    Silence, for Buber, plays a crucial part in dialogue. Indeed, it could be argued that ‘attentive silence’ is the basis of dialogue (Avnon 1998: 42-3). This is an idea that may seem strange at first sight, but is fundamental to the experience of groups such as the Quakers.

    In silence which is active, the Inner Light begins to glow – a tiny spark. For the flame to be kindled and to grow, subtle argument and the clamour of our emotions must be stilled. It is by an attention full of love that we enable the Inner Light to blaze and illuminate our dwelling and to make of our whole being a source from which this Light may shine out…. Speech has no meaning unless there are attentive minds and silent hearts. Silence is the welcoming acceptance of the other. The word born of silence must be received in silence. (Lacourt 1970: 9, 26)

    Another guest was John Amodeo, author of Dancing with Fire: A Mindful Way to Loving Relationships…Well, the book plugs Buddhist meditation etc. Here is a Youtube video where he plugs his book. Please notice the labyrinth, the people meditating, etc.

    I could go on about how the anti-biblical Big Book is studied and promoted, but you get my point. Each person that goes to this site may be exposed to….probably a whole lot more.

    I feel for all the unsaved AA people who rely on this station for support. They don’t; know any better.

    In Him,

      • HI John,

        thank you so much for your diligence in noting this connection… this is helpful to the overall picture of errors seeping into the church- what you are describing here is contemplative spirituality & I know for sure that M’kayla would not want to endorse that.. I know her to be prayerful & rooted in the scriptures… however, I believe you are right to point out the dangers of visiting one site to research truth & being exposed to some error & hypocrisy – which may lead some astray… so the caveat that we would always state ( both M’kayla & I & numerous other bloggers) is to weigh everything against the Word of God – no matter the source – test things against that yardstick always always always…no one of us is beyond error, deception & mistakes in our personal understandings & comments (blogged or otherwise) there is nothing more truthful than God’s written word…

        Nevertheless, I do feel that exposing the lies of the river movement (which is M’kaylas heart & intention) to a wider audience is absolutely necessary.. As a segment on its on I feel that this interview accomplishes that, through the development of discussion, quite succinctly. Please do contact M’kayla personally – Im sure she would welcome these comments on her own blog & I feel not at liberty to discuss her motives or choices or the outcomes in choosing this form of media..

        please do keep in touch & be very blessed Z

        additional research
        for those of us interested in researching contemplative spirituality I recommend: http.//

        its quite interesting to see how this movement is converging with the “river” movement…

  8. Hello Zazzy
    Was helpful to listen to the testimony of a “seer” who has escaped from the web of deception ( praise God ) and the bold statements of truth by the ptresenter of ” Escape the Lie Radio ” in the USA
    Let us pray that others like this will join with Rooftops and Rafters to also stand for the truth in the UK

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