the Church is NOT a business

I remember – around 1991  a church across  town became a Ltd  company…   at the time I had never heard of this before & I was shocked…

so so common now – to have churches operate in this way..  I have heard all manner of teachings as justification for this  including the whole thing about being good stewards of money & nothing wrong with turning a profit, being enterprising & the like..


But, the issue is that once a church goes down this road, the business side becomes an all pervasive factor – money becomes a huge factor if not the main concern.  the making of money  supports the buildings, the fabric, the staff, the fancy equipment  on & on  & like all good  businesses the “product”  of the church brand  through the teachings in book & DVD form of its senior leaders & production of its music through professional recordings  –  sold around the world… becomes its focus – message & identity…  Once on this bandwagon – money in increasing amounts is needed to keep the whole thing going..     this is pure business head mentality..  & everything spins on it, “success” is measured by it  & a leader’s ego can be boosted by it..   the “management” of this business is in every way  just as professional & sometimes as ruthless as anything found anywhere else… like the business prowess of the church – gives credibility, & enough clout to be taken seriously by other powerful organisations…  in short –  its a “power”  hub in every conceivable way…


so if we have the potent mix of church as a business, no Gospel being actively preached – people with practical need being considered “secondary”  &  people being manipulated  into tithing/giving alongside teachings about people being “kings & Queens” – Royalty in the Kingdom with a strange sense of entitlement…                   how does this square up with the example of the early church  or indeed the current experience of the church in other parts of the world who have zero resources.. ?    what have we become?


see the true church should be able to completely exist with no reliance on finances –  the early church demonstrated a  sharing of all things in common & giving complete support to the widows & orphans ( the ones in dire need in society)   whilst preaching the Gospel thoroughly..    this was their remit….   what’s ours?



Escape the Lie, An Interview

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Looky what just “escaped” from the internet:

Escape From Bethel


The website containing my interview is no longer in operation. Just “poof” and it is no longer there, along with the contact e-mail. Not sure if it will be available. Just will wait and see. Sorry all.

Here is the audio of an interview I did this morning exposing the trap and darkness of “Bethel”.

Pass it on.

A former “Seer Prophet” tells her story and helps to expose the false teachings of Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, John Paul Jackson and others. The Healing Rooms and Word of Faith ministries

It has been brought to my attention that his other site supports AA and 12 Stepping, Celebrate Recovery. I understand these practices to not be of God and I am not condoning or supporting them in any way. I believe Christ is enough. You will find links of…

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the offense of the offended

    Jesus  Said

 “You have heard that it was said, An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I tell you, don’t resist an evildoer. On the contrary, if anyone slaps you on your right cheek turn the other one to him also. As for the one who wants to sue you & take away your shirt, let him have your coat as well”    matthew 5 v 38-40

      The way this river rolls, I  observe there is much much teaching  on the culture of honour & dealing with speaking to & for others in extremely positive manner..  All of this is great.  no one want nastiness.
      sadly though, this is leading to a fear of being truly honest sometimes . All tied up with positive confession –  which I discussed on an earlier post…  The balance is of course if only positive “things”  are to be said, to be shared how then does anyone hold anyone else to account – speaking truth in love..  Does not sin fall through the gap sometimes?   Yes I believe that it does..
      the other thing that is tending to occur is that people – now dont know how to take  that Godly “pulling  up”  –  being so accustomed to having “only the positives”  spoken over them… they simply have no idea, truthfully of how to react  – except maybe to dismiss what is being said to them on the basis of its perceived negativity, which might actually be the truth delivered timely, appropriately & with love…
      additionally, Im noticing that many individuals have a hard time sharing at any level those things they may be struggling with..   see in the 24-7 glory Zone where miracles occur all of the time, where positive confession abounds  – the teaching implies that we can just speak over & talk ourselves out of that which we struggle with..  & in young people – this often surounds the issues to do with, identity, self esteem, lusts of the flesh (pornography/ addictions/over eating/over spending)  & self control…  It seems in this environment, if such a one speaks out  his/her struggle with sin –   he/she speaks “declares” these things over himself…  therefore, it is likely,  that they wont do this , these things get repressed, pushed down & a pretense ensues…    This is super dangerous my friends, this belief that we should just speak into it & it should be overcome.  first off –   this whole way of thinking – leads people straight into a sozo inner healing experience – the very second a crack shows… {becasue  of a “they shouldnt be struggling with this” – mentality}   (we have documented about  sozo in this blog)   & second it allows sin to hide in plain site..   either way, a person remains in bondage to these struggles – when there is no proper Godly counsel..
      Todd Bentley, even admits to this, in the interview he did with God TV..  that there is no where to go if one is in leadership & struggling with issues – he is right…   & this is frightening because  here we have the very case study, in this mans life that prooves it…  if he had been able to be dealt with properly, Godly  in full honesty & assurance  that he was not doing wrong for speaking out about his troubles at the right time to the right person, it would have – should have been identified many years ago that help & proper ministry was needed…  This he did not get…  there were other factors involved..  but if such a man as TB  can get to the very top of the movement as a leader with big hidden personal issues & lead the whole charismatic church into a trap on a worldwide stage…   bigger questions need to be asked.  & the scene is set for it this very thing to happen again – other leaders – with unresolved issues –  who will lead many many sheep astray
      Now because of this “positive confession” environment  it seems people are unable or unwilling to hear personal challenge…  Im finding that when  we challenge people about their involvement with Bethel/ NAR  teachings  that they become highly highly defensive & offended…  One women I spoke to personally face to face – went & sulked in the corner.  Just on the suggestion that she check out what she was getting into  on  a “please be careful”  this isnt what it first seems  approach..   the OFFENSE she felt was extreme –  for a church which isnt  even her own..
      what I can conclude from this & other encounters is that once people get strongly sucked into these teachings, they become like “sacred cows” to them…  which they then have to defend through methods of “superior spirituality & elitism”   & no wonder if they are sitting under teachings that tell them they are as “royalty”   the implication being that anyone who does not accept – these things being taught is somehow “lesser”
      I think, to fully encompass what Jesus teaches here in the above scripture, we have to understand that as Christians we will have people who are anti us –  see he also said that the world hated him & that it would hate us too…  to persecution levels…  we should be expecting that…  & because we should be expecting that we surely should be able to deal with minor offenses, & have confidence in seeking Godly counsel for our issues…  allowing someone to sue the pants off you…  with no redress  does not sound like  what “royalty” expects…  & further more, Jesus totally demonstrated this at the cross,  this King of kings allowed himself to be humiliated & laid his life down…   what makes us so special???         –     well actually the answer is only HIM!
      I know & love many people in this movement,  I wouldnt want them to be hurt & offended by anything I have to say..  but the bottom line for me is really that nothing I have to say is as important as the final authority of the word of God..  I love them & care for them, but this means I will speak God’s truth…  One of the reasons this blog is here is because most have turned their back to me now…  the only way I can communicate to the ones I love is through writing this blog





      you wanna join a “movement” – Go join the Boy Scouts!

      Yes  because, worldwide,  Boy Scouts is considered exactly that – a “movement”


      originally based on pseudo military disciplines – Im guessing (as I have never been a member)  that   this particular organisation looks very different than it did when it started  a good 100 years now  I think..


      & that is just the point  a “movement” moves –   everything about it changes & adapts to suit the current members, current culture & all sorts of things to make it appealing & attractive for new members to join & old members to stay committed…


      it has longtime bothered me that those in the “river” term this thing  a “movement”  – it implies monumental permission for change of absolutely anything  that no longer fits…  in  other words  the outworking of the original fundamental principles can be adapted or discarded by common agreement…


      now of course – times & attitudes  change – technology moves on & new opportunities developed    all of that is fine  these things  styles of dress – modes of music – are bye the bye..


      but what cant be changed & what should never be changed or adapted or updated or ignored is the absolute truth of the Gospel of Christ crucified…  the centrality of our risen saviour Jesus…   what cant be updated or reinterpreted  for our modern ears (& hearts) is the final authority of the written word of God…  to do so in any context means that no longer – do we consider it “the final authority”    Christianity then morphs into something else…  there is to be NO movement away from this..


      go read 1 John 2 –   the whole chapter is helpful     v 24  says this:    “see  that  what you have heard from the beginning remains in you.  if it does you will remain in the son & in the father – & this is what he promised us – even eternal life…”


      in context – the beginning – talked of here is not our personal 21st century understandings – but the teaching of the authentic, original, infallible Word of God…


      I for one don’t want “movement”  – I want to stand strong & secure on the dependable Word of the Lord –  I have found it is the only teaching that I can fully trust..