Banana Magic

I know that God can & does heal…  & praise him that he does…  the bible teaches that God is good…   none of that is in dispute

but God is not Good  BECAUSE  he is able to & does heal  he is “good”  anyhow…


the following video  is a testimony indeed of how far off the biblical tracks the thinking in this movement has gotton…   I have to conclude (yet again) that because the Name of Jesus is not mentioned, the Gospel of Christ Crucified  is not even referred to  let alone shared with this lady – there is no hint of a  mention of her getting right with God through Jesus –   that this is a  MAGICAL Healing….

one wonders now that this lady has had her “healing” – which in her own words is simply a reduction of pain –  that she wanders back into the darkness from where she came with no knowledge of a risen saviour  other than this encounter…  she does not realise that (& she cant be blamed for it either)  she is still dead in her sin  & healing aside,   she is not saved on this basis…



God is Good…   but not because of reducing pain by banana skin,     but because he so loved us that he sent his Only son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life    John 3 v 16


where is Jesus in all of this?




3 thoughts on “Banana Magic

  1. Everything about this video is disturbing. The healing powers seem to be attributed more to the “magic” banana than to God. Did anyone notice that this woman seemed to be manifesting during her “testimony”? Where in this whole episode is God glorified?

    • Thanks Deb, you have asked some very simple & basic questions – & very much needed as the answers to these cut to the very heart of the matter.. on this basis we will probably seeing all sorts of items being used to facilitate healings in the future… this is one rollercoaster that never stops & just gets more & more extreme… in it for the ride??? I’m not!

  2. I am so pleased to see that you have broken the news of healing bananas, since I have managed to secure a shipment of Bethelised Bananas which I am willing to share. Suggested donation of £10 each, or 25 for only £200. Please order as soon as possible as the new Merc is due for delivery next month.

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