well the world “gets it”!

I went into my Local Waterstones Bookshop today  & right there  on the shelf under the category  of New Spirituality  in amongst books on “Law of attraction”  &  “contact your Angel – to Guide you”  —  New Age Garbage..    was a copy of BJ ‘s   – when heaven Invades earth


The bibles were somewhere else…


Come on now if a humble bookseller  can rightly attribute the context of this material….   Church you gotta open your eyes & stop believing everything   your  50k +   a year salaried pastors are telling you that CANNOT be confirmed by the Word of  God –  because it ISNT IN THE WORD..



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  1. I’m just really reading the word right now, and there’s so much to it. It’s perfect 100% I find it confusing at this point why people don’t like to teach it properly, understand, and discuss the Word you can get so much more out of you prayer closet and Biblical study than listening to these ‘acclaimed’ speakers… Ie : BJ, Jospeh Prince etc

    I find their teachings to be more like that of motivational speakers than the Truth which is found in God’s Word.

    Their teachings I also find confusing.

    • Hi Lou well there are 2 reasons really, why people (& by that you mean leaders & preachers I think) don’t like to teach straight out of the word..

      the 1st is that in charismatic circles – teaching from the word direct is pretty quickly going to throw up some anomalies because many leaders & people are plugging into & reading teachings by all these big names – all of the time – clearly whats going to happen is that the preacher standing on the truth of the word of God is going to bring things which are NOT compatible with what people’s understandings are… under this weight of potential controversy & confusion which causes anti unity – the preacher may compromise — those that don’t – get blacklisted as “religious” & therefore whatever they have to bring from the word of God authentically is not required or wanted… Oftentimes though, a leader/teacher is feeding off these teachings & recommending written material – themselves — indeed theyare veering towards, in many instances, teaching from these teachings rather than directly from the word of God with authenticity & integrity anyhow…..

      the 2nd is that — there is a complete drive for unity & agreement – anyone seeming to not be “with the flow” is on the edge of the movement.. no one wants to be out of the loop – everyone is conditioned to be in with in crowd – so of course the angle of what leaders are teaching & bringing to their people is “movement agendas” or teachings centred on around on the central themes of it such as : culture of honour – the presence of – God — living in the miraculous signs & wonders zone – the prophetic – the culture of honour – intimacy with the father & of course the 7 mountains mandate – Rather than the purity of the word

      The slant of teachings in churches that have been bethelized tend to be based on these themes & promote the thinking from a NAR perspective… the bible (if used) is utilised mostly it seems to shore up these positions & not the other way around…

  2. Wow things are becoming clearer, I’m glad to be pointed in the right direction as a young Christian. Slowly getting De- programmed from all of this stuff Praise God!!

  3. Agreed and amen. By the way, my pointing out of charistmatic terminology is done only with gentle humour. I have been involved in all sorts of false teachings and wild rebellion. I cast no stones from my glass house, except at unbiblical doctrine and unreprentant false teachers! This is a great blog, and a safe place for many who are coming out similar situations. What a blessing!

    @Lisette. Praise God, you are free at last!

  4. Hi,
    I just left my pentecostal church because they are heavily embracing Bill Johnson, John Paul Jackson etc. We would regularly have “prayer tunnels”, treasure hunting etc. All music sung is Jesus culture, and hillsong stuff… Tongues are usually spoken everywhere throughout the service… I left because I was not being taught the true word of God.. The sermons were all personal stories with a couple of verses thrown in.. any type of “bible study” is always a study of some book that some one wrote.Sadly, just about every church in my area has been bethelized. There are even seperate Sozo buildings around… My husband and I just worship at home with our children and I feel a lot happier and free.. It is a lonely road because we left many friends behind, but hopefully, one day soon they will open their eyes before it is too late..

    • Hi Lissette – welcome to the blog..

      I know just how much of a lonely road it is leaving many friends behind – & all we had ever known – really – you have done the right thing & I know that once the truth of these errors becomes obvious – when we do that journey of recognising that there is so so much that doesn’t line up with God’s word & we realise we can no longer be a part of what’s going on – lest we sell our very heart & souls to it in duplicity – there is no choice but to come out & stand up for truth…

      the blog is here to help a bit with these feelings & this difficult path if we stand together we can help ease the loneliness a litte bit

      the separate sozo buildings… my my that’s expansion… in some places these are called transformation centres

      be so blessed my friend rejoicing with you in your freedom!

  5. Eek, you said ‘birthed’. You charismatic you. Having done the real thing twice, I find it hard to reconcile that terminology in any other context. Is birthing a vision any easier? Lol. 😉

    In relation to the ‘positive talk’, my first introduction to the ‘be positive or be quiet’ attitude (As Joel Osteen so kindly put it recently) was through the Anthony Robbins seminars I did in my 20’s, which is essentially Law of Attraction/new age teaching. Then I found the same teachings and attitudes amongst the alternative, new age friends I had. Imagine my surprise to find it in the WOF/charismatic movement.

    I have always found it to be a most baffling approach to life. I don’t mean this to be unkind…it just really used to confuse me how anyone could really believe that if you spoke negative things it would bring it into your life. Even more bizarre to me was the idea that if I just pinned a picture of what I wanted on my fridge, and every day spoke ‘words of affirmation’ about it (house, car, handsome husband etc) it would eventually materialise. Um, wow. So how do we explain whole countries of poor people, how do we explain sick people, heck…how do we explain dead people? Were they too negative? Not enough faith?

    Really, I have never seen anyone able to answer this question with any intellectual or biblical honesty and still be a ble to defend these teachings. However, I do have a better understanding of how people have come to believe this. It has never occurred to me to be afraid of negativity (no doubt others have at times wished it had occurred to me), and it saddens me that others have genuinely been made to fear expressing any negative emotions. How can one repent of sins, or share their struggles if they are too afraid of being negative? They can’t, and that is no doubt the point of the lie from the Angel of Light.

    Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith has some sessions addressing the bondage created by the WOF teachings in this area:




    Plus, he is a really funny guy. 🙂

    • thanks for the links – NP..

      well yes I am born & raised “charismatic” I struggle with the taking of me out of it but – taking IT out of me.. takes a lot longer… lol

      seriously, there are always going to be things in my history & grounding – that are absolutely fine & sound… its by no means ALL bad & that’s the difficulty isn’t it — sorting out truth from error.. but once the line is crossed that to remain accepted & acceptable means that we accept error in increasing amounts… it becomes bondage more than it is freedom.. people who have been bought out into freedom – should be walking in it… if its not to be found in our church experience.. time for action!

    • If you want to see the Law of Attraction at work then watch Deal or No Deal! Noel Edmonds has a book on Cosmic Ordering, which sets out the theory. According to him, we can control our futures if we just follow the rules. A lot of contestants on this program firmly believe that they can get the £250,000 by strength of will. There is always the same winner – Noël!

      • & this is exactly it:

        * God’s Holiness – his nature – his character reduced to the level of game show mentality – He is such fun!

        * New age Philosophy – law of attraction dresses up in Christianese language – so the unsuspecting dont suspect anything

        * its all about ME ME ME & what I personally can get out of this

        friends this is not Christianity AT ALL.. Jesus is not even present – let alone central to this “churchview”

        its true about deal or no deal Noel: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1214995/Noel-Edmonds-launches-Cosmic-Ordering-app-iPhone-users-universe-help.html

      • Brian a, I didn’t know that, thanks! The UK one? Yet again someone proves that the ‘law of attraction’ works…although clearly only for the special ones who sell their souls to reap the earthly rewards. It seems that there is definitely a type of ‘power’ in these false gospels. That is partly what deceives people…they see the ‘blessings’ and success and think they have achieved it in their own power. They have no understanding, and it is so sad to see.

        It is amazing what people will believe in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary…evidence that tells them that their life isn’t particularly great, that their relationships aren’t actually awesome, and that clearly can’t actually make all their dreams happen. We have all been there in our own ways. Sigh…

        I used to fall for this stuff a bit in my rebellious twenties, although thankfully I believe the Lord protected me from truly embracing it. Now it just seems ludicrous to me. Sadly, we know where this deceiving power comes from and the cost that comes with it for those who are deceived.

  6. This has been the case in US bookstores for a while now. Christians are deceived to think this is authentic biblical Christianity because it appeals to their egos plain and simple. They can prophesy things into existence, do God’s job for Him in the earth and basically feel really good about themselves – in effect feeling godlike really. Appealing to any healthy fleshly selfish human being really. Who wouldn’t want such power???

  7. Amen, brother. My unbelieving friends understand a lot of stuff professing ‘Christians’ can’t seem to understand. Like that Joel Osteen is a wolf. And that BJ is a new age flake (albeit a dangerous one). And that churches that have fancy cafes out the front and dance parties for worship services aren’t actually churches where the real God goes. Oh, indeed, my friend. The world knows it. I hope you took a picture…

    • sadly no photo… & still I would reiterate that its how these things line up with the Word of God that authenticates them – not where they sit on a shelf…

      If a teaching cannot be found in or qualified by the word… its not of God … its really that simple..

      & yes the tag lines & covers of such publications – they are all appeals to the flesh…

      • You know, what frustrates me the most is the number of genuinely Bible-believing Christians that are aware of the false teachings, have seen the bad stuff at their local Christian bookshop and still don’t speak out about it. We really need to get vocal, in a loving and respectful way, but vocal none the less!!

        A friend was talking about this very thing recently, and referred to Koorong Books here in Melbourne as a Christian bookshop. I suggested that perhaps we needed to stop calling such shops ‘Christian’. He looked a bit horrified and thought it was a bit unfair to say. I understood his point of view, but we then had a great talk about how if the owners were truly Christians, they would they not likely feel convicted not to sell much of what they sell. In fact, one would hope that they would close their bookshop rather than sell false teachings that lead people to hell.

        Just because a shop sells Bibles doesn’t make them a Christian bookshop. I see little difference between Amazon.com (who sells Bibles) where I regularly shop, or Christianbook.com where I refuse to shop because they operate under false pretenses. The stuff on their site is appalling, much of it isn’t Christian, and much of the false teachings are actively endorsed by Focus on The Family (who seems to be under the delusion that Bono is a Christian).

        Anyway, I am no doubt preaching to the converted here. 🙂

      • ah ha but.. I guess certainly in the UK people are “trained” in the charismatic church culture we have here never to be (perceived) as saying anything “negative” in any context about anything or any persons’ behaviour.. this we are taught is “living in & loving in GRACE

        if we are hurt or offended we have to deal with it by mostly taking it on the chin …there is a whole teaching in this movement about choosing not to be offended… & honouring so as not to cause offense. I’ll blog about that one more specific some other time- the net result really is that most ordinary bods – are quite fearful of doing & saying anything which could be understood (or misunderstood) as them either being negative or hurt & offended in any way

        I think too, there is a mismatch of ideas in the christian bookselling world…are they a ministry or are they a business??? – of course they are a business out to sell books & make money- they will sell whatever people will buy- so the answer is to STOP BUYING we have been sold this lie by these people for years & years now that greater truths are revealed & imparted to us- in explainable ways through the teachings of those who create books & Cd/DVD teachings etc to ‘edify us”; missing the entire point that if they actually taught from the bible first off – in a pure way that’s edification enough.. we actually dont need one word form anyone other than God himself — in order to make us “more spiritual”

        the bottom line is teachers & leaders should be more concerned with & more proactive in ensuring that those they are responsible for understand God’s word in fullness – so that that the sheep follow Jesus more than themselves… with every book/CD/Vimeo teaching & tweeted opinion that they constantly barrage us with- but we see there is fleshy security in creating for one self Power, postion, status Kudos & money — through a product… & we know that this is worldly.

        I think too, that there is a generation that have no real handle on the truth of the Gospel of Christ Crucified – they simply have never heard in fullness about how sinful they are, & about Christ’s saving grace through his redemptive work on the cross…. Now- people coming into this movement are birthed into the thinking & therefore beleive that it is enough to just “buddy up” to Jesus as a cool dude mate & that is what makes one a christian …. because there is no definition any more of what a “true Christian” is the term “CHRISTIAN” when applied generically is completely woolly & undefinable …it can be applied to absolutely anything with a loose connection to Christ in any context… Remember that although we live in a post modern age the GOSPEL is not postmodern – it is black & white drawing a line through the whole history of mankind & straight through each of our hearts – we must respond to it on that basis.

    • That’s so true people outside of the church definately think that ‘something’ is up with these teachings and practices.
      I knew something was up as I got more involved, it’s like a nagging feeling that there is more to it, something is being hidden from you, it’s not just about experiences.
      When you do come out it’s obvious, no one in their right mind would make the promises these teaches would make, most of what they say doesn’t match up with the word.
      All I can say is get out, stay out, and build a biblical foundation; True knowleadge of Jesus.
      The longer your in the bigger the fall out.
      Christianity is simple and it does match up with reality, It breaks my heart when my sister (who calls herself an atheist) would say “I really don’t like those churches that are like a dance rave.” She really does think that something is wrong with these churches and with her small understanding of Christianity she just “knows” it’s not right, I’d want more than anything than for her to see Christianity is not as she puts it “just an escape for people”

      Of course it breaks my heart even futher to think that if a church was preahing the Gospel and Christ crucified, and toned down the worship, preaching the Word etc etc They would be labled as “seeker friendly”

      Being “seeker friendly” is not a bad thing what matters is people coming to salvation and faith in Christ, I’ve seen people want to be healed, get healed and never have the gospel preached. Having your soul saved is more important than your pulled muscle healed….

      (I do have more to say, but it hurts me too much to think about right now, I think I need more time)

      I realize now all those thoughts I had that I dismised as lacking faith like “wow this sounds to good to be true” was really not a bad thought, it was too good to be true, I had to stop the mental gymnastics.

      God Bless you all!!

      • Having your soul saved is more important than your pulled muscle healed….

        I would very much agree here Lou… how many times I have heard about people (non Christians) being “healed” & receiving a “touch” from God with the heavy implication that now they have had that “experience” they have encountered God & are turning to accept him.. like these signs & wonders & demonstrations of the miraculous are the tools which are being used to bring people in

        In general- people (on the street & those very new to all this) respond in one of 2 ways usually

        1) completely freak out & think its weird
        2) get completely drawn in to the demonstrations of “power” they think (& no one can blame them for it) that to be a christian simply means to have “spiritual power” — then they are locked into a journey of (in this movement’s language) “increase & release”

        as far as I can see, often times, the Gospel has not been shared- & if not shared it is not responded too- at no point, then are people made aware by any means of a conviction of their own sin… the whole thing spins now on experience & tangible proof (manifestations) of something physical happening… but that is NOT where Christianity, being born again is at

        we need to remember that Jesus said- Being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God will come, He answered them, “The kingdom of God is not coming with something observable”
        Luke 17:19-21

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