Positive Confessions & the Fear of Negativity

This movement is so hooked into promoting  unity, anti negativity & positive confessions –   basically anything you dare speak with your mouth you will reap in reality…

unpack this a bit & we begin to realise several things are going on here —  I will try & summarise my thoughts on this but I would really love everyone to contribute with additional thoughts to expand & unpack this further.   so here we go:

  • positive confession is a concept straight out of the new age —  it is other wise known as  the “law of attraction”   –  one speaks to the universe  & the universe provides the answer that you request/desire… if you think/speak negatively this provides a cosmic block – like the “cosmos”/”universe”/divine power  only responds to “positives”.       In charismatic teaching  –  positive confession is taught as  “everything you speak out for good & bad you bring into your world”   in the late 1980’s  Derek prince wrote a book  entitled “Blessings & curses”   which contained some of these themes & was one of the places where this idea of   “positive confession” took hold –  at the time  – this book was considered controversial
  • implied, is the FEAR of saying anything negative at all in any context…  now whilst  being positive in outlook is all good & healthy- if there is fear in the mix here people are literally scared into agreement & compliance….  they dare not be honest enough to disagree on anything   in the church  & in their behaviour-  they dare not share their honest opinion even after praying & seeking the word  for fear of not being “in the flow of the river” .  Of course we should not be saying negatives about others for the sake of it – but properly & appropriately delivered , truthful & honest “negatives” help others to grow.     Many dare not say anything negative about their situation – lest it come to pass by the power of their “negative talk”   of course  this denies the sovereign will of God in a life that should be submitted to him. Once we believe that,  we have entered into SUPERSTITION…

Hebrews 11 v 1- 3 (KJV)

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

This is one of the basic scriptures that the  premise that Positive Confession   is built on..  It goes something like:   Words have power, God spoke words & it brought the world into existence… Words have power for good & bad effect…  we too also have Power  in our words to create & destroy…  this is qualified by the scripture:  Proverbs 18 v 21  Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. (KJV)   however charismatic teachings go further than  suggesting that the power to destroy or build up individuals through use of empowering or crushing  language  on an interpersonal level…  the teachings in this movement that I have sat under suggests that our spoken words have an equal amount of power as God’s  spoken words..  In effect we can create & change atmospheres & situations  just by speaking out  or DECLARING things…  because our words are that powerful…   the trouble with this teaching though  is that it puts man on an equal par with GOD –  so in effect  – we become  “little Gods”    –   if you research out latter rain theology, you will see that this exactly  where this whole movement is coming from & going too  (check out our  River & Odd Theology pages. )

Faith of course is not a “force”  or a spiritual energy  we can throw around in anticipation of evidential results…   the Hebrews passage above tells us it is a substance of things hoped for (& in the context of the Hebrews this is all about the promised Messiah  & nothing to do with practical need & desires)  & an acceptance of understanding of that which we do not really (intellectually) grasp  –  like the formation of the world –  these things are too big for our human heads to get around –

So we see when this has been twisted, the focus of course is all about ME  & not about Jesus –  the one who the Holy spirit glorifies

  • Fear of perceived negativity is displaced & misplaced  because in this movement agreement & unity has to be protected no matter the cost to the individual…  if they disagree- largely they are considered to be in the wrong  & are pushed in emotionally &  spiritually abusive ways to change their thoughts & to realign   or align themselves with  – whatever their leaders inform them is the correct position to take on certain issues… but what seems to happen here is that people tend to stop being Holy spirit led  & are now being “church leader “- Man led
  • The fear of negativity is so strong & so strongly discouraged & avoided  that people are being told  (directly & indirectly) that normal healthy biblical discernment is not required…  many times we hear of people who bring correction to the camp  or a word of rebuke  or even concern to an individual perfectly appropriately  & yet are told (even if it is a word of scripture – in season, in context & perfectly relevant to the circumstances) that it is too negative, or it needs to be weighed,  or it’s not to be brought  & yet every word of personal revelation & prophecy is acceptable & accepted on the spot if it strokes the ego, massages the self worth &  tickles the itching ears & of course agrees with the emphasis of the teaching as a reinforcer….
  • The fear of negativity is often leading to  leaders now telling their people that material (such as found on this website) breeds negativity  & why???  because clearly it is not in agreement with “the flow”  & not to listen to certain people (myself included – who have come out of this & are now telling it like it is) however, each of us is free to surf any website we choose, & talk to whoever we like  & make up our own minds  in weight of what we feel God is telling us through the scriptures…  –  yes thats right — we are FREE   to choose  & we are even FREE to choose   sinful things  —     Im not advocating that BTW  I’m just pointing out that our relationship of reverence to Jesus, our worship of him in spirit & truth   forms in us an inner conviction of what is right & wrong for us as Christian people to be doing… within the principles & framework & commands of scripture.  This process  should NEVER be generated by FEAR of rebuke  by a church leadership team –    we have to develop self control  (in response to the Holy spirit.   Galatians 5 v 22) &  come away from  LEADER CONTROL     —    see what Im getting at?  some are more worried about what the leaders think- others think, than they are about what GOD thinks…    The thing is we are more discerning when we buy a tin of soup some of us-   we scan the ingredients list & make an informed choice   –

Proverbs 16 v 5-6  Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished. By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil.    (KJV)

  • why should it be that some leaders put on their people – sheer guilt for testing things out, researching,  weighing up everything in the balance of the scriptures?  so that we may all get to the truth – the Body is ultimately edified or built up stronger if this happens  & furthermore, the scriptures instruct us to do it:   1 john 4v1  Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.   I’m seeing here something that the word of God encourages us to do,  wholeheartedly in order to stand on truth & protect ourselves from deception…  is being DISCOURAGED  by those in leadership who “think”  its a Negative activity-   let me say  that this is how twisted up we have become & if the Word of God endorses it IT IS NOT NEGATIVE!   

all of this together has opened a door  to an insincerity & pretense in my opinion & observation…     in effect the leader who is dominating their own presence of demanding alignment, agreements & positive confessions & rejection of negatives in any context of any teaching he/she is giving/copying/role modelling/ expecting or endorsing.  This person has placed themself between the people & the Holy Spirit…  in short he has placed him self upon a throne…  what we need to do is recognise it for what it is & absolutely ensure that in our own lives the only one sitting on that throne is Jesus  –  King of kings & Lord of Lords

please please think about this…  it is super important…

Banana Magic

I know that God can & does heal…  & praise him that he does…  the bible teaches that God is good…   none of that is in dispute

but God is not Good  BECAUSE  he is able to & does heal  he is “good”  anyhow…


the following video  is a testimony indeed of how far off the biblical tracks the thinking in this movement has gotton…   I have to conclude (yet again) that because the Name of Jesus is not mentioned, the Gospel of Christ Crucified  is not even referred to  let alone shared with this lady – there is no hint of a  mention of her getting right with God through Jesus –   that this is a  MAGICAL Healing….

one wonders now that this lady has had her “healing” – which in her own words is simply a reduction of pain –  that she wanders back into the darkness from where she came with no knowledge of a risen saviour  other than this encounter…  she does not realise that (& she cant be blamed for it either)  she is still dead in her sin  & healing aside,   she is not saved on this basis…



God is Good…   but not because of reducing pain by banana skin,     but because he so loved us that he sent his Only son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life    John 3 v 16


where is Jesus in all of this?



Just Because It “Works” Doesn’t Mean It’s Biblical

The Gospel Masquerade

Over the past few weeks I have reflected upon and discussed what I believe to be a major issue affecting believers today. I feel it is very pertinent not only to the situations I have written about regarding IHOP but I believe it to be a wide-sweeping idea that is affecting believers at large.

In the western world there is a prevailing Greek mindset which is so deeply ingrained that it is nearly undetectable without close study. There are Greek philosophies and ideas that have so permeated every aspect of American life that we have absorbed them into just being “American”. This nation has become a melting pot of cultures, ideas, philosophies, worldviews, foods, religions, etc. to the point that it’s difficult to define what is in fact truly “American”. Most being traced to another culture, nation, people group, etc. that brought it to the US when they immigrated here.

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well the world “gets it”!

I went into my Local Waterstones Bookshop today  & right there  on the shelf under the category  of New Spirituality  in amongst books on “Law of attraction”  &  “contact your Angel – to Guide you”  —  New Age Garbage..    was a copy of BJ ‘s   – when heaven Invades earth


The bibles were somewhere else…


Come on now if a humble bookseller  can rightly attribute the context of this material….   Church you gotta open your eyes & stop believing everything   your  50k +   a year salaried pastors are telling you that CANNOT be confirmed by the Word of  God –  because it ISNT IN THE WORD..


The Consolidation of a Mega-Cult

The Narrowing Path

Bill Johnson and Kris Valloton speak about their plans to consolidate the activities of their cult at Bethel Church in Redding, California…

I hope you were able to listen very carefully to this discussion. These men are not speaking of true Christianity, nor of the Creator of the universe. Their arrogance and lack of fear of the Lord is palpable. They worship a false god, preach a false gospel and are expanding the influence of their false teachings at an alarming rate. Please pray for those who are caught in the deception of Bethel Church, Jesus Culture and their many new age/occult activities. Please also pray for these men, as they too are lost and in need of salvation. (I make no assessment of the eternal destiny of these men, only their current spiritual state. Their repentance, should the Holy Spirit so move them, will lead them to salvation).


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