Hallmarks of the True church

The true church is:

  • preaching & teaching  the Gospel of Christ crucified..  encouraging people to make a response  based on their realisation of their sin & Christ’s amazing saving grace…  Gospel truth of the cross is a central reference point.  It is referred to often as a central theme in teachings & activities..


  • gathering around a risen saviour – Jesus  more than it is  programmes- innovative ideology, social tea & cakes, signs& wonders, social action  or anything else…


  • teaching  FROM the bible – the word of God…  rather than  teaching “ideas”  that are then justified by the utilising of particular scriptural texts


  • expecting & encouraging & helping  its people to live in a Christ like way- demonstrating the infilling of the Holy Spirit  evident in the increasing characteristics found in Galatians 5 – the fruit of the spirit


  • NOT a business..   the church is not here to market a brand,  (itself) resources or products as a way get closer to God, know his thoughts or interpret the scriptures  or to make money to perpetuate itself


  • NOT  an organisation or movement that promotes the idea that “Leadership” is a goal to be attained –  status, power & position mean nothing in terms of rightstanding before God.


  • Is NOT concerned with numbers, statistics or bums on seats..     true hearts before God are loved, encouraged & validated..  true discipleship is to this end


  • understanding that people come to Christ through repentance as an individual…  & that the gathering together is a gathering of individuals  each an equal member of the whole body of believers


  • NOT concerned with charity status in order to get tax deductions from the state as a way of ensuring extra income to benefit  itself


  • Has NO superstars, NO Divas – NO ranking  & No pedastals to put them on


  • Understands that it can build nothing-  because Jesus said that HE would build HIS church  where the gates of hell will not be able to prevail against it..  Matthew 16 v 18  & that the Kingdom of God is being received..  – poured out –    Hebrews 12v 28


  • Doesn’t make special exceptions for sinful actions of its prominent people & leaders  –  infact  recognises that church discipline should be more thorough for people with responsibilities for others.


  • considers the word of God as the final authority- does not go beyond its  bounds & is happy to receive biblical correction when the challenge comes from anyone within the church who duly searches the scriptures for the (balance) of truth..


  • does not use fancy methods  to draw people to itself  but promotes Christ crucified & is more concerned with the worship of Jesus in spirit & truth than it is with making “seekers”  feel comfortable..


  • making available  the ordinances of Baptism  & Holy Communion  to believers  – regularly…


Im sure there are more…  please add on your thoughts..