following the blog update — Important info: 30/6/13

hello Everybody,

thank you sooo much for bearing with me over this weekend….  We had some problems in identifying that if you sign up to follow the blog  you should be receiving all posts- new comments  everything basically that gets updated onto the blog…  huge apologies  as up until now I don’t think this has been happening..

so here is what we need to do  even if you have signed up to follow the blog before today…

1)  use your email address to sign up for a account…   you will have to visit the site to do this….  great if you blog already…  if not you have the choice as to whether or not to start one up…    you will need to start up a account if you want to follow the blog & haven’t been receiving all the comments & updates..

2) create an account username…   – now it should recognise your current username if you are using it in conjunction with the email address you have previously used for posting…  if not Im  so sorry  but you may have to adopt a new username…

3)  once your account is created  —  visit your account dashboard  which should appear  on the left hand side…   scroll down to   “blogs I follow”     check  to see if the blog is  listed…  if not  enter the address  whelikre it tells you to enter the URL..   the blog address..  is     enter that….

4)   ensure that your email notifications are set  if you click  where it says   EDIT  it gives you a choice of following the blog  instantly or set to a day/time  to recive your email notifications..

5) check that the button is clicked for ON…   this should create a pop up under the listing for the blog which tells you that you will receive  all notifications by email  for new posts & comments to the blog

I have checked that it does indeed work through a test email to a  separate email & online persona  I created  & it sent it to myself   as tho  I was a follower of the blog   so I am hopeful  this will be the answer…as it was succesful

I apologise for the fiddlyness of it all & the inconvenience of it  but this seems to be the way forward…

thank you for your grace & patience  whilst this was sorted out…  I do so want everyone to receive everything  they sign up for…

alternatively –  you may  sign up to follow comments & replies to the comments you contribute…  please be sure to tick the boxes  at the bottom of the “add your comment”   box  each time you post…    however, please be aware that you have to make a post in order to receive   replies on that thread…   there is no other option to have notifications for specific posts & threads..

be very blessed   & please do let me know by email if there are any further problems



3 thoughts on “following the blog update — Important info: 30/6/13

  1. Couldn’t make this work. is a mess. I got the last couple of emails from you. So is this really necessary. Your blog is very important to me. Also, can’t locate your blog on this site.

    • hoping this is resolved for you now…. welcome to the blog… looking forward to you posts if you are getting email notifications of all blog updates & others’ contributions looks like the blog is working perfectly for you

      thanks for your support – I appreciate it x

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