Jesus Culture in every University Campus in the UK

Coming out of Manchester UK a joint initiative between local churches, Campus Awakening UK & Jesus Culture (UK)   is a defined strategy to place revival culture embassys & hubs  into every University Campus  in the UK..

please please please – students, parents & interested others alike…  you have to know   –  Jesus Culture are preaching a different Gospel – one of signs & wonders – & if a different Gospel then a different Jesus

in the following video you will notice that the Sharing/preaching of the (true) Gospel – the promotion of Christ crucified is not mentioned  – yet  there is much talk of developing  “revival culture”  transformations &  bringing heaven to earth…



2 thoughts on “Jesus Culture in every University Campus in the UK

  1. Yes, jupeter24, may God have mercy on us and mostly on our children! This evil is spreading like fire. Lord Jesus, please come!

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