The House Of Generals

Bethel’s Apostolic Research Centre…


BJ explains that it will be a library/museum for the artefacts of signs & wonders….      this in & of itself indicates that Bethel has now shifted so far now from being the true church to admin centre of  signs & wonders worship….  in short it’s “cultic idolatry”



2 thoughts on “The House Of Generals

  1. Its not just mediaeval catholicism, the romanists still do it to this day-venerate bones, teeth skulls etc In fact only recently some bizarre relic tour took place in Britain. To think that the English protestant reformers paid high prices in their own blood to eliminate relic worship from Britain, and ministers now are only too welcoming of it. I used to live near an ancient Anglican parish church in Suffolk, probaly around 800 years old. You could vlearly still see axe and knife marks where images of saints had been defaced (literally) Yet not 3 yards away there was a newly installed plastic stsue of mary, it even had a light inside I believe….

  2. What’s the difference between this and the relic culture of medieval Catholicism? Touch the Holy Relic and you’ll be blessed by God….Do you have pay entry….?

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