How does it happen- How does a church get “Bethelized” ?

This is a great question –  that I have spent a very long time  thinking through.. the how exactly – did that   all happen..

I think to start with  its an important to understand that there is no single reason & no sole identifier of “this” led to “that”  its  complex & most probably different in  each people group/church/ ministry –  the how come’s…  All I can share is from my own experience & observations  – your own correlation & confirmation is required  if there are any dots to be joined…  I cant really do that on your behalf..

so these are my thoughts on it & it starts  for me waaaay back in 1986… those of us who have been around long enough will remember… In 1986   there began much talk of the coming revival…  there was a feeling in the wind  that  something “amazing” would happen in our generation   (I was a teenager then)   we were promised mass revival – people at large gatherings  spring harvest &   the forerunnners of New wine & Kingdom Faith weeks  & the similar  what we termed “bible weeks”  back then talked in these terms… it was an exciting hyped up time where we were told anything was possible…  long prophecies were shared about the UK  coming back to God..  “heal our nation”   from the christian band “heartbeat” was a big thing – when they got on top of the pops because we teens had all been urged to go out & buy 5 copies each of their record to get them there….. well we thought  we were on the cusp….  what we had been promised was beginning to look like reality…

there were books written called “preparing for revival” & taking our cities for God….  Peter C Wagner’s name was just surfacing in the UK  as an “expert”  in  matters of spiritual warfare  along with his books…  by 1988  we had national march for Jesus  events in every major UK  town & city held on the same day..

then ..   John Wimber…    was literally idolised by the UK church  —  everyone it seemed at that time in charismatic circles put that man on a pedestal..  He came & preached in the UK..   at Spring Harvest I think too..  I saw people literally run into the meeting to get the best seat at the front…

the local church though  –   ho hummed along as before;   all the focus was what was happening nationally-   the BIG events that localised down so that individual churches & people could plug into …   all these things were bubbling along percolating  from 1988 -1994  until a man called Rodney Howard Browne arrived on the scene…   me & some friends went to see him  at Wembley  – late 1994-   he spent the entire meeting trying to get people laughing…. he succeeded….  but I have to say  I left feeling hurt & confused as I felt that whatever God had poured out  did not touch me… instead of laughing  I just cried & cried….  people were sliding off their seats & a woman close to me was laughing but in a mocking way…   because I had seen it before…  I recognised that it was a demonic manifestation…   which RHB  & team did nothing about  – they let it continue…  that was confusing to me as the church I was in had had a few people manifest demonically  – the elders/leaders  did not let that persons feet touch the floor… they had it dealt with & stopped  as soon as you could say booo.   see there is no place for anything of the demonic realm  when the household of God meet together – we have to give it no room –  so I knew from that time something was very very wrong  with RHB   ministry..  being young & inexperienced & not grounded as well as I should have been in the word  –  I wasnt able to put my finger on it until the bethelization of our church 2010/2011

then the Toronto Blessing  Hit  —   like a brick…  people were going to meetings at HTB  & other places to get a blessing & a bit of Gold dust.. but to a large extent   it was all “out there”…   people went out to go to  it…  it wasn’t actually something that was being promoted by church leadership in the local church…  it was an accessible event just like we had been used to with everything else..  through 1990’s we had big events from the Call – to the 24-7 prayer movement   all of these things were promoted in the town…  the town wide (charismatic) leadership at this point got together & became a lot more unified –  togetherness…unity  – one heart  etc etc…  this just bubbled away…

so from 1996 ish – 2008    people were seeking the new thing of God  all of the time…  there were people who were very into everything going…   I have noticed that there is always a core group of people  in each church   who push for more & more “things of the spirit”   & by this I mean   manifestations  really    – the falling over slain –  the trance like states – before we called them that – the odd prophetic   ( prophetic art//dance/ flag waving/ & even prophetic needlework…)  Guided visualisation  presented as a journey with God… invite jesus in what does he say to you – tell us… the Gold dust…  nothing is ever enough – the call is always  for MORE

so what I think happens is this –  we were promised something special of God – we were/are the generation  to “bring it in”   so when anything “spiritual” at all happens we, corporately are so hyped for it by then – we corporately accept anything  with out stopping to weigh & discern…   those that did were considered as “party poopers”   spoiling the fun…

then April 2008  – Lakeland Florida – the Lakeland Outpouring with Todd Bentley –  screened nightly…  we must have watched most of it….  by july 2008   our church started weekly meetings that mirrored the revival…  becasue we had a united town – many flocked from other churches in …  to come get some…  some people we know went out to Lakeland – came back & prayed for fire over everyone at the meetings…  this all stopped tho once the revival came to a crashing halt…  

needless to say – people where I was felt bereft of the “good times” the soaking in God’s presence… etc. etc…  until  BJ came to town for a church wide event… from that point on the church leadership got totally into BJ & Bethel.. one by one each leader flew out to Redding to get plugged in..  & slowly brought absolutely everything back to us…

BUT Lakeland was very definately a primer   for what came next & indeed – after the leaders returned from Bethel that first time – there was much talk of re opening the well.    This leadership never asked the permission of the church about any of it – they just did it with no room for discussion  – consultation – nothing…  so then to stop &  question makes such a one the negative – anti unity – un submissive – unteachable one….  that was over my head as I left …

  • So at a basic level  at the beginnings of  bethelization – there is a core group of people pushing for  “spiritual experiences”  & a church leadership who are totally open & accepting of anywhere that desire is going to go.
  • Then there occurs a subtle shift in emphasis:    slowly  Christ  as a risen saviour- redeemer – GodMan  is decentralized

other pointers are:

  • The language, ethos & emphasis  increasingly  focuses  on a miracles, signs & wonders/supernatural  culture/…   this is pursued earnestly.
  • The process of proper discipleship with living a Godly life  day to day – working out salvation – dealing with long suffering & trials with great accountability  begins to get replaced with a drive for “in the moment”  restoration against all things that are not desirable..(in the life of the believer).  instant debt cancellation/instant healing/ restoration of relationships//   basically  the discipline of working things through & walking things out & facing up to natural consequences of actions & taking proper responsibility –  is considered  un desirable  under the context of – pray & declare  all   “bad” things away
  • The teaching – which becomes storytelling anecdotes based,  centres around one or other of these themes:  

                             >   living in the Presence of God

                             > the culture of heaven- the culture of honour

                              > relating to Father God  with intimacy   (regarding him as pappa or daddy  whilst at the same time    sidelining Jesus)

                            >  Heaven joining with earth

                            > the prophetic

                            > signs & wonders & the supernatural realm

                            > Kingdom dominion ruling & reigning as Royalty

                            > the 7 mountains mandate.

  • The worship  reflects these themes – the continuation of  prophetic elements completely spills over into what is now defined as worship   (such as prophetic art & prophetic dance)
  • Individuals who propel themselves into Bethel ways-  tend to be identifiable, any insights or corporate prayer they offer is likely to be on the same themes as above-  there is a unique way of phrasing & describing concepts – “bethel speak” –  this might include phrases such as: turn our affections…/host the presence/ get whacked/ Jesus getting what he paid for/ getting activated/ receiving Fire/God is in a good mood +  all manner of other one liners that these top leaders tweet out…  
  •  additionally, bethelised people tend to have a very high view of themselves spiritually – when full blown this leads to  such a person appearing so bold they expect to & do  take charge  in any & all “spiritual situations”  when a few get together on this basis – the noise level of the shouting, stomping & wooooah s   are extraordinary…  its like they give unsaid “permissions” to each other  to carry it on & on…  sometimes this boldness comes across as extreme arrogance & haughty superiority…  I have noticed too that they take it on themselves to have their own personal prayer & ministry session  with individuals  without  necessarily referring to an Elder or a designated pastoral team member —   some churches  dont have a prob with this but others do…   Bethelized people   tend to minister as they think fit anyway… regardless… this attitude is also taken out to the streets.

I  had a little check in my spirit at our new place as one person prayed in a meeting a lovely prayer about wanting more of the Holy Spirit & how we had to open to his leading etc etc..  & that might mean accepting things we weren’t too sure about but to trust HIS leading  etc etc…   on the face of it   – nothing wrong with this prayer…  BUT   i know from experience now that this person is exactly the type of person who I would describe as one “pushing it”   over a long time of people jumping on this “churchview”  with leaders  “waiting to see or  join in with this rolling wagon”  its only a matter of time…  similarly- the more people who get ministered to at events & other churches & manifest kundalini style the more “normal” accepted & expected it becomes…  churches who have no idea about it will have people manifesting in this way  whether they like it or not…along with everything else.. that Bethel teaches, promotes & merchandises…..

now is the time to stand together & see it for what it is…   this is the window –  in 5 years it will prob be too late.

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  1. Here’s how it started at my old church, where I was a member (local community, non-denominational church) for 14 years:

    1. Pastor was retiring so his son was taking over. Had 15 years to prepare, and did nothing to prepare himself. No divinity school classes, no college level ministry classes. Nothing. So when it was time for him to take over, he sat there with his wife, scratching there heads wondering what they were going to “do.”
    2. They played a movie on a Sunday night for us called “Finger of God.” (I think, or Hand of God). First thing you see is the gold dust falling from the ceiling at Bethel, gold fillings in their member’s teeth and precious stones appearing in their Bibles. “Wow, amazing! There must being something going on there! What do they have that we don’t?”
    3. Next, we have Banning Liebscher from Bethel come to our church and speak. Talk about a true disciple of God! All he talked about was how great and wonderful he was because of God. Never talked about Jesus or the Bible. Just himself. Boy, did he impress people (not me, of course). It was all a con job.
    4. A month later we change our offerings from “leave them in a basket at the door” to “pass around a basket and read this mantra” (later to find out it was from Bethel’s own website) together as a congregation. Bunch of spiritualistic garbage.
    5. Then later I hear a word-for-word sermon from the new pastor that was directly taken from Banning himself. Another member looked it up on the Internet and sent it to me. And it was a bunch of garbage about asking God for your destiny. Wonder what the destiny is of those Christians in Iraq and Syria these days?
    6. At this point I am done. Three of our elders had left. I found out they purchased a children’s ministry DVD from Bethel, and the lady who ran ours was floored after having watched it. Basically having kids prophesying over adults! The pastor’s wife scrambled to say they didn’t know that was what it was about and they were not going to proceed. Right. Blindly following Bethel.

    So I know for a fact that the pastor and his wife were/are into contemplative prayer/soaking before this started. So they are being misled by evil spirits but they are so naive they think that if their heart is in the right place then that can’t possibly happen. And they are always looking for signs and wonders (what was that Jesus said about an adulterous and wicked generation?). And when one of the elders showed the pastor the error in the Bethel church he dismissed it saying that he didn’t care, this is where the Lord was taking them. And continually keeps saying they aren’t trying to be like Bethel, while the visible proof says otherwise.

    The sad thing is I have known the pastor and his wife for 15 years. They are good people, I suppose. But they always want to see the good in everything. They wait until the last minute to take a stand. They have no mind for discernment and are biblically lacking, using Hill Song music all the time. They see issues in the church and continue to put them off instead of fixing them. My wife is still very good friends with the pastor’s wife. It was very difficult for us to leave and created a lot of angst between us. The pastor never once asked why we left. I suppose the “spirits” are telling him not to confront me as I have so much biblical ammo against what is going on there he would have to agree it’s not biblical. In the end, churches get the leaders they deserve. God says, if you want to follow a deceiving spirit, I’ll give you over to it. Everything at the church has become experiential instead of biblical. Sad.

    By the Lord’s grace I have found a profound Bible teacher who has hundreds of videos on Youtube. His name is Jacob Prasch and he is speaking to this sort of error going on in the church, with a background in Hebrew and Greek, and an early church Jewish perspective. I urge you to listen to what the Lord is showing him through the Word of God. He is calling out all of these heretics by name in order to help prepare the spotless bride for the rapture.

    God bless.

    • WOW CEC the Lord bless you as you stand for truth & run from deception… I pray that you & your wife will be able to move forward & take many with you

      blessings Z

  2. I am eating all this up (the good info from those who’ve been through the experience of having their church transformed). I have bee on a journey the past couple of weeks as God big time opened my eyes to what is just beginning this path at my church. I am blown away and heart broken at the same time as I see it unfolding before my eyes.Two weeks ago I had no idea what Bethel was, the NAR or gold dust and feathers were all about. After doing my own research, praying and fasting and seeking God, the influence of these things is clear to me and it’s making sense. I have no doubt that deception and demonic spirits have entered my church.
    I go to a big “mega church” where the pastor has been evangelizing and preaching the gospel for many years. Then something happened about a year ago (I have my own theory, based on things I’ve uncovered – I think a lady who he probably went to for counseling must have “imparted” a kundalini spirit to him). There’s no other explanation. The pastor even told us 8 months ago that he saw black ash smoke coming out of his mouth and that it was spiritual, but he didn’t have an explanation for it. I later saw the account of a non-christian who’d had a yogi lay hands on her in San Fransisco with the same symptom resulting. Gave me chills.
    Since God has opened my eyes about 3 weeks ago (a week before Randy Clark from Bethel did a conference at our church) – I have tried to share with other christians what God has revealed to me. I’m finding with many people a reaction of, “Our leaders would not bring something bad here,” or “Gee, that’s interesting, but they just want more of the Holy Spirit here,”…. then some shut me out as if I am now on the outside. It’s so scary and painful. I have felt such an intense spiritual battle, I am praying constantly, keeping in the Word, praising God and reciting his attributes in my head as I go to sleep. I have interceded for my pastor and church and done my best to reason with one of the higher up pastors who I have always admired and felt was really solid in the Bible. It’s like they all drank the Kool-Aide. It’s like a nightmare. I have not gone to church for two weeks other than to a kids’ ministry on a week night for the sake of my kids. However, I am done. I am so sad and afraid for those at my church who I know are very sincere but seem to not have any care to research or test the spirits. What do you all think is the best way to counter this movement? Prayer?? Talking to leaders more and/or other christians at the church? I know this is a ploy of the devil to bring the church down because the gospel is being preached. Now they’re focusing on signs and wonders. The weirdest thing was the other night when I was walking towards the church for the kids’ group there were little white feathers strewn all along the garden on the way in. Creepy!! I had heard about the feather thing at Bethel from reading on the internet. I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode or something! God will overcome, though, and I am so grateful He has given me discernment to get out.

    • wow thank you Msan… im so so grateful to the Lord you have discerned enough to be able to get out…

      I think you have seen much & identified for yourself whats going on here in your circumstances… the reactions of others you describe… totally true to form… “our leaders wouldn’t bring anything bad here” this statement which was commonly spoken in my circumstances… it comes from a place of individuals not exercising the gift of discernment – the reason I believe is multi faceted –

      a) many people – generally are not personally grounded in the word of God… so this means that the instant discernment is “off” not much check in the spirit & subsequent Berean investigation to test things out…

      b) the way in which we largely do “church” promotes a “heirachical” system – where leaders set themselves up as such final authority… the larger the church the more remote & less likely are the leadership to be able to have very real honest relationships with is individuals.. this tends to lead to a huge lack of humility, has massive implications for personal accountability of these leaders & because they are doing “real relationship” within the leadership team – it creates a feeling of “inner circle” – perks & favouristism etc. the church becomes 2 speed those in leadership & those not… all of that comes straight out as a by product of the “purpose driven church” promoted by Rick Warren… that’s an entirely separate issue that this blog is not focusing on, – however it is relevant because all of these influences are mixing together & impacting the whole church.. please do some research on the “purpose driven church” movement… I guarantee almost that every charismatic senior leader in the uk has at least read that book… which is one of the reasons why we are seeing the rise of the mega church in the uk & churches that now operate more as a business..

      & c) the style of preaching -(if we could even call it that) is very convincing, there is an ability to make things sound biblical right & attractive.. when people sit there in a large group, group mentality takes over – there is no room to process or think through whats being actually said before we are on to the next thing.. its overwhelming… the bible is not really being taught in many places but what is more the case nowadays is that an idea or principle is shared & then backed up by biblical texts – see its the wrong way around & gives permission for teachers to say virtually anything & justify it.. its just enough for people to go “oh yeah – that sounds nice – I agree with that….. & this means that things are up & running because people have literally laid up their own thinking & let leaders do it for them…. laziness & sloppiness in knowing the word is encouraged by default..

      yep we want “more of the holy spirit” absolutely – but what people mean by this is they want more “evidence” – more miracles- signs & wonders — in reality the more proof they have in this manner the less faith they need… think about that! the real test tho, is demonstration of the fruit of the spirit – all very nice – having a feather encounter… but what about Galatians 5 do these things abound in the mix? I think not if people who bring a question or raise a discernment are shunned & excluded. I have so been there & its painful.. this movement wants agreement & unity above any of the galatians 5 attributes it seems..

      please please do keep praying for your friends as the Holy Spirit leads, as for leaders who are totally sucked in… you may find that the Lord cuts you so completely loose that you find yourself unable to pray for them… this has certainly happened to me & I was reminded that Paul says something very similar in the scriptures when he talks about handing people over to Satan… 1 Timothy 1

      please be so led by the Holy Spirit in all this, depend upon the word… my words are like shifting sand in comparison…

      be so very blessed – praying for you x

      • ‘ve been a long time reader of this excellent site, and a very occasional contributor.

        Until the summer of 2013, I had never heard of Bethel or Sozo. Only vaguely aware of Bethel Music, but not of that church’s teaching. I rather wish I’d never come across it, as it has become an almost constant distraction.

        Since 2013 it’s become a very real and personal concern for me. I’m not usually worried about these things – taking a “it’ll all blow over approach”. But in recent months it’s gotten serious. Friends and family are being encouraged to have Sozo sessions. Some have taken them up. Everyone I’ve spoken to has not really been helped, often left confused or worse. This is very worrying. Friends have left their churches in search of even greater experiences – breaking ties with people they have known for years. Social media has been a real driver in this, greater and greater detail of their ‘spiritual journeys’ have been shared. People have been encouraged to throw off the burdens and limitations of their doctrine, and to fully embrace the new, the radical and the anointed ministry of new teachers.

        One thing that I think we need to remember is that for most people who attend a Sozo session, they do want help. This breaks my heart. They do want God to meet with them, they do want some peace, hope, rest, joy and love. They need God. Sadly the method made available to them is a quick-stop, a short-cut to sanctification that bypasses Jesus.

        It’s not easy to formulate a concise, clear and detailed response to Sozo. It’s often uses very vague and is clouded with language which I believe conceals what it really means. You could very easily mis-represent what they say, and so weaken your argument.

        So I’m making a commitment for me, and those I know. I’ve been able to obtain the Bethel Sozo training DVDs (originals not copies/pirated) and I will be purchasing the training manual. I wish I didn’t have to pay a penny for them, but the original material does not appear to be available on the Web (though there are many sites that appear to hold out of date or non-Bethel material).

        I want to conduct my own research, and see and hear for myself what they teach. I have already seen some of it, and wanted to run for the hills! It is easy to find websites (often little more than personal rants, with rambling and not very coherent arguments) that attack Sozo. But I think there is a need for a detailed study – using their own words, images and methods, as an explanation of why this ministry is not what it appears.

        I will try and find a way of sharing with anyone who’s interested.

        God bless

      • Hi Rich, thank you for this…. you have made some very important points.. yes the problem is that many are in wait & see mode… unsure when things from Bethel are being introduced at a low level… but I would put it out there that this “wait & see” is actually a check in the spirit, this is the time to get finding out as much info from this site & other places exactly what & where these teachings are going….& how this lines up with the word of God… the process is quite staggering, in the wait & see mode there suddenly comes a day when leaders & others around us are so far sucked in that nothing said will convince them otherwise.. by then its too late there is no going back (in my experience) as an individual, a choice has to be made, suck it or get out… I got out!

        yes Im in full agreement that people go in for Sozo because they feel they need deeper ministry (for their issues) & sozo is “sold” to them on this basis.. already vulnerable, people will not be in the best place to refuse or stop to weigh & check & even if they did they run the risk of being considered resistant, rebellious & unco operative during sessions.. the whole thing spins on the client demonstrating complete trust in the practitioner & the practitioner holds the position of complete power.. does this sound like free will in operation??

        in any case, are people being convicted of their sin & being led to repentance? which is often times the absolute root cause of problems in their life

        Im totally with you in your quest for info on this… we always encourage personal research its incredibly important, obviously ground yourself in the word too…. please do go ahead & publish you significant findings on our Sozo page…it will be very helpful

        blessings to you Zazzy

  3. Thank you for your diligent work on this site. It is valuable.

    I live in the UK.

    I have only become aware of Bethel, and in particular Sozo, since the Summer of 2013.

    Everything I have seen has alarmed, scared and annoyed me. I have close friends, dear lovely people who are simply running headlong into this so called ministry. None of them have been helped. There personalities have changed, they have abandoned long standing relationships and ministries and have signed up (and paid money) to join Bethel-like ones.

    I saw that one contributor included a link to the Sozo manual. Checking it out, I don’t think this the ‘official’ Bethel manual. I think a page-by-page analysis of the full manual, and a scene-by-scene analysis of the training DVD would be a huge help. Something tangible, useful and a help to discussions with friends and family. I so wish I had the time to do this myself, as I think it is needed.

    I’m not a panicky, fearful person, but Sozo really disturbs me. It’s not just an emphasis, style or ‘Californian’ thing. It’s strange, weird and wrong.

    God bless you and all your readers.


    • Hi m,

      I thought I would comment, however briefly, to your comment. I am one of those who got a little off (w the best of intentions) and then somehow ended up in N.A.R. At Bethel church. A friend asked me, “when did you first start have issue with the church.” Sadly, from the first Sunday. And them I kept going. For two years

      To be honest I had issues before I even went there…

      An important point to remember when dealing with N.A.R. Is that – there are certain people who are “deceived” and there are certain people who are “deceiving”

      The deceiving created – which is mostly taken from Scientology – this thing called SOZo. You are wise to be concerned. I certainly should have been. There is no such thing (and no need either) for Christian deliverance.

    • Thank you Martin, for your support of the blog… Im agreeing with you wholeheartedly that none are “helped” & that personalities change once people get tangled up in this.. I have very much seen this.. Relationships have broken down for sure, & there are many of us who have to face the pain of people once close to us now refusing to have any sort of contact with us simply because we have asked heartfelt questions which result in their mind a perceived “negativity” that somehow promotes a disunity.. Yes I too have lost precious friends over all this… but we must stand for the truth of a risen saviour no matter the cost..

      im not panicky of fearful either – but as I was coming out of our bethelized church – that was exactly the accusation levelled against me.. “you are in fear”.. nope… I just understood that there is hypocrisy & confusion in the mix & therefore what we are seeing cannot possibly be of the Holy Spirit…

      thanks for your pointing out the sozo manual info… yes & if anyone has access to these materials & is willing to post on the SOZO page that would be very helpful indeed..

      nope its not “Californian” (some of it is made up based on new age practices from a range of sources ) its incorporating witchcraft…

  4. jupeter, Sozo is not a biblical practice. We don’t see any form of it taught in the bible. We know it is taken from inner healing techniques from the new age and from teachers that have no knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sadly, it, and other healing methods have been brought into the “church”, stamped with the name of Jesus for good measure. People have spent a great amount of time and money learning these techniques as they have perusing them for healing.

    Sozo opens up the door to the demonic – there is no doubt. So, it only stands to reason that a person could experience more problems after a SOZO session than they did before hand. However, there are people who have great experiences and brag at how good God was to them. Unfortunately, it was not God, but a demon who they encountered.

    Ultimately, these inner healing practices leads a person away from Christ. The bible teaches us to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. This is accomplished thru a complete laying down of the will, bible study, reflection and prayer. Most people miss the point that the cross is a place of death. Just as Christ died and rose, so must we.

    Bethel is a very dangerous place. It is full of doctrines of demons and one will not find Christ within its walls.

  5. Hi,

    this is very interesting to me, although I am from another country and was not a part of the N.A.R. movement until just the last couple of years. Before that – I was a part of a Vineyard church in Chicago (Evanston Vineyard) – I believe that the Sr. Leader often times traveled to England and was usu “celebrity status” same as John Wimber.

    But I joined to Vineyard movement post-Wimber, when things were “dying down” as far as signs/wonders (although we still had prophetic & prayed for healing) 2001 – 2004. I was, for a time, associated with a charismatic Anglican church in Southern California in 2006-07. Loved it, but I had to leave due to pastor resigning, & the big mess that followed.

    I have been thinking a lot (I don’t mean to digress..) of my own journey into the Bethel culture…why was I not “bearan” (always taking things to scripture) and testing it? I’m (STILL) not sure *exactly* what to make of Bethel (I have only within the last few months – recently left) there is some good people that I like there, they don’t seem fully under the influence of Satan.

    Specifically, I still have many questions about the Sozo ministry – just because I have three friends (all men) who recently had SOZO’s and it seems to have left them with more bad things in their lives – I’m just giving you my impressions (what I observed of their lives) So, I feel sad that they are mislead by it. But they seem very much more demonized – 2 of them at least. 1 of my guy friends had his first SOzo (I was like, “what did you do to my friend”??? He seemed so much more hurting after his sozo) then he decided to leave Bethel church altogether. – that was actually the beginning point for me (leaving the church) – his leaving. And do you want to know why? Because my first impression was: he’s better off in the long run (a.k.a., leaving Bethel) I mean, he’s a young guy and there’s lots of “fun” things to do at BC – but for whatever reason I thought – I think he’s better off.

    And then I started thinking about myself.

    the other guys seem to get into more & more bad things, in their lives. They both seem more in bondage. which is, ironically, the opp of what the Sozo is supposed to do (I just don’t get it…) Sorry, it’s my struggle.

    Also I have a friend who runs a Sozo ministry and: he told me, he had to go another ministry to get healing. (well, why doesn’t Sozo “do the trick”) Esp. if he runs it.

    Also, in a church I had previously attended (before Bethel) the woman ran the Sozo ministry – had many, many issues. (and I begin to wonder, after a while, if some of them come from Sozo) She was revelatory (as a person) – she said “prophetic” but I wonder if she really was…since she was always using her knowledge for manipulative purposes. So, I wondered, if she was in charge of “inner healing” why did she have so many problems?

    edited post: Zazzy

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