Deception & Discernment

Thank you dailym  for this quote:

Satan tells us 9 truths to get us to believe ONE lie –   C.S Lewis 

yes – there is nothing he would not stoop too…


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  1. Zazzy, regarding the Stewart Dool prophecy – three bits stand out to me:

    “I am about to send fire upon you, the fire of My judgment” – this suggests the prophesied events are imminent

    “I will bring the stability of your currency into doubt” – this has not happened – the pound has been very stable and has even recently grown in value

    “the blood of your sons and daughters will lie in your streets” – this has not happened (the 2011 riots were short lived and there was very little bloodshed)

    Given that seven years have passed, I would regard therefore this as a false prophecy. Mr Dool clearly got a bit carried away with the things that concern him. His “prophecy” is nothing than the product of an over-active imagination.

    • thanks for that Ian, couple of things tho..

      my understanding is that there is no time limit on imminent happenings when God is of an eternal perspective…

      & weighing this against the word, my feeling is that this is a heart cry & call to seek out holiness before a holy God.. that’s where this is going- the details could (& should) be hotly debateable as to perception & meaning etc… & this is the difficulty with prophectic utterances… does it make them right, does it make them false? for me, this is just a word (of warning) from a Godly man.. none of us has to abide by it – it has no more of a finality in authority – than anything else… but we would do well to hear it – test & weigh…….. bottom line… what do the scriptures say?

  2. Yeah. Why didn’t the New Testament writers or Jesus say, “Don’t worry about deception. If you claim to be a follower of Jesus, you will never be deceived. God won’t allow it, so don’t worry about testing the spirits. There will be no false prophets or teachers among you. You can never be led into error. Everything in the spirit realm will be good for you.”


  3. Deceived people never know they are deceived. No one wants to be deceived, do they? I mean if they were handing out free portions of deception down at your local Wal-Mart, would you sneak back in line to get a double portion? I mean, lets look at it this way. If deception was a rock the enemy hurled at you straight on, it could be easily avoided by a quick duck of the head, but it is not. It arrives on silent feet like a deadly gas that creeps into your spirit and lulls you to sleep. Without intervention, you die. Mishel McCumber –

  4. Thanks to an anonymous contributor to the blog – please review & weigh the following prophetic word from the late Stewart Dool – Former head of Intercessors For Britain…

    the caveat with all prophecy is that we must weigh it against the counsel of the word of God – on that basis Im not going to give any personal comment or opinion on it but leave it to the Holy Spirit to confirm or denounce this word as you pray & seek God…

    The following is a prophetic word received by Stewart Dool in the week 23-27 July 2007. It has been weighed and tested by others in senior positions of ministry.

    I am about to send fire upon you, the fire of My judgment, and it will consume on the right and on the left. All who have spurned My ways and My words will reap what they have sown, for in My burning anger I will judge the gods in whom you have put your trust, the gods of materialism and covetousness. The gold and the silver will be taken from you, and your portion will be emptiness, desolation and vanity.

    I will bring the stability of your currency into doubt, to show you that it is I alone who caused you to prosper in the past. I raised you to prominence among the nations and gave you authority over many peoples: so you became rich, and boasted in your wealth, but I will bring you low, and the nations over whom you once ruled will say “What has happened to this great nation?”

    As you have feared other gods, and not feared Me, so I will visit your deeds upon you. Your idolatries have led you astray, and you have become like those before whom you bow down. I commanded your fathers that they should not fear the gods of the nations, but you have not obeyed Me. Therefore I have given you into the hands of abominations and all manner of uncleanness.

    Darkness will envelope those who have led my people into false light, for I will no longer forbear in my wrath. I will blind them, and they shall stumble in the perversity of their ways. Many shall follow them into darkness and be taken in the snare of the wicked, for they have loved to wander, and they have not watched the path of their feet.

    My people give heed to those who prophesy a lie, and they delight in the teachers of falsehood. They run to those who steal from them by their destructive heresies, for they cannot discern the paths of righteousness. A wave of deception is about to break forth that will sweep many away, therefore take heed to yourselves, and cling to the word of My truth. I am bringing My Church to a time of testing, and I will search the hearts of all who call upon My name, and I will know those who are mine, and they shall know their God.

    My displeasure will be visited upon your Government, for those who rule over you have become offensive to Me, as they have set aside My laws and My statutes, exalting the wicked and despising My holy name. You have not abhorred bloodshed, therefore the blood of your sons and daughters will lie in your streets, until you learn that as the cry of the unborn calls to me for vengeance, so I shall require it of you.

    All these things I will do, because you have rejected Me, and thought that your own power could save you. Yet even now, if you will cry out to Me, and turn from your wickedness, I will spare. Nevertheless, I will chasten you in measure, and you shall know that I am the Lord. My beloved ones, the hour of My patience will not continue much longer. I call your therefore to seek my face with earnestness and zeal, that I may extend compassion to your land and people.

  5. When the word of God Is only viewed as our starting point – we see a jumping off platform, a map from which the compass may deviate – a game which can change halfway through – instead of the finishing point of the Final Authority that it actually is.

  6. Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right. – Charles Haddon Spurgeon

    & the way to know THAT– is to get into the word…the word; the word; the word of God — see we cant say it enough times…! The Scriptures are our final authority on all things… know them live them out.. it is soooo important… ask the Holy Spirit to reveal truth as you plunge in… I promise … He absolutely will

    be blessed

  7. At the beginning of the 20th century – Jessie Pen Lewis put it this way,

    “The counterfeit of the Presence of God is mainly felt upon the body, and by the physical senses, in conscious “fire,” “thrills,” etc… The person affected by this counterfeit will be moved almost automatically to actions he would not perform of his own will, and with all his faculties in operation. He may not even remember what he has done under the “power” of this “presence” (Jessie-Penn Lewis War On the Saints, p.153)

  8. It matters, this stuff you see. Because, if you don’t know the true history, you are at the mercy of other people’s inventions. If we don’t – both Christians & non Christians alike – make an attempt to understand the culture of the times, to find out what really happened, then other people will make it up. They will use this story in a thousand different ways to claim a thousand different things. They’ll get Jesus to say things he couldn’t possibly have said, to obtain things he never would have wanted. They’ll take the story & use it to screw money out of TV viewers, to justify positions of power, to peddle theories about the end of the world. They’ll distort it to justify racism & bigotry… They’ll use this story, the greatest story of non-violent love in history- to justify acts of violence on a scale that has never been seen.

    Nick Page – The Longest Week (pg 2)

  9. savedbygrace07 | March 25, 2013 at 10:56 pm
    Hi everyone,

    I am so sad…..seeing those people so full of pride, arrogance….so full of themselves….
    Yes, we do have to be bold in serving the King but NEVER forget where we came from, who we were and NEVER forget that we are just vessels in His hands.
    I think this video says it all……

  10. I get calls from all over the world, everyone wants my anointing and mantle… but nobody wants my sackcloth and ashes.” – Leonard Ravenhill

  11. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
    John 8:44

  12. Once heard a wise man of God say: “Satan doesn’t lie, (he dosen’t say white is black), he just takes truth in directions it was never meant to go.”

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