This is a phrase we hear a lot in the River along with others such as “activation”, “hosting the presence” & a few others.

I thought I would do a little study into what “alignment” really means, in context of the scriptures & the context of what is being taught, expected & rolled out from the top down in this movement…

As with all these terms, it seems that a particular strand of thinking is taught, – imparted – in demonstrative ways & then others jump on the bandwagon of it & take it back to their own group or church..These terms then get bandied about with no proper clarification of what they really mean… It’s as though, leaders’ somehow expect to use to various terms & expect their people to automatically understand the precise interpretation, concept & outworking of what it is they are “on about”                                     There is this odd belief in these circles- that because there is high supernatural activity in the spiritual realm – that everyone in the mix, will by spiritual osmosis- understand in their thinking & be of the same heart & mind – That – they loudly proclaim, is unity!

This leads us straight into the heart of the discussion… In the dictionary, the word ALIGNMENT means to “line up with”. The scriptures would word it as BEING IN ACCORDANCE.

Now I tapped those words into bible gateway- each time in the OT     “IN ACCORDANCE” is mentioned it is ALWAYS in the context of being in obedience to that which God has said, or Commanded… the word of the Lord

Interestingly – the context in the NT the word ACCORDANCE is always used in relation to the bearing of the message of Christ Crucified… & or the diligence of being made a new person in Christ & the outworking of it.   In the case of Timothy, the use of IN ACCORDANCE  is used to describe  his fulfilling of  his ministry of evangelism – which again is promotion of the true Gospel of Christ…..

Clearly, we could exchange the word Accordance for the word Alignment in each of these scriptures & each would provide an equal measure of understanding, meaning & context…along with the text….

Now in the River it is being put about that we must have Alignment in the spiritual realm, being one with the Spirit of God… Very noble indeed… That the things of Earth MUST line up with the things of Heaven – with us as royal facilitators. Bringing an end to Sickness, Disease & any influence of the demonic…  in essence the teaching we receive in the River is this: that we must be in tune with heaven so much that WE bring Heaven down to Earth.

Try as I might, I cant seem to find the emphasis of this teaching in the scriptures..  I think we have turned  Matthew 6 v 9-10  into something that is not the intended context of the scripture:

9“Pray then in this way:

Our Father in heaven,
    hallowed be your name.
10     Your kingdom come.
    Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.   (NRSV)

The context here is about God’s will.. being done…  – that is his rule, reign, sovereignty & authority…   God’s will – like a golden thread of the entire cannon of scripture is to establish Jesus – the Crucified Christ as king of kings & Lord of Lords…  Supreme over all for eternity.   That is the context, that is the Kingdom  which he is pouring out & establishing  in our hearts….   it is an “invisible” kingdom.  Once we understand that as an overview – other things start to  make sense in our understanding..  Yes there is room for God’s will to include healings & miracles  but as it stands – they are not  “IT!”  there is also grace, patience & longsuffering to be able to stand when healings & miracles  & such don’t occur…   This is still the KINGDOM!  thus we see…God’s will & our submission to it is entirely different from that we have for ever & a day been fed as teachings in this  River

The problem is, that some of the methods & mindsets we are  adopting as facilitators of this great Alignment have more to do with New Age philosophy, practices & that particular worldview  than that of the scriptures.. Even the word Alignment is a New age, law of attraction concept… it’s where the idea, for example: That the the zodiac- the stars & planets line up to provoke good or bad outcomes originates  from .  We know this practice as Astrology.. Karma is the from the same basis.  – As is  all manner of spiritualized power of agreement – achieving of oneness with the Divine or the universe… thinking.    It is x +y = z formulaic thinking wrapped up in spiritual, mystical, magical, mindsets….

Now if it is a outworking, of formulas at its baseline, – where then is true faith & is it faith In God or faith in method ? –Right now, in Charismatic circles  we have adopted a  if I do this – this should work….Or,  God will do it because I am blessed Royalty in his Kingdom…   & I decree it so….  mentality  

We   truly need to ask  what is it that we are LINING UP WITH? & is this whole premise biblical?

Now we have the Holy Spirit, he leads & Guides us… Into what ? Well God’s will   (never occultism…)                                                           I so want to be aligned with him    & I know you do too  & what is more he will never ever lead us to contradict anything – that is not in the word of God….. We know this because the Word of God  itself always talks about the being in Accordance with is with the word of the Lord or God’s commands.

So if we are truly following the Holy Spirit Of God- WE will always be following & be in Alignment with the word of God – the two go hand in hand & cannot be separated…

The equal opposite must also be truth- therefore, the check in our spirits about ALIGNMENT needs to be: Does this thoroughly line up with the Word of God…? I would like to suggest that if doesn’t or if there is some area of greyness- where some parts do not fit… then there is deception in the mix…  Its our responsibility to know the Word of God, get grounded in it…  It is the only way we will know -sometimes quite suddenly- where there is error, misleading teaching & outright deception.

We cannot excuse away, the 5% or so that doesn’t fit –  the 5 %  or 2 % That  is our check in the spirit that something is OFF.. Does this sound like the way a perfect God operates-    with margins of error?           True Alignment or being in Accordance with… will match 100% otherwise it isn’t really lined up – its out of whack! As people say… therefore, it cannot be, by default – be aligned-  Oftentimes, people will justify error by highlighting the humanness of the deliverer ( of the prophetic word or teacher or whatever) Often citing the scripture of  “only prophesying in part”, “seeing through a mirror dimly” from 1 Corinthians 13…Whilst this draws a fair point direct from scripture, the context Paul is talking in is about the revelation of God’s glory which we cannot come into the fullness of before we stand before him face to face..  It’s about our sense of our incompleteness before his Glory more than it is about giving grace to a prophet & or allowing them room for error due to lack of a fully understandable prophetic utterance.

We need to know there are 2 spiritual Kingdoms, the kingdom of Light  & the Kingdom of darkness…  2 Corinthians 6 v 14 says:

Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?  NASB

Therefore, let’s deal with the silly myth in the River that everything in the spiritual realm originated with God-  the devil stole it, counterfeited it & we are taking it back- for God’s glory…  In fact-  there is an erroneous thought in the River that there is A SPIRITUAL REALM  (just the one)- this is fast becoming accepted theology.

Nope. everything that has the Devil has is of darkness- it belongs to him & the hordes of hell…  We  ( are truly born again)   have God’s glory, the promise of eternal life & have now entered into the kingdom of light… We are new creations- we are not to take things back from the counterfeiter-  let us have nothing to do with him & his ways..  We cannot redeem a practice that he has utilised – & christianize it up.. (basically make it acceptable for our own ends)    Come on …  our God is waaaaay bigger than that  & so should we be…   & why would we need anything the Devil has anyway?

Our Challenge & right standing before God is to be discerning, diligent & careful… when the church, the people we are responsible for & ourselves are being asked to “line up with” anything that sounds uber spiritual- we need to make absolutely sure that that which we are being asked to align our spirits, hearts & lives to – commit to & promote is completely grounded in scripture – if it’s not- or it just doesn’t sit or fit right we need the courage to reject it on the basis of it being deception…    If we do, just go along with the flow, dear friend – we are entering into a world of deception & pseudo unity ourselves.   What’s worse, is that we will know it before a very Holy God.

Time to ask of ourselves the tough questions.  Be blessed

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